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Disney Infinity’s first Top 5 Toy Box Countdown: Racetrack Challenge [VIDEO]

Disney Infinity players head to the races to compete for the top five spots in the first of the game's Toy Box challenges.

This week marks the first installment of Disney Infinity’s Top 5 Toy Box Countdown, a video series that showcases the top five user Toy Box creations of the week. The subject for this week was the winners of the game’s first themed challenge, racetracks.

While they won’t occur every week, challenges are going to be a regular part of the Top 5 Toy Box Countdown, allowing players to compete to create the best version of that particular theme.

The top five creations of this first, racetrack themed challenge, are featured in the video below. All of the Toy Boxes shown in these videos will be available for players on every platform (except Wii, sorry guys) to download each week.

The next challenge is called the Royal Empire Challenge. In this challenge, players are instructed to build their dream magic castle.

What do you guys think of this weekly challenge idea? Will it encourage more creativity in the Disney Infinity community?

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  • Linskarmo

    This looks pretty cool. If Disney Infinity didn’t require one to buy figurines, I would definitely get it. A shame, really.

  • Sdudyoy

    This game looks like a great game, sadly It’s too expensive.