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Deal Alert: Amazon currently has Rayman Legends for $39.99


If you read our Rayman Legends review and haven’t yet picked up the fantastic game from Ubisoft, you’re in luck as online retailer Amazon is currently offering Rayman Legends for $39.99 instead of the suggested price of $59.99. This is a significant discount for a game that’s only been available for about a month now. Many of you commented on our review and said you’d buy it when it went down in price, well here’s your chance.

Amazon is also offering a few discounts on other Wii U titles if you’re in the market for games.

Zombi U – $20.99
Need for Speed: Most Wanted – $16.99
Scribblenauts Unlimited – $31.99
Batman: Arkham City – $23.95

Of course there’s the offer we told you about yesterday too, with Batman: Arkham Origins on sale for $49.99 with a $10 Amazon credit. Not bad!

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  • HSN1

    All the good stuff happens when I’m broke :'(

  • These deals are awesome! Hope they keep coming!

    Thanks for reporting on them, Ashley! :3

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Already got this game on PC for that price, but a good deal for a Wii U owner. Least Amazon makes up for the cheap preorder bonus for Sonic Lost World.

    Btw, what is up with Disqus today? Took me about 7 attempts to log in after being suddenly logged out.

    • We’ve been having some problems with it, the double posting, signing people out. Our developer reported the problem to them, but no idea when it’ll get fixed. I know it’s annoying. 🙁

      • Zuxs13

        Ashley, have you seen the game stop ad? They are offering Rayman and Splinter Cell for $40, and i believe Amazon has price matched both games

        • Edward

          Too bad Legend of Zelda is coming out Friday for physical copy other wise I would get Splinter Cell.

      • Merrfn

        The double posting is fixed today- for me at least.

      • BIG Franky

        its fixed! i havent been able to log in from my computer in days…. finally working!

  • palomino blue

    That seems like a fair price for ZombieU.

  • Zuxs13

    need for speed is still too much for me to spend on an EA game, But i will happily pick up Rayman now.

    • Edward

      Not to long ago I seen it for like 17 bucks. I have the game and its worth that much.

  • George has amazing deals. I took there prices to target and they price matched. Picked upMadden for 13 bucks and few others for 20 bucks a piece.

    • Zuxs13

      Yeah they have Super Mario Bros U for only $44 online

  • Marcus Navarro

    Call me premature, but Amazon seems to be softening up towards Nintendo.
    Just a hypothesis.

  • Yobrolo

    awesome game

  • everyone

    Toys R Us is having a half off select Wii U games sale this week. A lot of the cheaper amazon prices are matching it. Batman Arkham City is actually 14.99 through and the listed one above is a 3rd party seller. So anyone wanting to get in on some deals without buying online should check ToysRus out.

    • Thanks for pointing that out!

    • Edward

      I know I wouldn’t mind picking up Lego Batman 2 or Scibblenauts Unlimited for 19.99. I have most of the other game they have on sale.

  • Merrfn

    I want to buy it, but I want to buy Windwaker in 2 days…

    • Fred

      I own both and I can tell you, if you can afford both it’s well worth it.
      Besides they just postponed Donkey Kong so that freed up a spot for you.

      • Merrfn

        I will try, but I want 4 new Wiimotes and some upcoming titles…

        • Fred

          In that case Wii Party U might be a great choice for you. Since it comes with a Wiimote for $50

          • Merrfn

            I am getting Wii Party U for sure. Looks like a great game for the family, and it includes a Wiimote I need.

  • JB

    I’m very tempted to pull the trigger on Need for Speed, but I already have it for 360!

    • Fred

      It’s even better on Wii U.

  • Jon

    same price as it is on steam… but I want it on Wii U….if only pay cheques came faster….

  • PersianPirate

    Just bought it!

  • Agent721

    Great price!!! But I bet you itll be even less on Black Friday….

  • Sdudyoy

    Sadly I don’t have the money or else this would already be bought from me.

  • RedChu

    The Wonderful 101 is also on sale for $50.48. I’m tempted to get it, but I’ll be too busy playing Wind Waker HD by the time it arrives.

  • Christopher Acuna

    FYI: Gamestop has this same deal for Rayman Legends (new). Didn’t see if the other games listed are discounted, but I got Rayman Legends yesterday for 39.99 plus an extra %30 off cause I traded in a couple of games towards it. What I had left over paid for half my wind waker hd pre order 🙂

  • PatcherStation

    Like the last Rayman, it’ll drop in price like a sack of spuds. I bought it for the PS3 for £7.99 new, but got bored of it pretty quick. But the Wii U version will hold its price for a lot longer. I’m not sure which format has the best version, but I think I read somewhere it’s the Wii U. So much for this being a Wii U exclusive, but can’t say I’m too bothered. $40 works out at just under £25. I wouldn’t pay any more than £10 for it.