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Ubisoft confirms some Assassin’s Creed IV DLC is PlayStation exclusive


A few weeks ago we told you that Ubisoft confirmed that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs DLC would receive a six month exclusive time period on PlayStation, but it looks like for Assassin’s Creed, that DLC will remain on the platform. A Ubisoft representative reached out to Eurogamer to let them know that PlayStation-exclusive levels released for the game will not be available on other platforms, ever.

That wording is interesting, since not all DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will be PlayStation exclusive, but for those of you who wanted the full Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag experience, it looks like the only way to do that is on PlayStation right now. That being said, the season pass is still available for Xbox gamers, though Wii U gamers have been left out of the deal. Whether or not we will get the Freedom Cry DLC that allows you to play as Adewale still remains to be seen.

Currently there’s no word on whether any sort of exclusivity deal remains in place for Watch Dogs DLC, but it would make sense since that game is getting exclusive levels for PlayStation gamers as well.

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  • Ian Woodall

    I hate DLC, especially when its created prior to release. If its an afterthought and it adds to the experience then that’s brilliant but most DLC is mediocre extra levels or characters that should have been included anyway. Unless it creates a whole new reason to play the game ie.Skyrim, Fallout etc I just cant see the point.

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    I used to love Assassin’s Creed, but Ubisoft is ruining it by turning it into their Call of Duty. A yearly release with generally all the same gameplay mechanics. It’s sad to see another amazing franchise being butchered by a company. I wish I could say I’m gonna buy this day one, but I cant.

    • I’m going to get this one simply because of my love for pirates and how people are saying it plays similarly to Sid Meier’s Pirates. As for their yearly releases, I ignored Brotherhood and Revelations until they were bargain titles. For $20, sure. Not for $60 full releases.

      • Noobster

        I’m not too interested on the series. I bought AC3 for $20 and I have yet to play it since March. Online is dead on Wii U when I tried and haven’t been on it since.

      • Majora’s Mask

        Brotherhood is way better than black flag bf is not broken like ac3 but it has a very poor story the opposite of ac3 good plot broken game

    • Nintendoplaystation

      Looks better than the third one.

    • Majora’s Mask


      • readypembroke

        They actually said that they weren’t going to do that because it doesn’t sound original.

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta HernΓ‘nde

    Im probably gonna end up selling the game, DLC? no thanks

  • Truthteller

    I hate DLC because it is nothing more than a money making thing and we do not get a whole game on a disc. I know that it is also a way to ease us into digital downloads (Discs are digital too) but I don’t want a crippled game and I don’t want to pay for extra when it should be there.

    On another note, people should not hate on Ubisoft because if it were not for their bringing games to the Wii U, there would really be nothing released for that system. Their cross-platform releases are the only things making the Wii U appear to be modern.

    • Gameonfool

      Yep they certainly need o appear more modern. If you look at 3D world case or game even how are you to know its for a better system, it should have been much bigger and epic looking. Donkey kongs another

    • Hipster Victor

      Im not really hating ubisoft, but i hate how most DLC’s are done, and even though I like sony, I hate DLC exclusives. I believe all platforms should be equal

    • Nintendoplaystation

      I wish you would appear more modern and truthful.

  • I will never do such a thing with the Legend of Zelda series. DLC should only be considered after the game has been released. Look at the Luigi pack for New Super Mario Bros Wii U as an example.

    • Ducked

      awesome green box art ..

    • ChariotMan7

      Is that really you?

      • Yes, I’ve decided that as well as posting from Miiverse I needed to get closer to you through social networking and news sites.

        • Gabe Hoffman

          Sweet mother! The one and true Eiji Anouma is actually visiting Wii U Daily!

          • Thank you, I hope to learn directly from the fans and improve what is shaping up to be a bigger and better Zelda experience for the Nintendo Wii U.

          • Ikbal Hussain

            bullshit dats not him. r u really him

          • I’m sorry you don’t believe it’s me, however I am just passing through this site, I won’t be staying for long. I’m looking to get inspiration from gamer’s for the new Zelda on Wii U.

          • Ikbal Hussain

            i dont believe its u. someone famous like u wont cum to a small site for help

          • You would be suprised where the best ideas come from, however I’m not here to convince you. Look out for my posts on miiverse and you will see what I mean.

          • Ikbal Hussain

            when did you start commenting on this site

          • Today. However tomorrow I will move on to Zelda Universe, I recently did an interview with them and I’ve heard very positive things about the community there.

          • Merrfn

            Well I know you are a fake/troll, but I am hoping it is you (even though you are not you) πŸ˜›

          • Noobster

            Eiji can barely speak English. What makes you think he can type in perfect English?. Obviously it’s not him.

          • Michael Rowlands

            GET WITH THE TIMES….

          • Majora’s Mask

            Will Link have a companion in zelda u too? Or will we ever see Navi return? Or even possibly learn if Link ever found her? Also in zelda u i suggest you make Link more customizable so we dont get to see only a green tunic .And add multiplayer i dont know what kind but whatever you make is awsome so i wouldnt worry about it.Last but not least i think a more open world zelda would be amazing i suggest you take a page from assasins creed its quite similiar to zelda and make more than one way to approach a goal. Good luck i am pretty hyped about it and i dont even knoe a single thing about it. Greetings from Greece

          • Justin Thomas Marsh

            See, these are more hardcore gamer ideas which Nintendo will never consider. “Online Multiplayer, what’s that?” says Nintendo.

          • Link will have a companion in Zelda Wii U, one that may surprise new and old fans of the series. We are trying new things with this game and I think you will understand what direction we plan to go in when you play the game yourself.

            Noticing your name has reminded me that many of you have been asking about a remake of Majora’s Mask for Nintendo 3DS. It’s nice to see such a strong response to this title and we haven’t forgotten about Link’s adventures in that world. If you play A Link Between Worlds, you may better understand what I mean by that.

        • ChariotMan7

          Wow ok. man Iam looking very forward to this next Zelda HD. I can’t wait to see what it is. Windwaker HD is killing right now. I believe you. your the real Eiji Aonuma

    • Gameonfool

      That is one thing I respect about Nintendo

    • Gabe Hoffman

      I consider Borderlands one of the best example of DLC done right

      • readypembroke

        The Mass Effect series had ok DLC also, but the Day One DLC is just plain dumb because EA tried to make money off of it and I do not know if they failed or succeeded at it. All the DLC does is add a new member pretty much.

    • Hipster Victor

      Omg O:

    • Michael Rowlands

      will you make some fucking good games and stop making kid games and start making hardcore games…….you need to go out from your comfort zone and start making games for hardcore gamers

      • Michael Rowlands

        ps I have a wii u

      • I make games that offer a new experience to the player, that is why we released The Wind Waker HD for Wii U. However I think you will be happy with what we have in store for the new game.

      • oman

        please explain term, HARDCORE GAMER for us all why dont you ?

        • Justin Thomas Marsh

          If you don’t already know then not you.

    • Michael Rowlands

      Nintendo needs to start making games for the more HARDCORE GAMER,,,

      • nexxus6

        Michael, you don’t even know what the term “hardcore gamer” truly means. If you are a “hardcore gamer”, that means you love playing video games. “Hardcore gamers” will play any type of game because they love games, just as a hardcore football fan loves watching football no matter what team is playing. A “hardcore gamer” isn’t someone who only plays “M” rated games. Someone who does nothing but play rated “E” games during all their free time is just as much of a “hardcore gamer” as someone who loves to play nothing but rated “M” games in all their free time.

        • oman

          my thoughts exactly, although i did ask him to explain πŸ™‚ but cheers anyway !

    • oman

      @EijiAonuma:disqus , having said that, why not just have luigi as a solo playable character on the original it is called mario BROS after all !

    • Eiji just use the art style of the first Zelda HD Demo showcased back in E3 for the next zelda !!! PLEASE !!!

  • Andreas Sunde

    Meh. I got the exclusive DLC on the last AC games, but I didn’t play it. It’s nothing to worry about.

  • bizzy gie

    Xbox fanboys are gonna hate this.

    • Nintendoplaystation

      I hate to generalise but Xbox gamers seem the worst.

      • bizzy gie

        They are.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I’m getting this for PS3, but I could give a crap about the DLC. Very few are worth my money for any game.

    • JB

      Same here. I think the only substantial DLCs I’ve bought are for Batman: Arkham City and Super Street Fighter IV

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Red Dead Redemption’s Dead Nightmare was worth it’s price. All that for $10. Was a perfect Halloween treat. πŸ™‚

        • readypembroke

          Man I borrowed that game months ago from a friend and haven’t played it yet!!!

  • Vinicius

    I would never buy a game that is already selling a DLC at launch. It’s a steal!

  • for me it’s is way to my home in disc format (from amazon)… for wii u, i don’t know why is taking so long!

  • FaTih

    Yes I’m very excited about the freedom cry DLC πŸ˜€

  • Michael Rowlands

    I have a wii u and I can tell you wii u is doom get a life and life with it ……

    • ZeldaFan86


  • Veries Seals
  • Daniel Gonzalez

    No, I’m not since you asked so nicely. Thank you for your offer, but I have a life with a wonderful girlfriend. Perhaps you should go find one of your own instead of worrying about what I do on here? Nice language by the way, your parents must’ve raised you well. I give them an A+. πŸ˜›

    • Michael Rowlands

      who is you girlfriend you mum……

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Flattering me will get you nowhere. No sucking up. πŸ˜›

        • Noobster

          For real, I see you on this site alot and you mostly get vote downs.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            That’s the beauty of the internet and even living. I could care less if I get upvotes, or the downvotes. If I cared deeply for them, then I’d go along with the crowd. Either one is fine in my book. If people only come on here for just upvotes, then that’s quite sad and does nothing to advance your life.

            As I always ask, why do you people care of what I do on here? Does what I do affect your life in the slightest? Or are you just here to be judgmental? I say it’s the latter, to which you’re wasting your time and giving me amusement in the process. All in all, don’t waste your time trying to question me, cause you’ll just get a headache. Good day now. πŸ˜›

          • Majora’s Mask

            true words indeed. I get more vote downs than up votes but its saying your opinion and making the other have a wider view of something

  • Rinslowe

    Timed exclusives are a sign of the times. We should all just accept that these decisions are made in the boardroom, far away from the creative teams and fanbase alike for corporate reasons.
    Sony would have paid a pretty penny me hearties for that booty…

    What can we do?

  • oman

    having to pay extra to have the full experience is the biggest load……….devs are getting greedy, imo, not a good look to punish gamers for their own mistakes, they know what im talking about ! if your gunna keep half assing it ubi$oft, why bother @ all ?

  • John Madsen

    there is something you should know the reason for this is because you can transfer the game to the ps4 for 9.99 and there hoping more people will purchase the ps4 and the dlc man is this going to backfire

  • farrellbr

    I won’t buy DLC

  • leo

    Nintendo needs to cut a deal like this but with, another game Cough* Watch Dogs*Cough. Then advertise the game showing off exclusive Wii U game pad action. Then at the end it should say like” Insert dlc name here” exclusively for Wii U

  • Justin Thomas Marsh

    Creating DLC prior to releasing the game just makes the developers look like assholes. Hey, let’s release this game with a few levels missing that we could have included and then make them pay extra for them! muahahahaha. Dicks. Now if it is something that could not release on time or is a complete afterthought then I understand. That is how DLC used to be, but now it’s like it’s mandatory for every game to have DLC. Just release a full-hearted experience for every game every time with no DLC and no one will ever have anything to complain about.

  • Igor

    DLC shouldn’t even be bought by anybody, so they would stop doing these stupid things.