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Wind Waker HD physical sales reach 152k, boost Wii U sales 31% in NA

Wind Waker HD Wii U

Game sales stats website VGChartz is reporting that Wind Waker HD has sold over 152,000 copies in North America during its first week of sales. Keep in mind that this does not include digital copies sold on the Nintendo eShop, which is said to be doing well. The biggest news from this is that North America saw a sales boost of Wii U units to 35,000. That’s a jump of 31% for Wii U sales.

Nintendo had a huge marketing campaign for Wind Waker HD and the Wind Waker HD bundle. Many people were excited to get the GameStop bundle with the included Ganondorf figurine. This is great news for Nintendo in North America and hopefully we’ll continue to see these sales trends with major releases like Super Mario 3D World.

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  • bizzy gie

    And this is just a remake. Wait until the heavy hitters get here.

    • Ducked

      Like MK8 and SSB

      • atl hawks

        and 3d world, sonic, bayonetta, donkey kong, yoshi, and x. πŸ˜€

        • Caleb Dudley

          X will be very interesting. And don’t forget Miyamoto’s “secret new franchise” thingy. Also any other games that are under the radar for now.

          • Ducked

            What was the secret franchise about again?

          • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

            nobody knows….

            I can imagine, that they reveal that either in another “January Direct” like this year or at E3. I think E3 is more likely though…

          • leafsfan73

            It’s a secret….

          • Ducked

            It’s a game about the Toronto Maple leafs?

        • Ducked

          and new zelda!

        • Simon Stevens

          You better not be forgetting fire emblem x shin megami tensai on purpose, that’s just bonkers o.0

          • atl hawks

            I loved sacred stones and awakening lol

      • The Mystical One

        Mortal Kombat 8 would be a great game to have.


        • Starfoxguy

          I think he means Mario Kart 8.

          • Stuart Thomas

            I think he knew, hence the ;). I did the same though.

          • Starfoxguy

            Oh I didn’t see the wink lol.

      • Stuart Thomas

        I totally blotched and i was like (Mortal Kombat 8, wtf is he talking about), then it hit me…. DOH!

    • Ony

      It’s a shame Nintendo don’t do more HD remake like this.
      There were only like, DK Country returns and Zelda Ocarina of Time. And maybe some others…

      I vote for a Metroid Prime Trilogy HD remake o/
      Just for keep us busy untill Retro gives us a new Metroid for Wii U <3

      • Jon

        They just started with the HD…Wii U is less than a year old. We may see more.

      • Nintenjoe82

        Be careful what you wish for. We were teased with Gamecube games on virtual console a couple of years ago but if WWHD continues to sell, they might scrap that idea and just re-release all their old games in HD.

        Having said that, there are loads of games I would love to play in HD with online multiplayer like F-Zero GX and Metroid Prime.

        • Christopher Acuna

          ZOMG! HD Fzero GX and HD Luigi’s Mansion!

          • Simon Stevens

            Someone tell Sega to get off their lazy rump n bring back Billy Hatcher, as for Nintendo…. why not Baiten Kaitos!?, Iwata must be on crack.

        • darkcreap

          I also would like VC games from Gamecube. But since I didn’t have the gamecube (and I think a lot of people didn’t have it neither) I think it is interesting to have some remakes for good games that did not sell in their day. Wind Waker is not a good example for me, since I borrowed a copy from a friend and played it in the late Wii days, but I bought it nonetheless.

          Having seen the original, I totally love the WiiU version, it really improves the game experience. There are some other games I would like to see remade that I couldn’t play on Gamecube like Starfox. Oh, I would love to have Starfox remakes on WiiU. As well as a new Starfox, of course :D.

          I think that HD remakes could be a good option for games that don’t already have a remake and could be successful if people that did not play them back then (which is likely since the gamecube did not sell too well) have an opportunity to play. VC versions could be for those games people would like to play but not so good for a remake.

          I have beaten Wind Waker twice and this is my third. The more I play it, the more I like it. It really deserved the remake for all the injust treatment it got in its day.

      • nin-10-doughfan

        i would also like mario sunshine and majora’s mask on HD!

        • Justagamer

          better than those would be a skyward sword HD

          • Donato Camino

            I would love skyward sword… but it’s too new for considering a re release i think

      • Miguel RodrΓ­guez

        maybe I am the only one who say this: I would love so much to see JET FORCE GEMINI remake in HD, one of the best games on N64!

        • Donato Camino

          hell yeah! But if that happens (or a sequel) would be on Xbox (if you know, m$ let rare do something other than kinect party titles)

          • Miguel RodrΓ­guez

            if they do it, unfortunately micro$oft will destroy it, as they did banjo kassoie!

        • Christopher Acuna

          That game confused my brain lol.

      • greengecko007

        I prefer it when Nintendo remakes games that actually need to be remade because they are outdated. The best examples of remakes done right are the Pokemon remakes, which feature major graphical updates, overhauled game mechanics, and a sizable amount of new content for old players.

      • Sqarticus

        Please, don’t ask for more remakes. I don’t mean this in a negative way, but if nintendo focuses too much on HD remakes they’ll never have any new content. I want to see what NEW things nintendo has come up with instead of remaking games we can already play. I realize WWHD is an amazing remake, but I want to see their time go into making the new games, and making them as good as possible.

        • Ony

          If Nintendo hire more teams for HD remake and let the others focus on NEW games… :Β°

        • darkcreap

          I don’t think they will center too much on them, but it is likely they do some more. In this case, I think the overall result is quite positive. I have beaten twice the gamecube version and I think this remake is awesome.

          I think they will remake some games to give players who didn’t buy them for the gamecube (like me) the opportunity to play them.

        • Christopher Acuna

          One gamecube HD Remake a year…that’s all. πŸ™‚

      • ZeldaFan83

        They remade some games on 3DS to keep gamers happy and something to play until their big franchise games were complete and ready to be released. Nintendo didn’t even work on the remakes for 3DS. They had outside developers port them over and enhance the graphics and add 3DS features. The same thing goes with Zelda WW HD they ported it over to give something to gamers to satisfy them until their bigger game releases are ready like 3D World, DKC Tropical Freeze, etc. I wouldn’t expect many more re-releases in HD. I think WW was a big exception because it only took 6 months to port it over in HD and it looked like a completely new game plus Eiji Aonuma felt like it was the only Zelda game that he felt could’ve been much better and was underrated and wanted to fix and It is great and this is how it should’ve been in the beginning and I love it.

        • Ony

          Unfortunately, I think the same :/
          (Well if they confirm that Retro is on a new Metroid, I’ll just wait patiently with the actual Metroid Prime Trilogy, upscaled on Wii [U] :3)

    • GuardiansFan

      I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that Nintendo is seeing this and are looking at giving other classic games the same treatment. I’m talking games like Super Mario All-Stars, Super Metroid, etc etc.

      • Caleb Dudley

        Heck, just give me new games that hit just as hard. I’d love to see what new brilliance Nintendo could come up with.

      • Ziggy

        super mario all stars was remade for the wii already

        • GuardiansFan

          yes i’m aware…i own a copy. However the game was just repackaged thats all. What i want is an HD remake where the graphics are also updated just like they did the Wind Waker HD remake.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Urban Champion and Clu Clu Land will come to Virtual Console this week. Bringing their best weapons to the gun battle. Then the Nintendo haters will be EXPOSED!

    • Orange Lada

      Yes, Wii FIt U …. heaviest hitter of all.

      Unfortunately a lot of other titles are 2014 πŸ™

  • Stoenk

    shouldn’t the title include “In North America”?

    • I have limited title space. We discussed UK sales last week. I added “in NA” because North America is too long for what’s already there.

      • Nintenjoe82

        the 147% increase in the last 4 weeks to the previous 4 weeks deserves a mention

  • lwlshintalwl

    I still want to get this bundle but it will be until November πŸ˜€

    • Zuxs13

      You might want to hurry, chances are it will be replaced with the Mario U/Luigi U bundle in two weeks!!

  • Ballzbeard

    Good to see the console gaining traction. Never bet against Nintendo.

    • Lethal_Doze

      The question is whether the growth will continue, weekly bumbs here and there dont really matter if it’s 20% down next week.
      Wii U should be selling at the very least 50K a week in US

      • Ballzbeard

        I agree. Hopefully with a steady release of games and the holidays around the corner that’ll happen.

    • PatcherStation

      The Xbox 360 and PS3 will keep going for years, plus the Xbox One and PS4 won’t do the Wii U any favours.

  • WiiUisgaming

    I just order my copy of Zelda WW HD in toysrus with buy 2 get 1 40%off. The other one was Pikmin 3.

    • I’m still trying to decide on what to get with this special. Maybe GTAV & Wonderful 101

      • boynhisblobs

        wonderful 101 is great, never a dull moment

      • ScrewAttack

        WONDERFUL 101 TOTES. I just finished a four hour session, and it was GLORIOUS.

        • Michael Ocampo

          Don’t you mean it was… Wonderful? πŸ˜‰

      • WiiUisgaming

        I play Wonderful 101 demo and dind’t like it, but that is my opinion.

  • Nintedward

    It sold tons digitally in USA judging by how big the Miiverse community was before it came out. Lots of people just must of decided to download it early because they were inpatient! lol.
    The game is an amazingly beautiful HD remake and one that I look forward to playing more!

    According to the compiled data I have collected from Miiverse, a miiverse community usualy represents 1/4 or 1/3rd (give or take) the amount of overall games sold. So the community for Windwaker HD was at like 35/40K before the physical version was even released, therefore must of sold somewhere around the 100K mark digitaly (again, give or take) if previous Miiverse size to game sale ratios are anything to go by…. πŸ˜›

    • boynhisblobs

      i got it digitally day one

      • Christopher Acuna

        I waited patiently. Had to have my physical copy because I fear change lol.

    • Michael DeVore

      Unfortunately your estimate has a high chance for bias. Your initial figure of 1/4th to 1/3rd is based on the overall performance of past games which included digital and physical users. Here is were the bias can come in. Digital users are 100% guaranteed to have an internet connection and thus more likely to have access to the MiiVerse. An unknown portion of physical media users may have no internet connection and thus have guaranteed no MiiVerse access. Your users with no internet connection have more to do with the 1/4th to 1/3rd value in the overall numbers then the users who have access but choose not to access it. It could easily be that 100% of the digital users use MiiVerse. Unfortunately you have no way of knowing the real percentage. Also MiiVerse access can be done without access to the game so the 1/3rd to 1/4th value may apply to the entire sales before the physical release with the exception of the units sold in the bundle since, in general, a WiiU is needed to access the MiiVerse assuming no accounts can be made without a WiiU or 3DS.

      I’d say that digital was probably 40k to 50k based on the normal 25 percent digital most games have been getting over the last year that have had good digital sales. Might be higher but not much.

      • Nintedward

        I’m not being biased :S , I was just going off of the usual pattern that I had noticed of Miiverse community size to Number of games sold ratio.
        You might be right, but I stand by what I say. Based on the size of the WW community before the game launched physically, a large number of copies must of been sold….. Maybe like you say 40-50K or maybe like I say 100K more or less…

        • darkcreap

          You should also take into account that there is something special about WWHD: People are posting a lot more. I bought it and I am sharing figurine photos through Tingle bottles like crazy, while normally I rarely post on Miiverse. With WW HD, I post like 6 or 7 photos in a row at least everyday.

          I also repost photos by other users so other people have more chances of getting the figurines. Furthermore, you have to take into account that you can see and “yeah” other users’ posts in-game. All this leads to a much more intensive Miiverse use.

          It is a pity Nintendo did not make it so you could answer to other Tingle bottles without having to open Miiverse. It is really annoying to have to load the app everytime you want to see a complete post or answer to it. I guess they did not have time enough, because you can actually “yeah” posts from the game itself. I hope they completely integrate it for the next Zelda, because the bottle thing has turned out to be more fun and interesting than I thought. Especially, since you can share photos. This makes the figurine quest much lighter.

        • Michael DeVore

          Bias does not mean what you think it means in this context. It is the statistical definition of Bias.
          You can google it but here it is anyways.
          “a systematic distortion of a statistical result due to a factor not allowed for in its derivation.”

          In this context it has nothing to do with your personal opinion or outlook.

  • Ace

    This is great news! This is even a game that has been remade. Just wait till Super Mario 3D World comes out next month.

  • Hugh Quinn


  • Mario


  • Carlos Coronado

    Nintendo needs to make more bundels like with mario 3d land, super smash and X

  • Re4wii2008

    This is great news and I’m glad to have my own Ganon Figurine as this was the first time ever got a collectors edition of a zelda game!

  • Zuxs13

    Good sales bump, I hope Nintendo releases sales figures for the eShope, id love to see how people took to the digital version. I had to go for the Limited edition myself, couldn’t pass up the figurine..

    Let’s hope they get lucky and the ball keeps rolling,

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Seeing this reach high sales wish people never bashed it during the Gamcube days. Funny both Wii U and Gamecube share the same reality.

  • I actually saw lots of commercials for this bundle in Europe, mostly on Discovery Channel. Also saw 3 bundles being sold last saturday in 15 minutes so this indeed seems to be a very interesting and important bundle for Nintendo for both America and Europa. Dunno how well it did in Asia, Australian continent and the African continent though…

  • pacheco90

    Getting it for Christmas πŸ˜€ (The bundle)

    • i think that bundle will not be at christmas

    • Fred

      Mercurio2054 might be right. You better buy it now and hold it till Christmas

  • Ac7iVe

    Already sold over 300k not including the digital copies. This is world wide according to vgchartz

  • bakedapplepie

    I contributed to that jump. Great bundle, well worth it.

    • Brandon Olson

      Same here! I already owned one for day one though. I just wanted the Zelda bundle and I’m selling my old gamepad with the console and stuff.

  • Felix

    31% is not much if it only sells 35000 … its still nothing. PSP sells more

    • Jon

      um… what? PSP sold 801 in the US while the Wii U is 35k. even the Vita is only 6.6k. The Wii U sold more than both of those combined. Globally, the PSP sold 30k, Vita 23k and Wii U was 83k for that week which is still selling more than those combined so where on earth did you get those numbers?

      As for software, PSP sold about 20k and the Wii U was 220k…. 200k more.

      • Felix

        well, USA is not the entire world nor the navel.

        • david jarman

          He referenced both us and global sales.

        • Jon

          yeah, that is why I added in the Global stats in my comment as well. Next time read the reply or better yet, learn how to read states. You won’t make yourself look like an idiot next time.

  • It shouldn’t have to be said but come on. It’s VGChartz… unreliable.

    • david jarman

      Ok, but when media sites use them for negative sales they are all of sudden a reliable source? Just asking cause everyone seems to use them, but then talk negative about them when it’s something positive.

      • It’s primarily gaming forums that seem to favor them, fans and trolls alike. It’s never reliable, for positive or negative news. They spitball most of their numbers, and most analysts don’t acknowledge them because VGChartz doesn’t disclose their information sources. They give a wide error margin to both games and consoles, which leads to a huge discrepancy between units once hard numbers arrive. Even if you look at their Methodology page, while it does list how they gather these “numbers”, you won’t see any specifics.

        That being said, it’s not bad to look at trends within VGChartz, but you shouldn’t rely on them for hard numbers.

        • david jarman

          I found this article and what interesting is that vgchartz responds them in the comment section under the name Bret and discusses their methodology as well as the npd and such. I think they deserve more credit then people give and most people doesn’t realize how much of the industry utilizes their tools. Even John from Neogaf responded about banding ioi and how their in good relations now. They sort of hand the writer of this article his ass.

  • david jarman

    I don’t know why I feel this way, but I look at Iwata and I look at Mario 3d world…
    And I just want to yell,”RELEASE THE KRAKEN!”

    • Dave Conner

      or… THIS IS SPARTA!!!

      • david jarman

        Dude, I just kick an old lady down a man-hole as I read this!

        I gotta go hide!

  • Marius Valasinas

    I got mine on day one from here: Cheapest I could find online. hope Wii U will continue sell good the EA can eat s**t for stopping support Wii U

  • Ernie Sanguyo

    I can’t wait for Super mario 3d world.

  • andrewjcole

    The problem is, Super Mario 3D World isn’t being advertized like WWHD was.

    • Rinslowe

      They have to let each new release have it’s chance… Don’t want to start hyping too soon or the frugal may decide to skip on one to get the other. However if you bought WW HD and played the sticks out of it till Nov, chances are people will find a way to afford 3D World come release…

      My guess is any time in the next 2-3 weeks they should be looking to push 3D world in a big way.
      Nintendo knows how important it is to pique awareness for 3D World…

      • andrewjcole

        That’s what I’m hoping. I remember they started advertising WWHD quite early, but then again, Nintendo knows what hype Zelda creates. We get a couple of new Mario games yearly, but Zeldas are aren’t released as much, and each game is more unique from the last.

  • Ac7iVe

    Wii u actually outsold the ps3

    • Jon

      sadly not for globally…but the 3ds makes up for that πŸ˜€

  • Nintenjoe82

    This article has not translated the figures from VG Chartz at all well. The 31% increase is on top of week on week increases since Wind Waker was released digitally.

    The 4 weeks to Oct 5th total sales are 90632
    The 4 weeks to Sep 7th total sales are 36765
    An approximate monthly increase of 147%

    • Nintenjoe82

      US – Wii U Sales

      W/E Units % change
      05-Oct 35192 31%
      28-Sep 26941 37%
      21-Sep 19617 128%
      14-Sep 8612 -16%
      07-Sep 10304 24%
      31-Aug 8320 -4%
      24-Aug 8647 -9%
      17-Aug 9494 3%
      10-Aug 9227 n/a

      • Superstick98

        I stopped at “US HARDWARE SALES ONLY”… Too lazy too read the rest. πŸ˜›

        • Nintenjoe82

          it went pear shaped so I tried again

  • Gregg

    The big guns are here, and WiiU is ready for lift off.

  • Simon Stevens

    cheapest home console on the market, it’s in for a good christmas

    • crocodileman94

      It better

      • Simon Stevens

        It will πŸ™‚ first year of sales means nothing, it’s how it’s gonna perform when the other 2 consoles are out on the shelves, I can see a lot of third party support at that point, but with or without it, Nintendo have enoug franchises to drive the system by it self lol

    • Nintenjoe82

      A Nintendo console is for life, and not just for Christmas

      • Simon Stevens

        True statement, I still have my wii and gamecube, their games are timeless and I know at some point I’m gonna wanna go back, same goes for my ds lite, been replaying a lot of drago quest ix lately >.<

        • sup3rnoah

          I still have my SNES and N64. I still play them.

          • Simon Stevens

            I have a pikachu n64 that I bought with pokemon snap from back in the day in my mum’s attic, had to deliver a lot of papers back then to get it, also had to be super nice and put up with grandma’s kisses >.< I was so proud to own it, never owned a snes though, had a sega mastersystem and megadrive, plus pc games were genuinely good back then too, always went to my cousins for mario, donkey kong and zelda though πŸ˜€

  • Miles “Tails” Prower

    I guess slow and steady really does win the race. So far. πŸ˜€

    • DarkLegacy

      True story, it seems like a good game that I should be playing on right now. Good news:

      You’ll like this, our trailer is said to be awesome and pretty much might be signs that Traverse Town will return

      And also, 2.5 HD Remix has officially been announced and will head for PS3 next year. if you haven’t played a game out of Kingdom Hearts 2, Birth By Sleep and Re: Coded then pre-order. Also, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep are Final Mix games with a lot of content inside them

      This may have sounded like an off-topic discussion but anyway I just wanted to let you know since you’re excited for KH3

      • Jon Turner

        I guess it’ll be sometime before KH3 is ready to go that both HD remixes might get a visit to WiiU. Hey, it’s bound to happen someday.

        • DarkLegacy

          Hopefully. But still have a couple of years left before we expect KH3 and 3.5 HD Remix(Hopefully SE will do)and I’m thinking once they’ve started making the series to KH3 then, that will hopefully be on Wii U

      • Miles “Tails” Prower

        Yeah I wish I could be playing this game…and Sonic Lost world (can’t wait! ) I hope Traverse town does return for some odd reason I really liked that town, it was just so calm and peaceful. I wish I had a ps3 otherwise I would have bought the 2.5 version! And I actually play some of Re: coded I believe, and thanks for keeping me updated on kingdom hearts very excited!

        • DarkLegacy

          Pretty much more than likely that Traverse Town might return and that town was calm and quiet there and also everyone is able to play there favourite Final Mix games and we are still looking for that trailer that was suppose to be there and you’re welcome πŸ™‚

          • Miles “Tails” Prower

            I wonder what the trailer will be about? I hope it’s worth the wait! πŸ™‚

          • DarkLegacy

            We wont know until we see one

          • Miles “Tails” Prower

            Well today I saw gameplay and let me tell you that it looks great! Everything seems so smooth!

          • DarkLegacy

            Glad to know you like my new trailer πŸ™‚ I like those new techniques that were brought in, Pirate Ship and Big Magic Mountain

          • DarkLegacy
    • Sonic the Hedgehog


      • DarkLegacy

        Okay, fast and steady wins the race. is that better? πŸ™‚

        • Sonic the Hedgehog

          Like, a million times better. Thank you!

          • DarkLegacy

            Glad to know and you’re welcome πŸ™‚

  • Ducked

    Not bad, Super Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, and Wii Party U should help a lot more. Especially Super Mario 3D World.

  • sharlo galmo

    273k for a remake game is great, i want to see the final numbers cause this is for two days.

  • Nathan Ostroski

    Wow! So an HD remake, which took only 6 months to develop, earned a gross of $7.6 million in NA. And that was just retail! Go Nintendo!

  • Justagamer

    Now that is more like it and watch the haters will start coming out of the woodwork

  • Kevin Malone

    Anecdotally speaking, people were excited about that Wii U deluxe Zelda bundle. When I picked up my order at Best Buy here in San Bernardino, California, and walked around a bit, I was one of those free advertisements executives love so much, as children and their parents both were stopping and excitedly commenting: “Oh! It’s that Zelda game!” “Oh, it’s that Wii with the Zelda!” “Hey, it’s that new Wii U package he’s got!” Felt kinda weird since I’m not used to getting consoles or games at a physical location, and I knew the Wii U was out for nearly two years already.

    • starwars360

      ” I knew the Wii U was out for nearly two years already.” Hey it is incorrect as Wii U just launched last year November 2012. So almost closer to one year now. πŸ™‚

      • Kevin Malone

        Oh, right, holidays, was thinking early 012 for no reason, heh.

  • Wildman

    Good good! Like bizzy gie said, wait till the heavy hitters get there. The install base will grow substantially.


    I freaking regret not pre-ordering the Gamestop Bundle!

  • Pucker

    I vote for a Super Mario Sunshine HD remake.

  • KoopaShell

    And just imagine what will happen when Super Mario 3D World comes out.

    • uPadWatcher

      The more units and copies of games like Super Mario 3D World, the better. Japan needs to take notice that the Wii U is selling in two continents– North America and Europe.

  • This is great news on the Wii U front. I am pleased to see that the console is finally starting to turn around in the market. Nintendo has a lot of factors working in their favor going into the holiday season.

  • Wosty

    I’ve got to say, as someone who has never played a Zelda game in their life, I got this game and I am ashamed to have never done so! It is one of the best games I have ever played!

    • readypembroke

      same here!!!

    • bakedapplepie

      Welcome to the club.

    • Orange Lada

      I was the same, but ….. we now have the BEST Zelda game out there … until they remake or create another in HD πŸ™‚

  • tom

    Terrific news!

  • Hulkamania

    The Wii U outsold the PS3 and the 3DS this week in North America. This week, world wide, they got 83,504 sales which is great and hopefully this trend continues once Mario 3D World and Sonic releases. Remember… Sonic gamers prefer Nintendo consoles now usually… this will help sales. Its a blessing that Donkey Kong is delayed because that will give another spike in sales upon release.

  • Michael Rowlands

    I wish Nintendo would buy the rights to half life……just think how many units that would sell and piss off some of the people that hate Nintendo…

    • Ducked

      Bayonetta was such a steal, but if they bought Half Life too…boy we’re talking success

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Far as I know, there aren’t genies around. Doubt Valve would give up Half Life considering it’s their biggest franchise. Plus, how many Nintendo fans will actually buy it vs PC? I’d say the latter. Besides Half Life is better suited as multiplatform.

      I know, it’s a wish, but I’m here to destroy your dreams.Nah jk, I’m just a technical person.

  • devmiles

    i didn’t notice any marketing campaigns on tv, only some on internet but not massive.
    the other topic page on windwaker was closed but i have to place some remarks about the game itself. first of all it is a great zelda adventure with some beautiful locations, storylines, items, characters, music etc. It is 100% nintendo fun. The downside for me is some of the upgrades. Mind that i look at it from a purists perspective and the fact that you pay 55 euro’s for this game that was released in 2002. The HD looks really great (it is an actual upgrade) but has some shading flaws here and there. For me the biggest disappointment is the framerate and slowdowns in the more hectic action moments e.g at sea. If the wii-u is more powerful than a PS3 this should absolutely not be the case. It’s worth the 55 euro’s but it is a big shame that some things have not been thought of or polished well. While it shines brightly on the Wii-U more could have been achieved with this release.

  • Svenson

    This game sucks

    • DJKeens

      Said no one who’s played Zelda, ever.

      • Svenson

        IMO This game sucks.

        • Jon

          Man, this is one of the best reviews ever. Never have I seen so much detail in an argument and there is so much backing this up!


          • DarkLegacy

            That guy’s butthurt cause he couldn’t buy the game. But this game is awesome and it seems like that I should be playing this

        • DJKeens

          You’d probably be taken more seriously if you told us why it sucks instead of generalizing it.

        • NkoSekirei

          we all know ur a retarded troll

    • NkoSekirei

      u suck

  • Nicolas Dorion

    I knew it, zelda is the ultimate console seller. And those 31% are just for a remake. Just you wait until the new zelda wii u comes out

    • greengecko007

      Mario might sell more copies, but Zelda definitely sells more consoles. It’s just a shame Nintendo is still figuring this out, even after the success of the original Wii. I had to wait almost a year before I could get a Wii because it was sold out everywhere.

      For those who don’t know, the Wii launched with Zelda Twilight Princess, and had no trouble selling. The Wii U however, has shown us that a 2D Mario game does not make consoles fly off shelves.

  • It’s a proven fact:
    “Software sells hardware.”

    It’s nice to see the system finally gain some traction. With it’s drought over, and the titles rolling in ~ I think it’ll really start to make haste off shelves.

    • DJKeens

      Agreed. Sad part is, when EA gets back on board (and you know they will), their games will probably still sell terribly because they’ll find some reason to downgrade, butcher, molest, etc. their ports. And of course Nintendo will be to blame. /s

      • rp17

        The only EA games i would consider are the ones with “Star Wars” written on them

      • Rinslowe

        ” And of course Nintendo will be to blame. /s”

        Not any more… πŸ˜‰
        Big things have small beginnings.

      • That’s a sad observation; yet you may be right.

        Criterion showed not just how to do a port for Wii U – but how to do a port, PERIOD. One can only hope that the other dev-teams that EA has under their belt will at least attempt to put some extra elbow grease in their Wii U versions. But then again – it could be just where the backwater team ends up doing the Wii U version, while all of the other versions are held by the main guys.

  • Antar RodrΓ­guez

    take that all of you nintendo and zelda haters!! go back to your holes

  • ZeldaFanzzzz
    • Daniel Gonzalez

      That’s so over used over the net. πŸ˜›

      • Sonic the Hedgehog

        Still hilarious!

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Not really. I guess I’ve seen so many in the past they don’t do it for me anymore. πŸ™‚

          • Agent721

            Yeah…the ds wants its pic back.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Yeah, I remember that one. If you’re gonna do a new gif, be more creative.

    • Rinslowe

      I personally don’t like anything that implies the great Mr. Miyamoto’san is crazy for $$.
      He’s a visionary in gaming and a passionate gamer himself. Not cool folks.
      Just my opinion of course and a healthy dose of self confessed Miyamoto fanboyism…

      + this as someone else has pointed out already is far too overused everywhere, so no, I choose not to see the funny here peeps…

      • ZeldaFanzzzz

        Why so serious? just a gif. Decided to put it because I think the pic kinda fits with the topic here. Some people like you are taking it too seriously.

        • Rinslowe

          I can agree to that. Was a call it how I saw it moment… ;P
          And that’s how it was for me at the time.

          But ultimately you are right, it’s just a gif. No harm done…

  • Ninty

    What does the 31% jump in Wii U sales mean, exactly? Monthly sales, weekly sales, etc? Or is it a huge jump because Wii U sales in general in the US were pretty bad? ‘Cause 35,000 doesn’t seem like a whole lot for the US, though it’s a step in the right direction I guess.

    • Michael DeVore

      Weekly North America Only
      To put this in perspective the 360 sold about 58k and the PS3 sold about 37.9K. Even though the article is citing VGChartz they’re rounding to the nearest 5k. The WiiU sold closer to 38.5k according to VGChartz for the week of Oct. 5th so slightly higher than the PS3.

      • sd

        If rounding to the nearest 5 they should have stated 40k.

        • Michael DeVore

          Honestly I don’t think it should have been rounded to the nearest 5 thousand anyways. Nearest hundred, or just truncated at the hundred since there is bound to be a measurement error.

          • sd

            I agree.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    im surprised it didnt do a million in sales…i figured at least half of Wii U owners would cop this

    • sd

      There is still time. Plus this is only for N america, not worldwide.

  • Benjah

    This is news that never gets old. Nintendo rules……

  • Benjah

    This is news that never gets old. Nintendo rules……

  • The True Gamer

    Nintendo should announce a $50 price drop when smash bros, releases. That’ll get some sales!

    • Rick van der Linde

      You think the Wii U needs a $50 price drop when Smash Bros. releases? And you call yourself ‘The True Gamer’? It hurts my brain.

      • The True Gamer

        I plan on buying a Xbox one or ps4 before Wii u. I don’t wanna pay $299 for it.

    • manowaffles

      The Wii U could have a $50 price increase when smash bros releases & still sell like hot cakes.

  • JuleyJules

    And so it begins!! Haters didn’t want to listen but this is a remake and later this month we’ll have Wii Party U, Wii Fit U, Sonic Lost World along with multiplats and then Mario 3D in November among other things. Tons of games are coming!!

  • Donaald

    152k in just 2 days that’s awesome, keep it up Nintendo!

  • Paul Wright

    Now I wish knowledge was back to see what he would say.

    • NkoSekirei

      hes on ign trolling big time and getting downvoted to oblivion

  • ChallengerUPC

    PokΓ©mon Stadium 3, Donkey Kong 64 Remake

  • Rinslowe

    150K + unofficial welcomes to the brand new Wii U owners around and about!
    Thanks for joining the community.

  • Agent721

    I think this is great, but much more is needed. One week is not a trend, although I hope it becomes one.

  • starwars360

    So happy and proud with many more numbers of new gamers, gamers from PS, Xbox and PC is welcome to play Wii U!!! πŸ™‚

    TLoZ: The Wind Waker HD is amazing game so far this year. Best remake and HD collection ever made!!!

    So exciting for Sonic: Lost World that release this week. πŸ˜›

  • darkcreap

    It is great to see some good numbers just for a change. Nevertheless, we should be cautious. Other Nintendo titles have meant a temporary peak on WiiU but then it went down the following week, see Pikmin 3 for instance.

    Probably we will see a much stronger tendency when Super Mario 3D World and other titles arrive in 2014. I also hope that 3rd party games like Sonic, Assassin’s Creed 4 Call of Duty and Watch Dogs sell well so 3rd parties will not be scared of developing for Wii U.

    I also hope that indie titles coming to WiiU this fall will sell well. There are already some good looking titles that I couldn’t download due to an excess of retail games.

    • Jon Turner

      Call of Duty and Sonic should both do fine, the latter especially because its an exclusive. WatchDogs might do pretty good depending on how Ubisoft makes it. ACIV is a little harder, but the AC3 port on WiiU sold 180k, so… there might be a following for it on WiiU.

      • darkcreap

        I honestly hope so. Wii U can do well with Nintendo franchises, but it needs variety.

        • Jon Turner

          Nintendo’s own franchises aren’t enough. They know this, and that’s why they have tried to gain third party support. Regrettably, most of them haven’t been very cooperative because of WiiU’s slower than expected sales and blindly betting on PS4 and XBox One, neither of which will have particularly successful openings. That’s why Nintendo NEEDS to turn the system around. Luckily this is a start. And I don’t think this is the end of the trend, either; Zelda WW bundles and WiiUs are reported to still be selling out.

  • Jared Garcia

    I’m happy people are seeing the light of the consoles charm. There’s going to be a big plus given that there are so many games coming in rapid succession. I’m deeply looking forward to Batman: Arkham Origins.

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    Release more Virtual Console stuff too! Ocarina of Time anyone???

    Also, a serious question. Does anyone know if NES lost the rights to Gensis games or anything? Shining Force I & II for example? Will I see them on VC any time?

    • Luffy

      They will come if Sega decide to release them on the e-shop. It really is up to Sega.

  • Starfoxguy

    The rise of Wii U has begun!!!!!

    • Vicar In Ubuntu

      Yeah it might even get halfway to Sega Saturn sales levels before this time next year! Nintendo’s kicking ass and taking names lemme tell ya

  • BIG Franky

    I’m guessing there is some overlap there, i.e., some of those copies may be part of the bundle? I know that is why NintendoLand is such a large seller (many copies), because every bundle that is sold counts as a copy of the game being sold.
    I wonder if any of those copies are bundles?

  • Guest

    They sold 4 consoles this month?

  • Arthur Jarret

    Just posted a sly remark about ‘the wii U sold 4 consoles this month?’ – but then I read the article and saw the numbers explained…

    Darn you Ashley! The news section used to miss this joke-killing info before you joined the team!

  • Hulkamania

    this site needs more articles for the Wii U… its updated very slowly.

  • Mozillameister

    The Wii U is gonna dominate 2014. They’ll probably sell another 1-2 million this holiday when the next gen consoles sell out and the kids need a new present. When the Xbox One and PS4 have their game droughts and lack of availability around spring and summer, the Wii U is gonna get tons of attention with all the games. Especially if Nintendo comes out with a trump card for the Fall.

  • PatcherStation

    It took Nintendo 6 months to knock out Wind Waker HD, so it looks like more will be on the way. At Β£40 a pop, most will pass. Forget about HD remakes, Nintendo.

  • Akatosh

    My friend picked up the Wii U bundle.