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Nielsen survey reveals 10% of gamers in the US want a Wii U


Nielsen has long been trusted when it comes to analytics for media such as television. The firm recently conducted a survey to find out which console consumers were most interested in. According to results from the survey, 30% of gamers are looking to purchase a PS4, 22% of gamers want the Xbox One, and 10% of gamers want the Wii U.

When asked about games on the Wii U, survey results revealed that Super Mario 3D World and Wii Fit U were the most popular wanted titles.

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  • Madmagican

    Well I suppose it’s better than the dismal 1% we got earlier
    Surveys vary in extremities

  • Super Buu

    Well, the results are better than the other survey.

  • Jerry Garcia

    Considering all the XBOne and PS4 hype, this isn’t actually too bad. Once again, it’s all about the games, and I’d much rather play Mario, Zelda, DK, Metroid, SSB, MarioKart, Pikmin, Nintendo VC over anything that Sony or Microsoft has put out.
    An owner of multiple consoles through 25 years of gaming.

    • GuardiansFan

      more Wii U Consoles sold last week than PS4 consoles worldwide (110K versus 95K). Not as many consoles as i thought Nintendo would move though with the brilliant mario 3d world.

      • LevenThumps

        To be fair, the PS4 isn’t released worldwide yet, so you can’t really say WiiU is winning in sales.

        • GuardiansFan

          i never said they were winning sales overall just last week…also part of the point of my post is i was expecting higher sales for the wii u than that. Also technically mario 3d world isn’t released worldwide yet either :)

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Actually, it has been released worldwide with the exception of Australia which releases tomorrow. Though, that region is a much smaller market. No offense to Australians.

        • Justagamer

          Who really cares ..Console wars are a waste of time ..who cares who is winning ..I just want to game

      • Zorpix

        I’d love to see a source on this

        • GuardiansFan

          vgchartz but someone pointed out it doesn’t include the full week sales.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            VGchartz isn’t exactly reliable if you’re looking for sales numbers. Just thought I’d bring that one up. They tend to be like wikpedia and don’t either update or get the precise numbers.

          • GuardiansFan

            who would you recommend? And i guess no matter where we look it likely would not include digital sales.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            NPD in North America is the most reliable which is done on a monthly basis. Not sure about other regions. Media Create tracks digital sales in Japan if that interests you.

            As for digital sales in general, only people who can truly tell us that is Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, but they aren’t keen on releasing those numbers.

          • darkcreap

            Just a small observation, I think you wanted to say that Media Create tracks physical sales in Japan, not digital, in line to what the following paragraph says.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Yeah, got that mixed up. My bad.

          • darkcreap

            And it also does not include sales in all regions, only for North America on PS4 and 3 main regions for WiiU. It is not a fair comparison. If you count WiiU vs PS4 sales in North America, you have 93,794 PS4 vs 52,934 WiiUs. PS4 clearly outsells WiiU.

            Nevertheless, those are better numbers for WiiU. Globally, they sold 111,046 consoles. I do not know if it is that we are approaching the holiday season or we will see good numbers after it.

            Maybe it was Mario 3D World in action there, who knows. We’ll see.

    • Andy

      It is just hype and people are buying into it. They are upgraded 360’s and PS3’s. Same games just better graphics, it was very disappointing…

      This is from a former PS4 owner

      • greengecko007

        The Wii U is an upgraded Wii with better graphics and online capability. People are still playing fitness games and Mario on the Wii U, even though they are on the Wii.

        • asdfg

          If we go by this logic, the same applies to PS3/PS4 and 360/One. Upgraded version, same types of game.

          • greengecko007

            Of course. Though if you look carefully, (it is hard to miss because the comment is kind of far away) the person I responded to already said that.

            “They are upgraded 360’s and PS3’s. Same games just better graphics”

            My point is that the Wii U is the same. It is an upgraded Wii.

          • asdfg

            Oh, I see it now. Sorry

          • greengecko007

            No harm done. Like I said, my reply ended up pretty far below the original comment, so I understand there may be confusion.

          • Alex Smye-Rumsby

            Except what makes the Wii U different is the Gamepad, which introduces completely new ways to play not possible on the Wii.

          • greengecko007

            That’s true. Gamepad integration comes from the even older DS. Inventory management, HUD relocation, touch screen prompts and blowing into a microphone were “completely new ways to play” a decade ago.

          • Rinslowe

            Agree 100%, it’s more the degree of difference each console deviates from it’s predecessor that determines by how much, an upgrade can be attributed to it. Looking at it from this perspective, Wii U is indeed the most differentiated console of all three “next gen” systems. Xbox One has built on it’s proprietary technology of Kinect and have improved it’s specifications for the most part. Including fortifying an already robust online component by introducing the cloud. PS4 has done a similar thing with its controller in limited touch support and the “Playstation Camera” incorporating a set of stereoscopic camera’s for accurate depth of space etc. Both systems building more so on top of a “mold” of the last generation before them. Including better performance overall. But it could be argued that the leap afforded is not as generational as the one before it. Wii U is several times more powerful than Wii, but this is only relative to both consoles specifically. Therefore the least important upgrade. Wii U’s gamepad has had a year on the market to prove it’s innovation. And for those that have used it, can likely attest by how much it improves the overall experience of gaming. When implemented correctly it holds huge amounts of innovative possibilities, in the way in which we may interact with a game. In the least sense, it literally improves on even the most basic aspects of a console in use. Be it navigating a menu, browsing the web or even just buying an item or game online by streamlining the experience into something intuitive and efficient. The fact that some or all of the feature sets which appear on the gamepad has been done in various combinations before, does not take away from the clear innovation of having all those features successfully placed in one easily accessible and perfectly usable piece of real estate. Something which neither of Wii U’s competitors have ultimately managed to achieve. On that note, although for eg; Xbox One incorporates some pretty nice features like swiping menus and voice control. It’s still touch and go on the level of accuracy it can provide and very much dependent on controlled environments to work as intended. Wii U gamepad on the other hand, simply works. And works, really really well. As you know.

          • Rinslowe


      • Veries Seals

        I am just curious, why did you give up your PS4?

        • Keshav Sharma-Jaitly

          it’s been 2 weeks

      • Josiah Parsons

        Whaddya mean former PS4 owner? did you sell yours? did you buy a Wii U?

      • Sdudyoy

        The thing is what most people want is upgraded system’s, even Nintendo just upgraded from there last console up until the Wii.

      • Justagamer

        Im thinking of getting rid of mine too

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Is there any particular reason?

          • Justagamer

            Just bored with it already..Not played it but one time since owning it and been playing wii u more

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Being that it just launched, I’m not surprised you got bored of it. Some buy it cause they’re diehard fans and can live with the fact that it’s going to be some time until worthy titles are released. The rest buy it for the hype and when it ends, they let it collect dust.

            Personally, I never buy any console at launch or even a week after. I prefer to wait 6 months to a year. By then, there’s a good stock of quality titles around to choose from.

      • Ace J

        same could be said for the wii u. just an upgraded wii with a tablet.

      • Kristian Kouvo

        Am hearing stories novadays (Gamestop, friends of friends etc.) that people are changing their minds now about Wii U after PS4 and XBoner being released. They now realize the potential of the console and how good the Wii U actually is. Some people have canceled their PS4 order and turned to Nintendo.

        I personally want to own both. I have Wii U already, but am going to wait Sony to fix the PS4 technical problems (controllers and the unit), then buy it when there are more solid revision(s) out there for lesser price. MS console is completely obsolete thing to me, won’t even consider it.

    • Jim Mack

      Agreed when you look at it as just games vs games…..but when you look at the overall experience…..The Wii U is still sorely lacking in the entertainment portion of its system…..that is the added value items such as using apps or watching movies on Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus or Netflix.The apps are a bit cumbersome to use and the Gamepad is more of an annoyance than a benefit when using the Wii U outside of gaming. This could be fixed easily with software updates but Nintendo has shown throughout the Wii’s existence and now the Wii U’s lifespan, that it just doesn’t place much value or importance on entertainment apps. Nintendo continues to allow subpar Netflix,Hulu and Amazon prime apps to exist and lets not forget the over a year late TiVo integration that Nintendo promised at launch. When Nintendo fixes these items, the Wii U immediately goes to being the best value system out there and you will see tons of parents buying the Wii U for their kids simply based on value alone.

      • Nintenjoe82

        I don’t get Nintendo’s policies with entertainment options. They left out DVDs every time when they were still fashionable despite how obviously DVD playback was a massive selling point of PS2, but then they were the first console of last gen to get a Web browser, iplayer and other cool things. The stuff the Wii U comes with is good but feels neglected and Nintendo seem like they don’t mind the general public thinking that multimedia features are exclusive to Sony and MS.

        • Shane ♓

          That’s because Nintendo’s main focus is the games. Isn’t it weird to think a GAMING company is focused on making a great system that plays GAMES? They’ve never bought into the all in one media centre idea Sony and Microsoft have. Most people already have these other products in their home and enjoy them. Why add on unneeded extra components that just drive up the price. The PS3 is great but honestly how often did I use it as a blu-ray player? Not often I already have one that works great,

          • Nintenjoe82

            Yeah but they already added those features so they could at least promote them. Disc media playback only mattered 2 gens ago so I’m glad they never bothered once that ship sailed. I’d hate having to get up to swap DVDs for game discs in 2013.

      • Mj78

        Is the wii u not just an add on for the wii? I thought it was. doh? A new console! What really? Are you sure!!! Never!! WOW

        • Justagamer


        • Justagamer

          Must have hit a nerve….Good!..Thanks

        • Justagamer


      • Josiah Parsons

        There’s TVii, but I could never get it to work. It always crashed before completing setup. Maybe I’ll try again…

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Considering that there is only one game that appeals this is quite good. 10% wants a Wii U because SMB3DW. Thats a system seller.

      • Veries Seals

        I truly hope you are not saying that there is only one game for the Wii U that everyone wants, because that would be very inaccurate unless I misunderstood what you meant. There are lots of great games on the Wii U.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Missed the point here. Its one game that makes people to want it. People dont want to buy WiiU because of Pikmin or W101. When they have it, the might want those games too. But Mario is the game that might make people to consider the system.

          • Veries Seals

            I don’t know. I guess I have a wider range of games I like to play. Mario is always a fav. but I love other games as Well. But Point Well taken. Thanks for clearing that up.

    • Josiah Parsons

      Sadly, only 62% of gamers apparently want a next-gen console.

    • William Cole

      That’s what I like about your type of people. You play everything and don’t take sides. You tell it like it is. I miss the old days when people played games because they were fun.

    • Guest

      Great job wiiudaily, report one of mynintendonew’s clickbait articles.

  • Luis Hernández

    That does not even count every gamer… I did not know about this, and I bet lots of other didn’t either… So Yeah…

  • Sdudyoy

    First off survey’s are a limited amount of people not everyone in the US so you cant really say only 10% of people want a Wii U, second off this survey was done right before/after the PS4 and XB1 came out, so the people who voted against Wii U might already own a Wii U and want another console, even if no one wants a Wii U, a survey doesn’t mean much at all.

    • darkcreap

      I do not fully agree with what you say. It is proved by statistics that you do not need to have all the population to obtain results. If the sample is big enough (and it is taken randomly) it can be representative of the whole population.

      It can only be a problem in case you ask very delicate questions like vote intention. In those cases people tend to lie or not have a clear mind in that sense. In those cases you do some statistical processing to actually infere the results with a certain accuracy.

      Regarding the fact that people might be influenced on hype, you indeed a point there. People might change their minds if PS4/Xbox One do not match their expectations and then turn to a WiiU.

      What I am not so sure is that we do not know if they answered that they do not want a WiiU because they already have one or because they simply do not want one. We would need to know the exact question. If they asked “Do you already have or do you want to buy a WiiU?”, then the interpretation could change. If they have some common sense, they should pose their questions wisely so there are not misunderstandings.

  • JB

    That’s not good, but it’s not terrible either considering the fact that there’s like 4 million or so Wii U’s in the wild already…

  • D.M.T

    So sick and tired of these surveys. This survey doesn’t say that PS4 is the best or that Sony is doing a better job with the PS4 or anything. It just means that more people are interested in the PS4 because it’s guaranteed to have 3rd party support.

    I have no idea why people want an Xbox One but whatever.

    And the reason why only 10% want a Wii U is because the majority of gamers who participated in this survey think it’s risky to buy a Wii U.

    Is the results really a surprise to anyone?

  • Bob Wilkerson

    Let’s See.. 30% + 22% + 10% = 62%. Where are the other 38%.. Do they not want any console?

    • LevenThumps

      That was my first thought. It says the percentages are from gamers instead of the general public, so it sounds like everyone would have chosen one of the consoles.

    • JB

      Maybe you they don’t game? Or maybe they are content with the systems thay already have? 38% is a large number. I wonder who they asked?

    • Magnus Eriksson

      They wanted the Ouya

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Magnus bro who you been.

      • classicgamer20

        who would want the Ouya

        • Justagamer

          I have Ouya and it’s cool but nothing beat a good Wii U

        • Magnus Eriksson

          the 38%. Dont you follow?

    • Nintenjoe82


      • Josiah Parsons

        PC gamers will buy it, half will sell it and act like even bigger PC jerks, and the other half will become console converts. I really think the price is too high…

    • Jack5221

      Im guessing the remaining 38% is PS Vita, 3DS, and PC. I highly doubt mobile games are on there, no one buys an iPhone for angry birds. Lol.

  • TalesOfBS

    Another of those useless and biased surveys… Is this really Wii U Daily or Wii U Daily Doom?

    • TheKingJoseph

      typical wiik ninty fangirl. what’s the matter can’t handle the truth? nobody wants a crappy console deal with it

      • SamusPrime

        Typical response calling Nintendo fans “fangirls”. Seriously, come up with something new. You still never answered what a “real gamer” is.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Man get the hell out of here you are not welcome on our website deep shit.

      • NkoSekirei

        stfu retarded troll and take ur buddy truthteller with u

  • Andy

    I bought a PS4 on launch day, sold it three days later. Both the X1 and PS4 are micro-transactions machines. Just got my Wii U today for 299$ with Zelda and Super Mario 3D World and it is amazing!. To think I used to diss this system…

  • majora :D

    Can I get a hateful reply from Truthteller for no reason?

    • JB

      Be patient, it’s coming… :-)

    • TalesOfBS

      I have two 😀

  • Matteo Ferrazzi

    breaking news: 900% increase in buyers’ intentions of purchasing a wii u!

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Happy thanksgiving everybody. I hope you find some good deals while shopping on the holidays.

  • Mj78

    Look, wii u has some great games, has potential, but it will never meet that potential. It will go down in history like the gamecube as a great console, with great games that just not enough people bought. Sad, but very probably true.

  • Mj78

    How is the wii u innovative? The gamepad? The games? HD graphics? No, no and erm, no. It is an okay machine but innovative it is not.

    • Luca Invernizzi

      … tell me about all those console with asymmetric gameplay and a gamepad with a touch screen.

    • Yen

      Let me ask you this, what’s so innovative about PS4 and XBox One? They are literally just upgraded hardware of their last gen counterparts with smart TV abilities. I’m fine with you saying Wii U is not innovative because it’s your opinion, but realize that Wii U at least attempted at innovation.

    • Justagamer

      You are just another bad fart that lingers and it’s really sad you’re Cablebox One is failing big time PS4 sold one million in one day just in the USA and the cablebox one 1 million in most of the planet..Cablebox one is history Wii U and PS4 are the only way..U mad bro?..:):):):) Also gave you a thumbs down making it up to 9 ..Enjoy!

  • TheKingJoseph

    Lmao we already know nobody but people who are into kiddie games want this crap system. you guys say you love nintendo yet your so called great SM3dW can’t even hit 1mil in it’s first week. lmao so now not only don’t you support 3rd party but 1st party as well. Lmao system seller, shit can’t even hit 200k a week. RIP wii u

    • SamusPrime

      You did it, “LMAO, “RIP”. Good job.

      • TheKingJoseph

        ahahahaha I see you couldn’t debunk any of my facts. typical delusional ninty fangirl who tries to go around facts because they can’t deal with them ahahahah

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          Whats make you think she is a girl by the look of the user talk he is a man.

          • SamusPrime

            He is immature. He thinks he is something special because he can go to a site and make himself feel superior.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Sony fans always make themselves superior. After their big Splash and their whine since 2006 now they started acting cocky due to all the bad years they have gone through. They should thank me and the Nintendo fans for buying their PS3, Vita and the PSP because I am a gamer not a troll.

          • Justagamer


          • TheKingJoseph

            So stating facts makes me immature and feel superior? ahahahah I guess this whole world is doomed; according to you facts are now nonsensical and a sign of immaturity. lol but alas what can I expect from a ninty cult follower who can’t battle me with facts lmao

          • SamusPrime

            It is a fact that the Wii U is not selling well now – yes.
            It is a fact that there is someting unfullfilled in your life that makes you go to a website of a product you don’t like, just to cause problems – Yes
            It is a fact that I am more of an adult and can admit to both off the above – Yes
            Is it a fact that you will NOT admit to both of the above – Yes
            Is it a fact that you can like something and NOT be a cult follower – Yes
            Is it a fact that this will be my last response to you ever on these formus because I have other things in my life (wife, kids, jobs, bills to pay) – Yes
            Is it is a fact that you have homework that needs to be finished before you go back to school on Monday – Yes

          • NkoSekirei

            we all know ur plain retarded troll

          • Justagamer

            Worse he is a asshole

          • Justagamer

            To me he is just another asshole..I say thumb him down and move on

          • Justagamer

            Just thumb down the poser ..That is the better way and it just shows how many really don’t agree with him and makes him ;look really bad

        • Rinslowe

          You’d first have to have facts to debunk..

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      Man stop bothering us kid. Don’t think Nintendo fans who has a Wii U don’t have a PS4 or an Xbox One. My buddy has a PS4 and sure the system is awesome but stop fooling around.

      • SamusPrime

        I’m guessing this guy is about 12-14 years old. If he is any older, for the first time I fear for our future.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          Agreed. Man Nintendo is awesome. Whats stupid is he thinks the PS4 or Xbox One will hit 3 million by December. No way because it is sold out elsewhere in USA. Probably it will but I am not sure let us see what happens in Europe. I believe the USA sales hit more harder than Europe due to many people switching from Xbox to Sony.

    • Timothy Boyd

      you know what i had bad feeling we wont be able to find you next year when there big titles hit! You’ll be in the gallows still whispering to yourself trying to sleep. “RIP WII U” Seriously man its getting old. Enjoy your console dont bash others.

      • NkoSekirei

        nah hes got a date with bubba in the prison shower

    • classicgamer20

      dumb ass nintendo games don’t usually sell well during the 1st week. They start selling later in the console life plus nintendo doesn’t care about 1st week sales as well as most other gamers. As long as the game gets great reviews which it did. The game will sell well. So stop bashing the great N and take a good look at X Box (which i assume you support) and see how shity they really are

    • Justagamer

      You must not have a life..Working at the BK has really fried you’re brain..what you forget to tell people is that the New Mario 3D World got 10/10 ..I wonder why COD or any of the so called next gen games could reach that score..Hummm that might b e to hard of a question for you..Yep to hard.

    • Hugo Delgado

      Welcome back, springer85. It looks like you have a new account. What happened to the other one?

      • Rinslowe

        The Merovingian….

    • nexxus6

      Maybe a better name for yourself should be TheKingDouche

  • Veries Seals

    Well I love my Wii U and I have an XBO. There isn’t much content on the ps4 yet, but I will get one a bit later when money recovers. But with that i have played a Ps4 and I would have to say they are very nice and I do want one. I would also like to say that I do not regret buying my XBO for one second and it is a wonderful console. I must admit that I like the Wii U, XBO and PS4. I think we should buy them all.

  • Selina Kyle

    I knew those other surveys were lying!

  • Tra Allen
  • Carlos Coronado

    Is better than the last surve

  • Jake

    Most games people want on Wii U are exclusives. The only reason why ppl want XB1 or PS4 is CoD which is not better then its 7th gen counter-part. I can’t wait till 2014 when Mario Kart and Smash Bros (hopefully Zelda) Comes out.

    • Jayce

      Biased, much. I’m a Wii U fan just like you and I do want a PS4 for far more than just CoD. More specifically, for most of the third party games Nintendo is never going to get on their console.

      • Jake

        We’ll according to the survey, CoD is ps4 and xb1’s top choice. 3d world is wii u’s top choice. I am not biased just using the info on what ppl want

  • Ducked

    How people took this survey?

    • Petri

      But what I wonder, how did these 1200 got picked?
      Randomly picked 1200 to fill the survey, or just about anyone could go in and fill the survey, and they choose who qualified?
      But in any case, surveys can be affected by countless things.
      So credibility of any survey will be left to the reader to decide.
      Surveys serve no real purpose, whether political or consumer survey.
      If you would base your habits on surveys, it would be same as if you would not be choosing what you want, but what everyone else wants.
      And that, if anything, makes you a real sheeplet.

      • Ducked

        Okay, I can agree on that..

  • Jon

    so that makes a total of 62% of gamers want a console…..

  • Caleb Dudley

    What about the other 32%???

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Of coures when the new console just released everyone wants one of those, so its understandable, give it a year or so and nintendo will be back on track!

    • Guest

      Thats the spirit 2014. Seen that line up of software.

  • Sdudyoy

    Has anyone seen this image? this is the new affect in the next Smash bros, this comes when your health is low and you get hit really hard.

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      “his is the new affect in the next Smash bros, this comes when your health is low”

      Didn’t you mean “when your percentage is high” ?

      • Sdudyoy

        Yeah, I’m stupid sometimes.

  • Jason Odermatt

    I will buy my Wii U soon

    • TalesOfBS

      I’m still waiting for the right bundle.
      Maybe SMT x Fire Emblem, Monolith’s X, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros or whatever awesome bundle Nintendo is going to bring in 2014.

  • Simon Stevens

    It’s better than the 1% who originally wanted it

    • Javier Smith

      True, true. I see this as good news actually.

  • Javier Smith

    This actually doesn’t sound too bad, and when you consider many gamers are likely to buy at least 2 consoles this generation I bet you that number would be even higher.

    • Javier Smith

      Still wishing Metroid, F-Zero or Star Fox is announced soon (or even Star Tropics or Mach Rider!)

  • Joseph Parsons

    no one needs Wii Fit U thay what games that y put out games more ppl like more ppl well get wii u

  • Joseph Parsons

    may take time butt i hope wii u pic up in 2014

    • Petri

      Do you use “butt” instead of “but” purposely?

  • Joseph Parsons

    i have a ps3 im not going to run to bad 3rd party games look how bad bf4 is run in on ps4 then look how bad Dead Rising 3 runs on xbox 1 butt ppl love to put wii u down then you have ps4 knack that a kids game butt it ok it on ps4 butt wii u gets put down for kids games ??? y that to me gamers r hypocrite wan it comes to bs i seen on the internet

  • Marcel Pérez

    Being a Nintendo fan I can say some of you guys are really delusional to be honest.

    You say “WAIT FOR (Insert game here) TO COME OUT AND YOU WILL SEE THE WII U SELLING OUT” then that game gets released, average sales, then you change that game to another one coming soon to continue with the hope for sales cycle…

    And people don’t go deep searching for details on the console, they just look at what everyone is using and buy those, it doesn’t matter that technically Wii U is a better value in terms of entertainment people will go buy a PS4 and XboxOne

    But I do hope sales for the console turn around, it all depends on the 3rd Party Support, Nintendo WONT be able to be mantain the console on it’s own, not everyone is an exclusive Nintendo-brand fan…

    • Sylux

      I have to agree with you there. I’m also a huge Nintendo fan but I do not own a WiiU, as for me there are 3 games I really want, MH3U, Sonic Lost World and ZombiU, but 2 of these 3 games are also available on the 3DS which I already own, so for that one game I don’t want to spent 299,-

      Yes, there are other games available, the common knowledge which I see come by oh so often: Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, Super Mario 3D world, New Super Mario/Luigi U, but to all defenders of these titles take note that not everyone is interested in those games, that doesn’t mean I hate those games, it just means I’m not so much interested in these games, and for me not worth it to buy the system for, perhaps after I do have the system with a few good games I want I could pick those titles up from either budget bin or to kill some waiting time. Same can be said about other people.

      2014 will get far more interesting, X, Bayonetta 2, Smash Brothers, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8 to name 5 that have been confirmed for 2014, so I don’t mind waiting a bit longer and in the meanwhile get a PS4 or get some more games for my 3DS. I’m not waiting for Zelda U, well I am, but that game is highly unlikely to be released in 2014, as it has been confirmed we probably won’t see the game in action until E3 2014, and therefor chances are a lot more viable that the Zelda U game won’t be released until 2015, I believe to have read somewhere even that the production team started on the Zelda U game in 2012 even not 2011 just after Skyward sword as mentioned before.

      • Marcel Pérez

        Im really hopeful too, and remember that Iwata said that they are a few more 2014 projects that are unannounced at the moment, maybe he was bluffing there but we’ll see.

        Out of all the fan bases I really have to despise the ones that worship Nintendo when the only thing they do is take slightly above average descisions or really horrible ones.

        I hope to get a Wii U for Christmas, if Sony and Microsoft definition of Next Gen is “Everything you had before but even more prettier” then I really don’t want to be part of it atleast now.

        I have to be ready for Mario Kart, and I really want Pikmin 3 and the W101,

        and making use of the situation, people are selling their Wii U’s and games at ridiculous prices, let me make use of that. (ex. ACIII for like 15 bucks I saw at a store)

        • Petri

          Next gen for MS and Sony is what PC gamers have had couple of years now.
          They can make games better with increased power, but most of the time it will be small things you probably wont notice.

          • Marcel Pérez

            remember that power doesnt account for graphics only

            how many people are on screen for example, how much those people can do based on memory RAM and whatever, the animations

            in the realism department PS4 games look like PS3 games, but in PS4 you can put alot more people and things in the game

            That’s why Watch_Dogs Wii U will have less people on screen and effects compared to the PS4 version

          • Petri

            I know that.
            But does that make this “next gen” that much worth it, remains to be seen.

            I’m expecting more improved AI’s, like some developers has promised.
            Other than that, I do not really care for what they are currently offering.

          • Marcel Pérez

            Too “smart” gamers like you and I, the jump to “next gen” seems fishy

            But to the general consumer/gamer, they’ll go with the trend. As we (sadly) saw with 1 million PS4’s sold when the games released atm look like PS3 games

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    okay so what about the other 38%?…

    • Wishsong214

      Most likely not interested in getting a new console.

  • Donaald

    So, last week it was 1%, a couple of days later it’s 2%, now it’s 10%? I like how the popularity is growing, I wonder if it has anything to do with their recent marketing campaign.

    • Rinslowe

      Classic positive affirmations!! Lovin it!

  • Dave May

    omg i have no idea why i come here, what about the other survey where they said 1% wanted a wiiu? was that one bull or is this one bull, or are they both bull. this web site only reports negative wiiu newsand when theres positive news they just twist it into negative

  • Nigga

    10% is p.bad

  • Adam Howell

    3rd most wanted wii u title… Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon… :S This survey is clearly bogus.

  • Justagamer

    This survey is not on target..I bet none of these people even play a video game console or even a wii u

  • Joseph Parsons

    new wii u game Indie title 90s Arcade Racer has a brand new trailer showing off the environments. The game is set to be released on the Wii U, PC, MAC, and Linux in 2014. Thanks Anti for the tip! Watch the trailer below.

  • Michael Rowlands anyone thinking about getting a ps4 watch this

    • Justagamer

      Damn! Can you get you’re money back

  • Michael Rowlands watch this video too if you are thinking about getting a ps4

  • Mj78

    Oh Ashley just go away. You know Wii u is dead and in fact, you will be happy when it is. Just admit it.

    • Relick

      It’s not dead till it’s dead.

      i.e. you’re an idiot.

    • Justagamer

      Facepalm! You are an idiot and are exposed! Freak!

    • SleepySkullhead

      Have you ever played one? I guarantee you will like it, even if you won’t admit it.

    • Akai

      i can you’ve tried ever so hard to hide your fanboyism, Subtlety not your strong suit is it ?

    • NkoSekirei

      how about u go away retarded troll no cares about ur stupid hateful comments

  • Monomon

    The truth is is(I think) is that 90% of people are Xbox One or either PS4 fans.I’m not worried at all about the future of Wii U.The Wii U is new and isn’t perfect(like ALL other consoles),but I see a bright future of this gen console.

  • Moreck

    That actually seems like an improvement over gamer sentiment just 6 months ago

  • iamserious

    Super Mario 3D World has sold about 250,000 in US and 100,000 in Japan. Not bad for ~ 1 week sales (in just 2 countries). And Wii U has gotten a great sales boost! Go Nintendo!

    • Rinslowe

      SM3DW is mind blowingly great fun! Everyone with a Wii U should play this game, seriously. And lets remember, those figures are physical sales only. I don’t think its a stretch to imagine SM3DW doing A LOT better in digital sales, being only 1.68 GB in size.

  • Rinslowe

    Got it, love it. Got to love it. Wii U is a fantastic machine! Lol. Stuff the survey, it matters not to me as an individual nor in the big scheme of things. Nintendo will surprise again and again and again.

  • olajuwon_patterson

    the wii u went up 9% in a couple weeks or so thats not to bad

  • SleepySkullhead

    The Wii U is amazing. There must be some way to show the rest of the gaming world that it is.

  • Jeovany

    Well at least it better than 1%

  • Old School

    If Nintendo didn’t wait a damn year to bring out good games maybe those numbers would be a lot closer!

    I am a fellow Wii U owner and I will say, PS4 and X box 1 offer quite a bit more.

  • Prince_AKR

    Well, I guess I’m one of the 10%. But wait; I already got my Wii U 1 year ago. Yay me.

    But seriously; right now, neither the PS4 nor XBOX One are so attractive to me, that I’m dying to pick either of them up the same way I wanted the Wii U.

    I guess that probably has to do with the fact that PS3 and 360 are still going incredibly strong, and almost every game available on PS4 & XBOX One are also available on the aforementioned veteran consoles and even PC. With that being the case; unless there are quite a few games I REALLY, REALLY want, and buying a PS4/XONE is the only way to access them, then I just might stick with Wii U as my main and only 8th-gen console.

    For a system with:

    – A nice library of games, that’s continuing to grow.
    – An awesome social service (Miiverse)
    – An awesome Internet Browser.
    – Off-TV Play included.
    – An awesome controller

    and FULL Backwards-Compatibility

    …I’m quite happy with my purchase.

  • Justagamer

    This is called awesome

  • Kenshin0011

    True it’s low at the moment but after this holiday season we will see a significant surge. And 2014 games like Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong, Bayonetta 2, and possibly super smash and X. Plus I bet there are some unannounced 2014 games

  • Shota

    so many new people on this site with great view from nintendo games

  • Luciano

    If you this survey in Brazil,the numbers will be 60% XBO and 40% Wii U.

  • cuebert

    as stated by other bloke above I carry 25+ years of gaming and y take is this –

    Ever since the PS1 and the real birth of the casual gamer – sony hit up the market with their slick advertising, Chamical Bros soundtracks and all that, making it ‘cool’ to have a system, introducing the real casual who owned more as a status symbol – the market has changed dramatically. being the ‘best’ is more important to most than actual games. That is, IMO, why you see so many peeps getting more excited about sales figures than games. Its sad. I can say that having owned the majority of past consoles that the most fun has always been on a Nintendo platform. Online is great but will never beat having four friends, some beer and a Nintendo console hooked up. I have played four player on a Game Gear TV Tuner for feck sake. I am happy that N still focus on this ‘same room’ style of multiplay, trust me, you will miss it when its gone.
    if wiiU only does ‘cube numbers so what? The ‘cube has some of the best games out there. The best thing you can do for your system of choice is buy new games, none of that traded bullshiz, thats whats hurting the industry, say what you like about policies btu one thing any game fan can tell you is that Nintendo games are the ones that keep their value. Go on ebay an try to buy some first party N64 game.
    anyway, xbox heads want the console to go for 12 years lifecycle. No chance.

    it will be a couple years before I get a wiiU due to travelling and I am happy with that, it means I will have a mean back catalogue of 1st party crap to plow though.

    stop getting excited about surveys, about projected sales and actual sales for that matter. N will not stop support for a good number of years and thats what matters.

  • Kuzon

    Now this is much more accurate than that other survey that was like 55% PS4, 44% Xbox One, 1% Wii U.

    There is no way Wii U was 1% cause even my sibling’s girlfriends and boyfriends and friends talked about it sometimes. I was at a car dealership last week about to purchase my first car and I stepped out with my dad to discuss things and the sales rep started to talk about video games and the Wii U to my sister who was still inside.

  • Greg Allen

    Just stop talking shit and buy a Wii U. If you love games you’d love a wii u. The controller is comfortable, the innovative touch screen is always appreciative. the motion controls feel less like effort and just interesting, pikmin 3 is fantastic beautiful game, so is monster hunter 3, lego city, zombi u, new super mario, sonic lost world, deus X, nintendo land, rayman legends, wii sports hd is a good idea, miiverse is a great idea, its nice watching youtube on your tv with the controller, mario 3d world got rave reviews, they’re bound to drop metroid and star fox and maybe new ip’s, mario kart will be a huge mmo as will smash brothers. the graphics go between retro 8bit to fairly decent and beautiful HD. not the graphical push of ps4 but to be perfectly honest, good enough to smile at. The whole machine is fun, its played best with friends and family, its a console version of the 3ds magic that you all seem so quick to comment on since that machine is actually successful. I will ob get a ps4 as a gamer, but not this christmas, because a) the price is obscene b) i’d only be able to get one game for it and theres nothing really that hooks me in c) i just like games.

    PS I don’t like walking around in bare feet so ya know, i have trainers, slippers, shoes… shit for different uses. When I cook, microwave, cooker…. I have a fridge AND a freezer, and don’t get me wrong my freezer is WAY colder than my fridge but hey, sometimes you just wanna dive right in and know you can eat something fresh. I’ve got a bath AND a shower hmmm. yeah I think there are quite a few things in my life I own a few of that perform similar tasks in different ways. I’ve got an iPhone and an iPad and yet I chose to write this comment on my iMac, when I could just get back into bed with my macbook pro. hmm.

    You already know what i’m trying to say. The idiot pre-pudescent dickhead that doesn’t, PS4, as good as it is, will not do ANYTHING the wii u gets right. And visa versa. So fucking get both. That is of course, if you aren’t poor, in which case you’ll have to nick them. Just don’t stand there like ‘IM a hardcore gamer because i’m getting a ps4″ because all I hear is “i’m gonna be the first one to brag about the successor to angry birds on my iPhone because I just like shit thats IN” that doesn’t make you a gamer, it makes you a sheep. and the one thing about sheep is people, you will get shagged. by hardcore gamers.

    Im just PLAYING.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    I for one am defending the Wii U.
    The problem with today’s gamers is that they crave realism graphics and powerful machines. They all love their blood, violence and gore and there’s not as many variety of games any more. In fact the real games ended with the PS2.

    The PS2, GameCube, and the Xbox, maintained peace through their lifecycle. Games had many varieties back then.

    It’s until when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were released is when the gaming spirit has started to slow down and became more based on graphics and dominating power

    I truly appreciate that Nintendo are still bringing up fun and happy games and shows that we don’t need realism and powerful technology to enjoy a game.

    Look at Pikmin – cute as hell and mistaken for looking like a kids game, but matter of fact it includes thinking of strategy.
    One more thing I must mention, I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF CONSOLE WARS!!!!

    The Wii U doesn’t need to be part of the Console wars, it’s much better than that rubbish.

    Like it or not, we really need Nintendo, otherwise the gaming spirit would totally diminished by brainless shooting games, and fighting games on steroids.

    • Grulnork

      There is no problem Nintendo is doing fine, there is no need to sell 100million consoles to survive and we as fans shouldnt care how many they sell as long as the good games are coming in still, which they are.

  • Grulnork

    10% is a fine number, ofc the other 90% doesn’t know what it’s missing. :)

    That is probably the number of Nintendonfans. As I stated earlier this week. Nintendo has a niche market and that market is big enough to survive for many many years.

    I am happy nintendo isn’t mainstream and definitely happy it’s not marketleader, because that will only make them lazy, just like with the Wii.

  • Nigga
    • William Cole

      That was just sad. He knew he didn’t need those coins.

  • Marcos Parreira

    I think it is a really high number. The xbox one and the ps4 just launched and have a really high popularity. 10% means people are realizing that the most innovating system in this generation is the Wii U.

  • nexxus6

    Surveys are a joke. I don’t care if it said 100% wanted a WiiU. You never know if they are getting an accurate sample of the gaming population. The same goes for political surveys, etc.

  • Agent721
  • James Enk

    i hope the WiiU start selling a lot better, not that i care about the sales for the sales sake but better sales mean more games for my WiiU and future Nintendo consoles

  • Virus6

    This is an improvement at least. The last survey like this said that the percentage was only 1%

  • TwinTails

    But wait, where’s the other 48%?

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I think you mean 38%.

    • Eduardo

      I believe they aren’t looking for any new systems (I know that I have a Wii U and won’t be getting a PS4 or XB1 anytime soon) or maybe they want a handheld like 3DS

  • D-Man

    Should’ve called it the Nintendo Revolution.

  • epicgrinds

    Did anyone else notice that the totals don’t equal 100%. I see a little over 60% what do the other 40ish

  • Kristian Kouvo

    Do not underestimate the power of the tablet controller/possibilities, backwards compatibility and the solid quality of Nintendo. They knew what they were doing.

    About being next-gen; all Wii U games run 1080P/60hz. Look at the “competition”. Can they do the same? No, at least not yet. Are Nintendo consoles failing/breaking, no. They’re built to last. Do the math – which console are worth your time & money.

  • Relias

    That is okay. I am sure those Numbers will go up once some of the heavy hitters come. That is the thing with Nintendo systems (Well the Wii U anyway) No one seems to want one until their particular favorite game comes out. (For instance Zelda U, X, etc.)

    • Eduardo

      I love Nintendo and got a Wii U last January, but hadn’t gotten a 3DS until last week when I ordered a Zelda 3DS XL Bundle which I’m eagerly waiting to arrive!

      • Relias

        I have had a 3DS for about a year now. I just got my Wii U in July. I love it and personally think it’s the best system on the market. But then I don’t care so much about power or better multimedia features and what not. I get a system for high quality and great games, that’s why I had a PS One and PS 2 (Weakest systems of their generations) and got a DS and 3DS and later a Wii U. Power and Multimedia features is unimpressive if you don’t deliver in the games department.(PS I highly recc. Fire Emblem on the 3DS to me it’s the best of the series)

        • Eduardo

          Thanks for the tip, also ordered Fire Emblem during this weekend sales! Loved Shadow Dragon on the DS and can’t wait to try this one (after Zelda!)!