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Nintendo eShop Downloads: Wii Sports Club now live in the Nintendo eShop


Another Thursday means we’ve got some great new downloads for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, with this week’s big release being Wii Sports Club’s Tennis and Bowling games. Nintendo has decided on a new release strategy for its Sports titles, allowing people to purchase each sport individually instead of one lump game like Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort. While this new model is interesting, it should be mentioned that yesterday Satoru Iwata said it’s possible Wii Sports Club could eventually be packaged software.

Aside from that, here’s what we’ve got in line for this week. Check it out and let us know which titles you’ll be picking up!

Wii U eShop Downloads

Wii Sports Club: Tennis – $9.99 (Day Pass – $1.99)
Wii Sports Club: Bowling – $9.99 (Day Pass – $1.99)

Wii U Virtual Console

Wario’s Woods – $4.99

Nintendo 3DS eShop Downloads

KORG M01D – $34.00
4 Elements – $5.99
Secret Agent Files – $7.99
My Baby Pet Hotel 3D – $29.99
Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut 3D – $1.99

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Wario’s Woods – $4.99

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  • FoxMulder900

    Isn’t Wii Sports Club supposed to automatically download? Assuming I accepted the new online agreement and I have enough space on my hard drive, those games should be available when I get home from work tonight right?

    • Yes if you have SpotPass enabled on your Wii U, it should auto download for you.

      • Fred

        Don’t forget to mention that when you use it the first time you get a free 24 hour pass

      • FoxMulder900

        Awesome! Looking forward to playing 😀

  • Jack5221

    This might be old news… But another thing to mention there is a NEW Pikmin 3 DLC pack. This time its defeat enemies. 1 free level via update, the other 4 levels cost 1.99$.

    • Michael DeVore

      Is that why Pikmin 3 had some update this morning?

      • Jack5221


    • rp17

      Are you talking about this from a while ago? Or is there something new?

      • Fred

        It’s new it was like 2 days ago

        • rp17

          Well yeah the pack is. But there is another free level?
          PS i don’t have an internet connection on my wii u for a while

          • Fred

            Yes one of the levels is free the rest are paid DLC

      • Jack5221

        This time its new. The first update and DLC pack was for collect treasure, this time its for Defeat enemies.

    • The Clockwork Being

      This might also be old news but Mario and Luigi bundles are sold out at Target and Gamestop

  • yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa







    OH WAIT!
    I’m working!

    • Michael Ocampo

      Lol Mercurio. I’m at school right now XD

  • Ricky__Spanish

    Warios woods. So much for improving the VC

    • BIG Franky

      LOL…. I know, right? I was like, WTF? on what planet would that game be a priority to release with the backlog of titles available? FAIL.

    • Michael DeVore

      I’m fine with them putting it up, but they really need to reconsider their pricing. I’d pay 30 cents for wario’s woods, and not a penny more. I’d say 25 cents but that probably wouldn’t even cover the bank transaction fee on their end.

      • Nate

        I always say the Virtual Console titles are over-priced when I fill out all of my Club Nintendo surveys. Not sure if it helps though!

        • ETeach

          It’s better than saying nothing at all, at least.

    • YayGs

      I used to play this in Animal Crossing I think. Got addicting for a little bit. I like it a while lot more than Dr that’s for sure.

    • Gregg

      Patience Grasshopper. lol

    • Andrew W Garttmeyer

      Never even heard of this rubbish, honestly.

      Also, while I am typing, before I was pretty excited for online Wii bowling…but now I am looking at the $9.99 price tag and saying to myself, ‘Hasn’t this already been played to death? Will my friends and I really want to do this all again?’. Well, at 9.99 it is not worth the gamble, so I am passing for now.

  • palomino blue

    KORG M01D is great software for casual musicians. Very underrated.

    • CEObrainz

      The same KORG that makes those midi keyboards…awesome!

  • Jon

    Ashley, you forgot Toki Tori

  • Fred

    It also should be noted that the first time you boot up Wii Sports Club you get to use it free for 24 hours.

  • CEObrainz

    Someone let me know how the online is with Wii Sports Club.

  • mac

    that’s rubbish!

    Motion controls are a disaster!

    It looks like the Wii, horrible graphics, it was supposed to be in 1080p!

    And do you want money for it, ma bravo Nintendo!

    This had to be free!

    • CEObrainz

      Have you actually tried it? As it sounds like you haven’t.

  • Landesca

    Tennis and bowling!!!! Yay!!!!

  • discuss

    Wario’s Woods …. shovelware on it’s finest.

    • Nate

      It’s better than the Yoshi puzzle game they released earlier. I’m not sure why they keep releasing copies of one of the best puzzle games out there, Dr. Mario, instead of just releasing Dr. Mario.

      • discuss

        There are so many great titles to port but they chose the worst.

    • FoxMulder900

      Wario’s Woods was actually pretty fun, maybe for a $1.99 though.

    • A SNES Day Off

      Wario’s Woods was one of the finest NES games, and very popular at the end of the console’s life. It’s a great pity that Nintendo won’t release the superior SNES version, however.

  • Gordon Blakey

    They need to bring golf into the mix.

  • mac

    Wii Sports Club is a shame for Nintendo, disaster control!

    Disaster HD look!

  • CaesarGood

    I called Nintendo and WB and they both claim that they are still fixing the DLC for Batman Arkham Origins. That makes no sense what so ever…

    • ETeach

      Last I saw it was up again. Is there something else wrong with it?

      • CaesarGood

        Nah, not for me at least. I just checked and every time I check eShop, it only shows that I have purchased the Deathstroke pack for 5.99 and nothing else. When I first got the game I had everything up there Season Pass, The skins, and the the black mask challenges. Now it shows nothing for me and I do not understand why.

        • ETeach

          Dang, that does sound bad. Hope it gets remedied soon.

          • CaesarGood

            Just beat the game unexpectedly lastnite, and now since I seen how ignorant the guy/girl was over the phone @WB I don’t give a shit for Batman Arkham anymore. The game isn’t all that foreal. So I’ll be trading it in today @gamestop for my$30+ and get COD Ghost for the time being…And also, if you call WB about the game, it’s amazing how they have an option for PS3, XB, and PC but no Wii U over the phone.

  • Will (ishigum)

    Can’t wait til I get off at 6 to play. See you guys online!

  • bizzy gie

    Wario’s Woods lol

  • Sdudyoy

    Wii sports club has actually pretty fun online, although I’m definitely not getting the one day passes, I will most likely buy the games as they come out.

  • Adrian

    If nintendo loved us, it would introduce a rent to buy system where if you rented this game 5 times you would own it :p.

  • Gregg

    Sooooooooo need Bowling!

  • capitalism1023

    Wii Sports Club is awesome. Playing online is a blast and the HD graphics look great.

  • oontz

    Is the wii fit meter region locked? Or is it the same as a wiimote and just works? I’ve asked Nintendo who have not responded. I need to know asap.

  • Goheels999

    I already have 2 copies, its called Wii Sports. This is a missed opportunity to give the few that own a Wii U a thank you or reason to buy the console. This needs to be a Freebie!

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    Does anyone know Filesize for Wii Sports Club: Tennis, Wii Sports Club: Bowling?