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New game downloads now available on Club Nintendo with a twist


[Edit: Balloon Fight can be accessed in Wii and Wii U mode, while Lost Levels remains a Wii emulation-only title.]

Nintendo has finally updated the games for this month’s Club Nintendo coin awards, with two new Nintendo 3DS games and two new Wii games joining the mix. If you’re confused why I called them Wii games when they’re clearly advertised as Wii U games, that’s the twist. These games have to be accessed using Wii mode on the Wii U, instead of booting like regular virtual console games.

Nintendo is doing its best to scrub the original Wii branding from just about everything it can, but it’s really no different than the Wii games on offer previously and if you still happen to have a Wii but no Wii U, you can redeem these games. On offer this month are:

  • Balloon Fight for Wii/Wii U
  • Super Mario Bros. : The Lost Levels for Wii/Wii U
  • Mario’s Picross for Nintendo 3DS
  • Starship Defense for Nintendo 3DS

Hopefully Nintendo will do more to offer virtual console games on the actual Wii U, instead of Wii emulation mode.

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  • Shota

    🙁 at least something

  • Squid

    Is starship defense that game with Totaka’s song?

  • Well, balloon fight is available for Wii U, . Maybe you can actually redeem for the Wii U version?

    EDIT: Article was edited! Thanks Ashley!

    • incoherent1

      I think that’s true. On their site (at least at the time I posted this comment), the Mario reward had a clear note stating you had to play it from your Wii menu, but that wasn’t there for Balloon Fight.

  • Javier Smith

    Great to see Wii U-compatible games here finally!

    • We’re still unclear as to whether or not they work as Wii U games or not

      • Joey

        check their nintendo site says

        System Wii
        No. of Players 1 player
        Action, Import
        Go to the Wii Menu on your Wii U to play this game. Learn More >

      • Javier Smith

        I think Balloon Fight is Wii U only and Super Mario Bros. 2 is Wii, which really means both.

        I believe. Could be wrong.

        • Javier Smith

          Scratch that, Balloon Fight works both ways. Still, it’s too bad SMB2 is only usable in Wii mode.

          Guess I was too quick to celebrate.

    • Joey

      not really, still need to goto Wii mode to play the game

      • Lost levels needs wii mode. Balloon fight does not

  • Sean

    wish i knew that before downloading the lost levels again

  • Eduardo

    The lost levels = hours of play time on the john thank you Nintendo. I don’t see Xbox one or the ps4 entertaining us in that area..

    • Bathroom play. #1 draw of Wii U

      • Haha

      • Alexander Jamieson

        I remember playing Nintendo Land on the john- … TMI. sorry.

        • It is SO relaxing to draw a bath,then play the gamepad in it. If you’re worried about dropping it, just stick it in a plastic baggie and play it through that

          • You need to market a waterproof sealed protective case for the WiiU gamepad before someone steals this as their idea.

        • Justagamer

          Ive played 3d mario world while on the john …Doing two jobs at once…No pun intended!

          • Ryan Eslambolipour

            Makin goombas

          • Martijn Plasmans

            Charging some Chuck’s out.

          • Justagamer


          • Rick Valenta

            I beat that entire game on the John…

          • Justagamer

            Not me my butt would be sore by than

          • Rick Valenta

            Not all at once lol..

          • Justagamer


      • NintenScience


      • Glad I am not the only one that does this.. My wife laughs at me if I am playing a game while walking around the house and I can use the gamepad in most rooms of my house (I have a small home) and will not stop playing if I need to take a seat on the porcelain throne

    • Fred

      too bad I can’t do this. my bathroom is too far from my wii u

      • jjbredesen

        Then plug your wii u in your bathroom 😛

        • Fred

          I’m not willing to unplug my wii u and sensor bar and hdmi cable and external hard drive to take it into the bathroom just so that I can drag it back into the living room and hook it back up after I’m done.

          Now if you know of a Wii U Gamepad range extender then I’ll be interested.

          • Christopher Acuna

            All you need is the power cable, the console, and the game pad. That is it.

          • Fred

            If I transfer the game from the hard drive to the Wii U then yes you’ll be right, but I’ll still have to dig back to pull out the power cord out of the tangled mess. It’s just not worth it to me so that I can play for 8 min and take it right back.

          • Christopher Acuna

            You lack vision. lol j/k

          • jjbredesen

            Get a cabel exstension for all the components. XD

          • Stuart Thomas

            that is the ticket
            a range extender that plugs straight into AC jack

          • Fred

            If Nintendo Makes a Gamepad range extender I’ll buy it!

      • Michael DeVore

        It’s probably not a distance issue. Most bathrooms have a wall of plumbing which is little more than a wall of water. Water absorbs most radio waves far better than a normal wall.

    • Coffee

      vita remote play actually but that is a extra $200

    • Lee

      Well considering you need to purchase games in-order to receive stars, you’re still putting money towards these games.

      I’m a Nintendo fan and the PS4 with Playstation Plus offers a lot of games, not old and outdated games. So your comment is wrong and very fanboyish. 🙂

      • Eduardo

        dude im getting a ps4 also as soon as i can too.. but i won’t be playing the lost worlds on the john with it.. now will i? anyway what are you like the fanboy patrol or what? lol. just chill and have a laugh. 1 more thing mario will never be out dated or feel old. real gamers know its all about how fun the games are not how new and up to date thaw are. just think about it.

        • Lee

          I’m actually very chilled haha.

          It doesn’t matter where you play it, replaying the same old thing for me is really boring to say the least.

          If Nintendo want to regain a lot of their old fan base back they need to bloody wake up and start focusing on other games, all’s they seem-to be doing to remaking the same old crap over and over again, get’s really annoying when you’ve stuck by then on every console.

    • gamesplayswill

      Entertaining us in that area? eue

    • gamesplayswill

      Not hours of play time in all fairness, because I shit hard on the first level…

  • Kev

    On the positive side, it means Club Nintendo is not abandoning the Wii’s vast library of virtual console games. Of course I’d prefer games on Wii U vc, but the current library is so small that I already own every game I want on it. It’s about time Nintendo started putting some fresh new content on Wii U virtual console. If not gamecube games then at least N64/GB Advance titles like they’ve been saying for almost a year now.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Actually this is kind of strange. But the catalogues on Virtual Console are almost removed in Scandinavia. There are just a few N64 titles left, and about 2/3rds of all NES and SNES are removed. The same goes for NeoGeo, TurboGrafx and SEGA titles. All C64 games are removed too.

      Nintendo are being serious when they try to make Wii U as shitty as possible…

      • Agent721

        LOL !!!!

      • Kev

        That hasn’t happened yet in North America. I’m looking at the catalogue right now. There is 92 NES games, 67 SNES, 21 N64, 75 Genesis, 60 Turbo Grafx, 54 NeoGeo, 15 master system, 21 VC Arcade and nearly 400 WiiWare games still available for download.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Nice! 🙂

  • Skelterz

    Why is it that USA get game downloads but club nintendo UK gets crappy stuff man it sucks.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      UK? Could you check out the library on Virtual Console in Wii mode? How many games are left now?

      • Skelterz

        yeah i know but with no gamepad support its a little shabby plus booting up wii mode leaves a sour taste man i’d prefer it if there was more options in the uk stars catalogue.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Nintendo are removing all Virtual Console games on Wii in Scandinavia.

          • Skelterz

            That’s a good thing it means there finally setting the wheels in motion for concentrating on the Eshop maybe we’ll see some Hd remasters of old classics for N64 and GC i truly hope so anyway, Oh and i know its never gunna happen but imagine a HD update of the original goldeneye with and online multiplayer if only we could get rare back…..

          • rp17

            I can’t even handle that thought… T-T So… beautiful…

    • Jon

      I’d take your Wii points cards over the crap titles they release each month.

  • Fred

    I have to say, I got Starship Defense like 8 months ago when they were giving it away from with club nintendo and it is an AMAZING GAME. If you haven’t played it yet GET STARSHIP DEFENSE!

  • JB

    Balloon Fight is a Wii U download. Lost levels however is not. (Just bought both or rather was given a code for Balloon Fight) sucks that they are still offering Wii VC games. Though then again, it’s probably a business decision. It’s a way to get that upgrade fee when a Wii VC game finally drops in the Wii U VC

    • Skelterz

      To be honest i can’t wait for the wii VC to die so they can Fully support and concentrate all there classics on Wii U Eshop cause i know everyones looking forward to N64 & GC titles running on the gamepad i know i am anyway.

      • JB

        Same here! it’s very frustrating to say the least. The Wii U VC should already be full of games from the Wii’s VC library by now. Can’t wait to get my hands on some N64 and GC games!

        • Skelterz

          What you have to think about is once that wii vc goes they will be able to allocate more time and people to the wii u shop im thinking we’ll see 64 titles first and then maybe a couple of surprise HD GC remakes Im thinking hmm twilight princess maybe even mario sunshine.

  • Starship defence is a very nice little tower defence game. Well worth checking out if you like the genre.

    • Steven McDowell

      Lots of love for that game on here, maybe I will grab it.

      • I’ve played a surprising amount of tower defence games, including a huge amount on Android. My favourite Android tower defence game is the often overlooked Sentinel 3: homeworld. But this game’s better. You have to look to games like Defense grid on PC or Lock’s Quest on the DS to find a better tower defence game than this. Starship Defense is a simple game but it works incredibly well and really got me hooked.

    • Nathan DeFalco

      I agree. I just downloaded it and found myself playing it for almost 2 1/2 hours yesterday. I look up and it was 1 AM. Crap! I had to get to bed. I didn’t want to stop playing. Very addictive. If you are undecided how to spend your coins, this should be the route to go.

  • iamserious

    Could someone explain to me how the Wii VC vs Wii U VC works? I don’t understand how some games show only in a certain mode? Why won’t all the VC games show in either mode?

    • Mr. Berzerk

      I brought this up a while ago on the Mii Verse. There really is ZERO reason to do it. Basically they are making you run a Win 95 VM in Win 7 so that you can run Dosbox. (When you could run Dosbox directly.) I love my Wii U, but it is one of the about 4 things I think are retarded.

      • Mr. Berzerk

        They did it so they could make the extra $1 or $1.50 beyond what they already charged you for the vc game.

    • rp17

      Wii U VC has gamepad and Miiverse support. Wii mode doesn’t.

      • Mr. Berzerk

        The gamepad is just a ‘classic controller pro’. The ability to use it in the Wii VC mode is arbitrary, and I am pretty sure miiverse is irrelavent feature to people to already have the game. (Plus, they added it with 3ds, and the vc doesn’t have to go through a new hoop to start the game.)

        • rp17

          Miiverse adds a place to ask questions or post scores. So it adds something, not much, but something. And the gamepad has OFF-SCREEN PLAY. I can’t tell you how much time I have spent playing Super Metroid on the gamepad while watching TV or something.

          • Mr. Berzerk

            Off screen play is just send video to output 2 instead of 1. Should not stop the use of Wii VC games AT ALL. The reasons they give are excuses, not actual hinderances. If I had access to their code,(and new how the system code worked instead of trying to reverse engineer it) it would take no more than 2 hours to adjust their system to play all the games on the gamepad. I would bet on that. I dare Nintendo to get on here and proove me wrong.

  • Ducked

    Wouldn’t waste my coins on this

  • ETeach

    Mario 2? Definitely. been too long since I’ve played it, and I’d very much like to actually own it.

  • Merrfn

    Can I have some quick unbiased advice?

    What should I get? Super Mario 3D world OR Assassins Creed IV?

    One looks fun, one looks badass…

    • Have you played the previous assassins creed games? which ones?

    • Pikachief

      Well what are you wanting to play? Something fun or something cool?

    • discuss

      Assassins Creed IV because there is no way possible that you could ever regret buying this game.

    • LoZ4life98

      Super Mario 3D World hands down.

    • Majora’s Mask

      ac4 is mediocre as an AC game nothing too bad not AC2 3d world is amazing but wont offer as many hours of gameplay as AC4 if you havent played previous ACS though i dont recommend it

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Mario is one of the most fun games Ive played. But ACIV is probably more lasting.

  • Random12multi

    There seriously needs to be a way we can go and increase the range for connection

  • Jon

    lost levels is not really Wii U though. it bugs me that they put the Wii U logo when you need to use the Wii Mode to use it.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Yeah. And if they will release lost levels on Wii U they will charge you extra for that thos greedy bastards. Its only money that motivates the greedy bloodsucking vampires at Nintendo. Makes me sick.

      • beerkin

        You must be poor. a dollar fifty is chump change.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Its about principles.

          • beerkin

            You mean the principle that if services or upgrades are offered that one should exchange currency for said services and upgrades…..

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yawn. How much judas gold do they pay you for damge controls? Or are you brainwashed into actually believing their lieful agenda?

          • beerkin

            Dude you r paranoid delusional. its simple. nintendo is adding features to a game that you can choose to purchase. for a dollar friggin fifty. if you dont want miiverse and gamepad functionality then you can still play a link to the past. lie filled agenda????? coo koo coo koo.

      • Jon

        ok… an extra 50 coins….. it is not like every in NA is hurting for coins with the amount of rewards they release

      • Yeah but you do not have to pay to upgrade it to still play it. I kind of get your point but it is not like the “Other Guys” where you cannot even play your digital purchases from the previous generation console and you HAVE to buy it all over again or keep both consoles just to play your games.

  • Connor Devlin


  • beerkin

    Ive been sitting on over 1000 coins for what seems like forever… nintendo noa needs to step it up. they got charging cradles, which should be sold at stores and were out of them after a few hours. thats it?! they dont order more? idiots….

  • WiiuBoy

    Goodness, this is so strange…