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Rumor: Nintendo possibly sending copyright claims against YouTube personalities again


A few months ago it came to light that Nintendo was taking action against people who use YouTube videos to showcase their games. At first the videos were taken down entirely, but then Nintendo relented and let the accounts keep the videos, but the videos served Nintendo’s ads instead of their own. This displeased many of the people who were showcasing Nintendo games to the point they decided not to showcase them anymore.

Eventually, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime weighed in on the situation, saying that fans needed to understand that the claims were being made to protect their IPs. That statement didn’t really do anything to alieviate fan concerns, but eventually Nintendo did relent and restore the videos that were taken down.

However, it looks like it’s starting up again. GameXplain is a noted YouTube personality that showcases Nintendo Directs as well as gameplay videos for games that are released in other regions but aren’t available yet in North America.

With the upcoming changes to YouTube’s policies, we could be seeing Nintendo taking more control over their content yet again.

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  • Graham Gillman

    Damn it Nintendo!

  • verymetal

    Great, more Cranky Kong videos.

  • Googs

    They never really stopped, I know of several Youtubers that, when monetizing their videos, got claims on every single one of them. They didn’t take them down, but essentially that’s about the same thing. (BTW, just to clarify, a claim means your monetisation gets stopped.)

    It’s a bit sad though really, it’s basically free advertisement for the companies and yet they treat it like it’s a freaking war.

    • DasManiac

      Plus YouTube allows companies to make false copyright claims on things they don’t even own. Like for instance UMPG has made claims in the past against users uploading Phantom of the Opera videos (and now Content ID recognizes some songs from it). They claim the copyright on it despite that they don’t own it. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group does and if he found out some company was claiming ownership of his work, he could sue Google and UMPG.

  • Felix

    basically they are removing “free well-made advertising videos” ?

    makes sense. go nintendo go!

  • James Enk

    i think everyone either company or individual should do everything they can to protect their IPs, i don’t know how Youtube works or why Nintendo is doing this, if they have a good reason good for them but if this is them just being jerks then they should sit down a rethink this

    • Ducked

      It’s free advertising….look at MineCraft…

      • James Enk

        do you own a WiiU?

        • Ducked

          Yes I do, why?

          • James Enk

            i saw your other commend so i was just curious,i don’t own one but i know i will buy it at some point. anw maybe Nintendo is afraid that some ppl can “use” youtube videos and LPs to experience a game without buying it. As i said above i don’t know the reason why Nintendo may do this but i think this is a possibility

          • Ducked

            I don’t know the reason either, sometimes they seem confused.

          • James Enk

            yeah they said they will do it then the decided not to do it now they may be doing it again

  • Ducked

    Nintendo needs to stop making these dick moves! I’m a PlayStation guy, but I love Nintendo. But they’re just making stupid moves lately. My God I wish I was the president of Nintendo sometimes…

    • eh… this one isn’t that stupid IMO. They need to protect their IPs. Unlike Sony and Micro, they can’t survive on just third party.

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        Yeah, i agree and disagree. i think that nintendo should let youtubers advertise for them ,thats almost their biggest advertisment on the internet right now. lol now that i think about it, they should hire me, i go on so many websites each day and say how great the wii u is!

        • I’ve sold like, 3 or 4 Wii Us 😛

          • IcyCatt

            Well… I got my best friend to buy one and my other friend to want one purely based on my Zelda obsession, so there’s that.

        • Jon

          no it isn’t, people will need to watch those trailers and face it, if you want to advertise, you want to do it where people are not going to be already looking for them.

        • James Enk


      • DragonSilths

        Protect their IP’s…we aren’t stealing them and claiming we made the damn game. On the flip side Nintendo cant make money off our commentary cause we aren’t hired by them so our voices are OUR CONTENT.

        • GuardiansFan

          those videos spoil the entire game. Nintendo has the right to do what they want with what they own.

          • DragonSilths

            Cause apparently you cant chose to NOT WATCH THE VIDEOS. You don’t want spoilers, DONT WATCH. Plus the issue we have is Nintendo wanting money for our videos. If Nintendo just made is so nobody could make money off videos of Nintendo games on Youtube that’s fine. But Nintendo has no issue with you uploading gameplay of videos of their games, you just cant monetize it.

          • GuardiansFan

            the issue isn’t just the spoilers… i don’t watch entire game clips myself unless its an old speed run and i only do that for old time’s sake because i enjoy them. There are lost sales at work here. Why bother buying a game guide at gamestop when you can watch an entire run of a game that was just released on youtube? Maybe they should allow it but give it some time before they do…but people certainly shoud not be making money off of their work.

          • DragonSilths

            See I disagree. Its like if you buy a Sony camera cause your going to be a professional photographer, by that logic Sony should get all your money you make cause your using their camera. Devs got paied already when you bought their game. When my games release in the future (2014 – onwards) I wont care if people want to play it on Youtube and make money from it. As long as they don’t claim they made my game I have no issue with what they do with it. They bought it from me, I got paied, I’m happy.

          • GuardiansFan

            thats fine you don’t have to agree with me 🙂 I would compare the sony camera thing more to doing a random level of the game here and there and adding your own audio. The problem lies more when the entire game is walked though which to me doesnt count as fair use anymore.

          • DragonSilths

            Its not like the full playthrough was 1 video. It gets broken apart into small videos, there for LOOP HOLES.

        • ScrewAttack

          I doubt people are watching solely for commentary. So yeah, they’re entitled to make coin on their content, ie the video you’re streaming.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Could you explain how this threatens Nintendos IP’s? I cant see that. This is a move out of greed, nothing else… well, yes. Stupidity too.

        • Like Reggie said, if you experience a game through someone else, why buy it? It’s a lame excuse, and this probably is a greedy decision, but they have every right to do it

          • RockieOllie

            I agree and I disagree. For games like Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart and 3D World, people would still want to go out and play/buy the game even if they see others playing it online, because they are games that people want experience for themselves.

            I can kind of understand that argument for Zelda, which is more of a single player experience.

          • or Metroid

          • darkcreap

            What about walkthroughs? You can watch a complete walkthrough through youtube.

            Honestly, speaking, I don’t think I ever changed my decision on buying a game because of that. I know, I am just one out of a million possible consumers, but honestly, would you sensibly just not play a Mario or Zelda game, just because you watched someone playing it? If you go to a friend’s house and watch them play, does it substitute the experience of playing it yourself? If I do that and the game is cool I die for trying it. And the more I see, the more tempted I am.

            If a game is such that watching it substitutes the experience of playing it, it probably means that your games are “an interactive movie”, which I honestly think does not apply at all to Nintendo games. For Nintendo it is always gameplay first and maybe then the story. Watching it cannot compare to playing it.

            I am with Magnus there, Nintendo is acting stupidly. I could not live today without video walkthroughs. It is always nice to find one when you are stuck. Nintendo has to understand this.

            EDIT: Another reason to hide your game is to prevent people thinking that your game is crap if they see something you do not want them to see. I, and a lot of people do, watch gameplay to know if the game is worth it. If the game is good it will sell like hotcakes. Can’t believe Nintendo does not see this.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            There you are right. They probably do have… well, besides that they have responsibility for shareholders. If this is a bad move from a business point of view, then no. They are not in their right to do that.

          • Barzh

            Hypocritical that’s it’s Reggie who said this since he also said this

          • Simon Stevens

            that noise…… sounds like he’s fappin >.<

      • Daniel Carvalho

        It is a stupid move. Videos on Youtube are the reason most people buy games: they check out some LPs of certain titles they’re in doubt if they’re getting it or not, and then decide based on what they see. Me, I mostly search for videos on Youtube that have a complete playthrough in Japanese, so I can accompany my playthrough with the original Japanese (good) dub, instead of the localized (broken) one.

        It’s free marketing we’re talking about, Nintendo gains more for letting it as it has always been than getting the few changes LPers can make with their videos. It is, indeed, a stupid move!

        • GuardiansFan

          and there are games i skipped buying because of youtube videos…it goes both ways so i have no issues with Nintendo protecting what they own.

          • darkcreap

            Well, as a consumer I say: if the game is great and I decide to buy it because is good, good for them and good for me. If not, they’d better try harder next time.

            If I am going to pay 60€ a game, I want to make sure it is good. If they do not give you a demo and you are not sure about reviews, you’d better see it yourself, because I am the one taking the risk.

          • GuardiansFan

            demos is the only way to go. there are games i have skipped that are apparently good but after seeing them on youtube i decided against buying them (pikmin 3 and wonderful 101). I just did not see the fun while watching these games. Playing them might be an entirely different story but i won’t fork out 60.00 for these games after these as they are goo great a risk (as you basically said). It might sound crazy but if it wasn’t for this footage its the type of games i would have taken a chance on because of the reviews.

          • darkcreap

            Yes, but the thing is clear: you saw it was not your cup of tea, despite the good reviews. I bought games because the footage showed me they were good and decided not to buy others because I saw I did not like them. In the end, it is good for you as a consumer. Of course, some times I was mistaken about my impression, but it helped a lot.

            Reviews and game trailers (especially those by the company that made the game) can be misleading a lot of times.

      • Googs

        If Nintendo does go through with this, they’ll soon find out what the internet is capable of doing. They’re literally outraging the entire internet by doing this. If anything that’s what they don’t need at this moment. They’re already getting such negative advertisement by ‘professional’ reporters. If the internet joins on that bandwagon they’re literally screwed. The power of the internet is something they shouldn’t mess with. It’s been going fine for the past 2 decades. There’s no reason for them to be doing this.

      • darkcreap

        But what is the issue with people showing Nintendo games? It does not substitute the play experience. I search for walkthrough videos all the time and I play the games all the same. Even if you see the cutscenes, what gives?

        It never stopped me from playing a game. They do not realise? People uploading videos on youtube of their games is kind of word of mouth. If your games are cool, more chances people see and want to buy them. 10 videos showing a game are good. 10000 videos mean a lot of people are talking about the game, which means more potential public. It is free advertising.

      • Rinslowe

        Yeah I’m on the fence here… Trailers, Directs and the like should be fine to show. But not allowing Youtubers to choose their sponsors, so to speak is counter productive to incentive.
        I believe there should be a reasonable time frame on walk-through’s where you can upload to a certain level only. The remaining full walk-through available after that time period expires. Not sure how it is now? As I don’t upload to Youtube at all for anything, but this seemed to be the major issues last time I checked. This would be at least a stop gap? for both sides. Maybe even give some popular up-loaders a chance to scratch up on their skill level. Some of them being totally cringe worthy to watch. Not sure if I’m way out of touch on this one though, again haven’t been on this pulse much outside of reading a few articles some months ago…

        • If I was a youtuber, I’d want nintendo ads before my vids though. I expect them to get a lot more clicks than like, axe or something

          • Rinslowe


  • jjbredesen

    What the fuck Nintendo? Youtube videos can’t hurt you in any way. There is NO logical reason for them to do this.

    • It’s their properties, they can do whatever they want with them.

      • DasManiac

        No they can’t. Under US Copyright law there is a thing called Fair Use. Let’s Play Videos which Nintendo has taken down in the past are perfectly legal under Fair Use because they fall under the category of Criticism.

        • I more defend the part where they just show their ads before the videos instead of actually removing them.

          • Daniel Carvalho

            That’s what Nintendo is doing correctly. If we’re talking about a video about Nintendo games, they should find a way to put some advertising of their products there. But taking the video down, or claiming all the gains to themselves will only make gamers angry, and consequentially, lower their sales.

          • yeah, that’s BS. I wholeheartedly agree on that one. Sorry my message was so mixed ^w^

        • InsaneZucchini

          Fair use doesn’t necessarily apply, it’s an ambiguous law.

          Just because it falls into one of the categories that often allows for Fair Use doesn’t mean it meets all the criteria to be protected by that law. Like how a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle doesn’t have to be a square. Just because it meets one point doesn’t mean it meets all of them.

          There are many things to consider beyond “Criticism”.
          Most pertinent of which is how much of the work is used. In let’s play videos a lot of Nintendo’s original work is used.

          Additionally the whole debacle from before was because of youtubers profiting off of those videos. By allowing ads onto their videos from which they earned money they were profiting off of Nintendo’s products. Nintendo didn’t like that. They still allowed people to post let’s plays, but they did not allow them to make money off of them. I don’t know what’s so difficult to understand about that.

        • GuardiansFan

          when you are showing the ENTIRE game you don’t fall under “Criticism”….that isn’t fair use. Showcase a level here and there and i could see the argument.

      • DragonSilths

        Yup…include pulling a Microsoft and bend their fans over and shove their dick up our asses and rape us over and over again.

      • jjbredesen

        No they can’t but it looks like @dasmaniac:disqus has already cleared things up.

        It is there properties, but why would they turn down free ads for there games.

        If smosh plays Mario and says its great i am sure a lot of there fans would consider buying it, the same goes for all the gaming channels like yogscast. If they play a game there fans start playing it.

        My point is it does not hurt Nintendo, but it does hurt them to do this anti copyright shit.

        • GuardiansFan

          it can hurt a game company…based on footage i have changed my mind about purchasing a title in the past

          • Googs

            If a game is shit and people on Youtube are telling you that, then what are they doing wrong? I’m not letting myself get fooled by trailers that look freaking amazing, but the game is actually terrible. (This doesn’t necessarily happen with Nintendo, they do a good job with this, but other companies do). They don’t deserve your money if the game is terrible.

          • GuardiansFan

            my point there isn’t as a fan…as one i obviously want to save the money if a game is crap…my point is Nintendo or anyone else would also keep that in mind…but honestly though you cant always base whether a game is fun just by watching a video so it can be missleading at times.

            The wonderful 101 is apparently really good…but when i watch the videos i have zero interest in getting the game. If it wasnt for those videos i might have taken a chance on the game so you could end up with lost sales that way as well.

            i guess it can go in the other direction as well but i have personally never purchased a game based on a full walkthrough…maybe i will at some point but i tend to try and watch snipets more than anything.

          • jjbredesen

            True, but if it does then it is still postive to the consumer, and if the game is crap then it is the devs fault. I am not saying that Nintendo makes crap games, but they should want to help there consumers make the right choice.

    • Reason

      Some people don’t buy games after they saw let’s plays that’s fact. It make sense for some games like heave rain and don’t for other like minecraft.

    • GuardiansFan

      i have skipped buying games because of gameplay footage i have seen on youtube…so yes it can hurt them

      • Diana of Themyscira

        If you buy a game BEFORE actually looking at how it works, you’re an idiot.

        • GuardiansFan

          i wouldn’t say that some of us like to be surprised (for example i stayed away from mario 3d world videos as much as possible before its release and i am glad i did as the surprises made the game more fun). We are not talking about showing small amounts of a game here…these people spoil the entire game in some cases and make money off of them. If they really want to make money off of a game them have them go out and make their own game (and before anyone says i should go do the same thing I am…and I can guarantee you if someone spoils my game once released i will also get youtube to take their videos down…i won’t mind snippets here and there and opinions but what they are doing is beyond fair use).

          • Diana of Themyscira

            Despite the fact that the biggest gaming YouTubers (not including PewDiePie or Smosh) like TotalBiscuit, AngryJoe, Boogie2988 etc don’t even do ‘let’s plays’. They do reviews/previews and the occasional game session with a friend (most of them on twitch where they don’t make money). It’s mainly the smaller ones who solely make money off let’s plays.

            Or I could just say.. who the hell is forcing you to watch it? You sound like pissy brat when you say “I can guarantee you if someone spoils my game once released i will also get youtube to take their videos down”.

            Don’t watch it, therefore you’re not spoiled. Besides, there are people who watch let’s plays of full games because it’s usually on a console they do not have. They watch it because they’re still interested in it even though they don’t want to buy another console just for that game. Where is your outrage over full music videos/songs and movies/tv shows? That’s basically a huge SPOILER (derp). They should get taken down too by your argument.

            It is well inside the terms of Fair Use.

          • GuardiansFan

            if your going to start attacking me i don’t think your worth my time. Move along.

          • Diana of Themyscira

            Just that you can’t refute it. Move along.

  • DasManiac

    Let’s Play videos are perfectly legal so I don’t understand Nintendo’s problem. Will this affect sites like Giant Bomb who do Quick Looks? EDIT: Why did I get downvoted? All I did was state a fact and ask a question.

  • SecretX

    i think is more youtube pushing this and other companys aswell.

    • jjbredesen

      No, why could google have a problem with Nintendo lets plays??

      They are one of the conpanies that don’t really care about that stuff much at all. There stuff is open source and just about anyone can do what they want to it.

  • crocodileman94

    I guess it has something to to with Youtube’s upcoming policies.

  • erich80

    Why Nintendo would avert free advertisement? That’s nonsense!

    I don’t know about you guys, but I confess that, when I’m on the fence, I go to YouTube and look for walkthroughs of the games I’m interested in. In other words, YouTube helps me a lot in deciding if I can go or if I should not go for a particular title.

    • Jon

      I think it is more the fact that some of these people are making a large sum of monies from Nintendo’s hard earned work that took them months and years where as these people would go make a 20 minute video in an hour after they just played the game.

      • erich80

        I just posted a reply to your comment, but it vanished due to an unknown reason…

    • GuardiansFan

      and i have skipped buying games before because of what i saw in youtube…it can go both ways

      • erich80

        Right, same here.

      • victor

        And that is a dick move if they want to hinder people from making a informed decision.

    • Rich Garriques

      you idiots nintendo is right to do this! , these guys make money every time they show their advertisements on youtube before a video. its money in their pocket.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Nintendo has to stop this now, or some amazing youtubers like wiiriketoplay are gonna disappear from youtube!

    • Ducked

      I wish smosh would make another Legend of Zelda music video. Not a fan of them, but that song basically promoted Skyward Sword

    • hahahero

      Agreed. And to add to that, I feel in the grand scope of things these youtubers are helping with sales. Definitely helping with awareness.

      I wonder if this is why I can’t watch Game Grumps on the Wii U?

    • Rich Garriques

      i 100% agree with nintendo doing this , im sick and tired of advertisements before videos on youtube these a holes are just making money off of them.

      • harelsen

        i agree! if you watch a lets play of for example the walking dead on youtube, then you don’t need to buy it. a lot of games today are more like movies so the companies lose money on those videos.

        and as you said, the youtuber gains money of displaying games that is not their property…

    • RecheDiazrivarola

      Do not think that pass, relax

    • ByteManNeo

      This is Youtube, not Nintendo. There’s an article that explains that they recently updated their Content ID tagging system, and it’s setting off this bomb again. And it’s not just Nintendo games, either. Sega, Capcom, Activision, and ESPECIALLY EA, are having this happen as it relates to their ToS.

    • harelsen

      this does not matter anymore, sorry mate. youtube is banning a lot of videos like that now (games with copyright). you should go to twitch, i promise you that soon all let’s players have to pay a fee or move to another streaming website

    • harelsen

      this post is actually debunked and it was apparently youtube doing this not nintendo.

  • JamesA

    Fucking nintendo has no idea what’s going on
    I would tell Nintendo to get there shit together but it’s fucking hopeless at this point
    I have a wii u it’s alright. I own super Mario 3d world, zombi u, new super Mario u, lugi u, monster hunter, wii party u, Nintendo land. He’ll I got the wii u on opening day. Big fucking mistake, I don’t care what you guys are going to say about, “just you wait, all these great games are coming, just you wait!” I don’t give a fuck anymore it’s been a year and a bit and the wii u is still failing. The xbox one and ps4 fucking suck way more than the wii u. They have no games, yet they know what there doing when it comes to advertising and marketing. Nintendo is stuck floating in fucking Nintendo land. I will keep supporting the wii u because I like the console, I fucking hate Nintendo. Don’t tell me Nintendo advertises. They don’t. No one knows what a wii u is. Nintendo thinks everyone knows what a wii u is

  • SamusPrime

    As a father of 3 with a full time job. I like to play video games in my spare time. It saddens me that a website designed to talk about the Wii U has turned into a cheering section for its demise. I’m done here.

    • Jumping on every negative rumour makes Nintendo look bad… Likewise jumping on every positive rumour makes Nintendo look bad when it doesn’t come true.

  • Con

    This is the reason why the next super smash game will have no cut sceens. Because they said anyone can just post the whole story online without even playing the game.

    • DragonSilths

      Yet Zelda and such the story can go on Youtube and such lol.

  • Des

    I don’t think Nintendo should be ruffling any feathers. Perhaps get a larger install user base before you turn off potential buyers or remove some much needed free advertisements.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Why are we taking a rumor as truth when it hasn’t even been confirmed yet?

  • DragonSilths

    If this is the case again, then something is seriously wrong with Nintendo. Like someone else is secretly running Nintendo that nobody knows about. The amount of bullshit that Nintendo is doing these days is just way more then normal. Something is way off with them.

  • baro93


  • Gabe Hoffman

    This is a stinking rumor people take it with a grain of salt

  • Doctors Tardis

    Just wait until you hear about the new rules YouTube are rolling out next year. Say goodbye to seeing reviews and let’s plays at all.

    • If peoples fears are fully realised I’ll be saying bye bye youtube. 🙂

  • Petri

    There are no words…

  • Madmagican

    I’m pretty sure this is coinciding with the Youtube update that restricts pretty much anything that’s copyrighted

  • Michael DeVore

    If true, I can see why they’d do it against GameXplain. Two weeks ago they did a video dump of every level of 3D World totaling over 100 videos. These are strategy guides, and they’ve always been licensed when they use the in game art in the past. If these were just showing off the game, and giving it a review that would be one things. Giving a step by step guide is not a review, and does not constitute “fair use”.

    • I though of unsubbing from them because the insane quantity of spam like videos hogging up my youtube feed recently. Perhaps Nintendo did them a favour. Still, he should be allowed to make videos like that even if it means his channels no longer watchable for awhile.

      They can’t stop spoilers online. I haven’t played Zelda ALBW yet but I read what sounds like a big spoiler about the shopkeeper in some morons (Spoiler warning free) youtube comment. At least GameXplain lets you know he’s about to ruin a game for you.

    • Actually, there have been been copious unlicensed guides that use in-game art, even before the internet. When I worked at IGN and GameSpot, I assure you they didn’t obtain a license for their written or video guide content–nor are they now.

      I also want to stress that our video guides are so heavily edited, that they barely showcase much of the individual levels themselves.

      • Michael DeVore

        Had you worked for Daily Radar, back in the day, you’d know that Nintendo doesn’t look too fondly on Unofficial Strategy Guides using their artwork.

        If the internet existed back in the 80’s I’d also be posting links to the NES era strategy guides they smacked for the exact same thing.

        Maybe IGN and GameStop have a better lawyer to skirt around things, but maybe they just didn’t get Nintendo’s attention.

        • And what were the results of that lawsuit? That’s far more important than the mere fact that they had sued. I’m inclined to think it wasn’t favorable since I’m pretty sure unofficial print strategy guides have been published since, complete with screenshots.

          “Maybe IGN and GameStop have a better lawyer to skirt around things, but maybe they just didn’t get Nintendo’s attention.”

          I’m reasonably confident Nintendo’s fully aware of what the two largest game sites are doing.

          • Michael DeVore

            Wouldn’t matter even if you could find the results because most of the major players became official Nintendo guide publishers. Like Prima in 98 after Nintendo sued them in 97. Imagine Media that owned Daily Radar and became Future US eventually became the official publisher of Nintendo Power.

            The lesson is mostly the same. Let the lawyers do their matting dance, or they will bit you. I’m pretty sure that IGN and GameStop did the earlier suggestion, and not the later. Why you would think that they didn’t just have their lawyers talk is beyond me.

          • It should be noted that Nintendo’s lawsuit with Prima was due to plagiarizing content; not that they made an unofficial guide.

            I don’t know what Future US has to do with this, as their publishing of Nintendo Power has nothing to do with strategy guides.

            “Why you would think that they didn’t just have their lawyers talk is beyond me.”

            Because I actually worked at both of those companies and never heard or saw anything related to this.

  • MKGirlism

    I confirm this rumour as true. We got 5 Content ID Claims in only 1 hour, which is just insane!
    We just sent an Email to our friends at Nintendo, they might be helpful.
    We have direct contacts at Nintendo of Europe, America, and Japan, so I might know it by this morning.

    • BL4CKWAT3R

      I sound like a terrible person for asking this but do you think you could help these guys by spreading the word that their game is coming to the WiiU? They need the support. They have such a cool game but the lack an audience. Check it out at

      • MKGirlism

        Sorry, but I’m not the ones who made the game you’re talking about, even if I’d ask it, they’ll tell me to make them contact Nintendo instead.

        • BL4CKWAT3R

          Yeah I understand. Right now they’re trying to grow a fan base. They need all the help we can give them. If you like there project and believe in their game do you think you can spread the word? I hope anyone else that reads this can. I want another Metroid like game lol 😛

  • Simon Stevens

    I like gamexplain, his videos are wity and fun, I don’t mind Nintendo attacking these Wii U hate videos, that’s something they should be working on but a guy who showcases the videos in a favorable light shouldn’t be punished, nobody should be punished for loving Nintendo….. not at this point 🙁

    • Yen

      I hate gamexplain, not because I think he’s bad, but because I think he’s too good. It’s really annoying when his videos pop up in my recommended list that spoils a game I wanted to play, sometimes before it’s even released because they got an advanced copy or something.

      • Simon Stevens

        I’ve never subscribed to him so unless I look for a certain game and he pops up, I get no spoilers ^_^ I don’t really subscribe to anybody in the gaming community, if I wanted somebody to put a downer on my day, I’d just call up an ex girlfriend, don’t need whiney youtubers spreading negativity to me, but gamexplain like wiiviewer and very few others aren’t in it to moan, they just focus on good games and generate a buzz, I hope big companies get guys like him to represent their games and eventually shut down the biased companies like IGN and GT, I think their the ones that really deserve to go, youtube in recent years has shown to be nothing but a breeding ground for hate, really takes the fun out of liking games, I miss the days when there was just good games and nobody gave a crap 🙂 somebody give me a time machine, in my ideal world, people like reviewtech usa wouldn’t be allowed to make a living off youtube.

  • Agent721

    Considering the Wii U’s struggles, you’d think Nintendo would have other nuts too crack than its fans!!! Especially when there’s hundreds of unlicensed games on the Android app store! Where’s the focus? In the wrong damn place!!

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Wonder if Nintendos advisors getting money from Microsoft? This much stupidity must be made on purpose

      • Agent721

        ROFL!!!! Now that me me laugh.

  • TheWiiviewer

    I got two from them today. On part 2 of my lets play of Zelda and man vs boy: super Mario brothers. Weird.

  • Mithiragi

  • Louiejub

    Ironically, by doing this they’re destroying their biggest and most successful source of advertising. I fail to see how this would impact their franchises in any way. =/

  • Mario

    Oh boy.

  • Evan Laundrie

    If I record a show off of TV and upload it to YouTube, I can’t claim monetization for it. This seems universally understood. Yet if I record myself playing a video game, and I upload that, suddenly it’s my own unique IP that I deserve to profit from? Youtube ‘personalities’ don’t deserve ad revenue from a recording of
    gameplay any more than I would for uploading last week’s South Park.
    Why this is not understood by the public at large just amazes me. To combat the obvious arguments, adding narration doesn’t it make it unique either; I could add ‘commentary’ to last week’s South Park just as easily. It also doesn’t serve as ‘advertising;’ uploading last week’s South Park doesn’t count as me doing Comedy Central’s marketing for them, so why would a gameplay video be any different? Let the flaming begin….

    • Greg

      They get monetized for their personalities and the work they put into the videos. Its a little more than just uploading some videos of a video game being played

      • Yen

        For the bigger personalities it is way more. Some do videos in the forms of walk through which are informative. But fact is, ANYONE can just make a video, slap narration on, and tell YouTube to give them money. At least the way the system works right now.

        • Evan Laundrie

          Personalities and ‘informative walk-throughs’ fall under my commentary argument, with a dash of what I said above in my reply to Greg. What you have pointed out is a problem of Google/Youtube’s design, and everyone is scapegoating Nintendo for having a valid issue with it.

      • Evan Laundrie

        Personalities falls under my commentary argument. The ‘work’ they put into the videos does not earn them copyright protection. I can take last week’s South Park, remove all the commercials from the episode’s airing, then do some color correction and video encoding tricks to clean up the video and make it look pretty. I still don’t own it, nor have I earned the right make money off of it.

  • ScrewAttack

    “Youtube personalities”

    Not a hype I buy into. Don’t see how there was anything wrong with Nintendo ads being attached to let’s plays etc about Nintendo games.

    • TheWiiviewer

      There isn’t anything wrong with it. However once the company claims it the original poster and creator gets nothing for the video and the other company makes money off it.

      That’s why people care.

      • ScrewAttack

        That’s a crazy-ass system!

  • mralloverit
  • EternalRain

    Nintendomination has just posted a video telling people that he’s got claims coming in from MANY companies, not just Nintendo. Capcom, UbiSoft, Square-Enix, and even some Japanese music label got in a claim. The problem is YOUTUBE, they apparently just updated their automated copyright claim system and it’s causing claims to pop up from many different companies all at one time among random channels.

    Video in question:

  • Greg

    Please…learn to write

  • Erick Murillo

    Is possible to upload videos w/ Nintendo content…
    But CGI’s or orchestra music is too difficult….

    You can do something like…
    NO CGI’s no copyright, sound effects prevent listen completely music:

    Or speak too loud:

  • Guest

    W/ sound effects, music cannot be precessed correctly..
    Speak lous too…

    Prueba 1:
    Prueba 2:

  • crocodileman94

    What I find interesting is that everyone decides to put the blame on Nintendo, when this is Youtube’s/Google’s doing.

    • Con

      How sure can you be??

  • shadus

    Watch Reviewtechusa latest video. He explains that google is reworking its whole content claim procedure. This hits everybody not just Nintendo people. The era of monetization of lets play videos on youtube maybe coming to end as whole.

  • devmiles

    complete bullshit nintendo, shut your mouths, be happy with your fans, discussions and fans creativity. because of us you exist in the first place. hurry up and focus on making games… and above all don’t be such fucking retard dicks

  • Javier Vega

    It kind of ruins the word of mouth of the Nintendo Community on Youtube it wouldn’t sell games or the Wii U.

  • devmiles

    The fact that they sell millions of 3ds units or wii’s or whatever is also because people express their opinion or discuss things on the net. they want to show or help their fellow gamers out or advise on games. what about gaming websites huh? are we gonna have a ‘nintendo police’ that will disable opinions or discussions now, creative fanart… mr fucking Reggie and whatever fucktard at nintendo should be happy with fans. I know Sega did a similar thing but got questioned as well. You know we could boycot them? open up a facebook community and bother nintendo, put them in a bad spotlight and what not? We are all able to do so… so better just focus on your Wii-u with still a handful of games nintendo and shut the F up!

  • This seems to be more of Youtube’s doing than Nintendo in specific. They “updated” the Content ID system and now it’s even more finicky than ever before and is re-scanning old videos. this video covers it relatively well:

    So it’s not just video footage of Nintendo games that is being impacted, game videos by other company’s games are also being affected. The kicker is that Content ID is even hitting videos made by people who have permission to upload or videos that don’t actually have matching content in it. Meaning that even completely original videos are being affected by this change, redirecting ad revenue to people that aren’t the rights holders. “Guilty until proven innocent” is basically the issue with Content ID.

  • Ethan Howard

    I was into Nintendo when I was a little kid, but though I would grow out of it, and I was too old. It wasn’t till I started watching SullyPwns and WiiRikeToPray’s LP’s NSMBU, did I become a Ninetendo fan again, now bigger than ever. I wouldn’t have a WII U if it wasn’t for these and other youtubers. They promote the products, Nintendo!

  • MayFromSnowKids

    YOUTUBE SUCKS!!!! >:(

  • Rob

    I love Nintendo and back them since their original NES console. But, this is not cool. Nintendo, you will only hurt yourself if you try to bring down people who are freely advertising for you.

  • Wayne Beck

    Wow, WiiUDaily Fail. Can someone Update this story to reflect information that came out all of 30 seconds after it was posted?

  • John Madsen

    It’s Not nintendo it’s youtube youtube and google recently hired staff members to watch youtube videos and remove them if they display copyrighted material not nintendo

  • paddy

    A lot of you people are down right crazy,why are you agreeing with wako Nintendo who can’t and won’t get with the times,yes Nintendo are one hell of a greedy company and will do anything in its power to brain wash its customers and over charge for anything it possibly can.the fact there are lets plays is testimony to fan base,Nintendo should welcome anyone who wishes to show video footage of one of their games,it doesnt make a difference if its a lets play or its a 15 min in depth game review in my eyes so why are Nintendo not grrrng at the big games reviewers that slate one of their have been reviewed independently for the last 20 years,Nintendo really need to go out of business,I bought a wiiu for my son for Christmas and three Wii games,6 Wii games and an extra Wii mote and nunchuck ,this is because my son asked for one,this is because he had been watching kobani on YouTube ,personally I wouldn’t have touched a Nintendo ,I always said (never again ) grrr I hate Nintendo