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Deal Alert: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and more on sale at Amazon


For those of you who are interested in the Scribblenauts series, you’ll be happy to know that Scribblenauts Unlimited is currently only $19.99 at Amazon. This is one of the cheapest prices we’ve seen for the game, so if you haven’t picked it up yet now would be a great opportunity.

The Wii Fit U deal we wrote about last week is still active, with the retail Wii Fit U bundle including the balance board and Wii Fit Meter available for only $64.99. That’s a good deal for anyone who doesn’t have a balance board left over from their original Wii Fit purchase.

Here are a handful of other deals you might want to check out on Amazon this morning, if you’re in a game buying mood. As Wii U Daily is a North American site, these deals are probably only good for Amazon in the US and maybe Canada.

Scribblenauts Unlimited – $19.99
Wii Fit U – $64.99
Mario & Sonic at Sochi with Blue Wiimote – $49.99
ZombiU – $23.49
Mass Effect 3 – $12.29
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – $34.99
Skylanders: Swap Force Starter Pack - $54.99
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 – $19.32

If you know of any other great deals around the web, feel free to share them in the comments section!

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  • harelsen

    seems swagtastic if you ask me :D

  • Shota

    Mario & Sonic at Sochi with Blue Wiimote for 49.99????

    • Fred

      I’d get it but i already downloaded it thought the eShop for that same price.

      • Shota

        i also already have it :( dammn

  • Flawless Victory

    AC4 for $34.99…not bad.

  • Jon

    How…. long is this one…. payday is Friday…..


    Do you know what? F*** it. my Visa can take the shot until Friday. Assassins Creed IV, here I come

    also, how is mass Effect 3? if the deal is still going on Friday, I may pick it up.
    Also Ashley, I am from Canada and Had no problem placing an order from Canada.

    1 item will be shipped to Jonathan ******** by Estimated delivery: Jan. 23, 2014 – Jan. 30, 2014 (you don’t need to know my last name :P)

    So us Canadians, ENJOY! :D

    • adamm

      Mass effect 3= definitely worth $13. It didn’t get a lot of attention as a port (with extra features), but it was one of the wii u launch titles I enjoyed most.

    • Ashley King

      Glad to hear you were able to get the deals!

    • BIG Franky

      I had Mass Effect 3 for PS3 and loved it…. but then traded it in like a year or so ago…. but then I saw a couple of weeks ago that ME3 was only $11 (at that time) so I ordered it…. it is definitely superior on the Wii U and frustrating that people refer to it as a lazy port because it is nothing of the kind. much like Need for Speed, EA clearly put time and effort into it… its great and well worth $15!

      • readypembroke

        Actually the same group that made the Deus Ex Human Revolution port for Wii U also made the Wii U version of ME 3.

        • BIG Franky

          Yep… and I think that they just announced that another studio just contracted them out to work on another “high-end” release to port over to Wii U… so that should be interesting to see what it ends up being…

    • Mercurio2054

      was my first Wii U game… it’s very good game. buy it

  • Kenshin0011

    AC4 is a must play game, it’s the best in the series! Exploring as a pirate on the high seas, battling ships is literally a BLAST, great graphics, and great gameplay!

  • Rick Valenta

    I don’t usually play rugged stubble hero dude-broish games. But AC4 was awesome!!! Now that I’m done with that, on to Mario and Sonic at the winter Olympics…

  • Fred

    I have BOTH Wii Fit U and Your Shape Fitness Evolved. I like Your Shape a lot better than Wii Fit U. If that makes a difference to anyone.

  • Fred

    Ashley thanks again for the heads up on these deals. I LOVE these articles. I’ve been able to pick up so many great games at great deals!

    • Ashley King

      You know it! I love finding deals and helping people save money on games.

  • tom

    I picked up AC4 a few weeks back. Love it! I hope the Wii U version sells decent.

  • Suraj Alexander

    Picked up AC4 for £20 during christmas sales. Finished the story, hate it when good things come to an end:(

  • wiimenonowiiu

    I cant get enough of this game

  • Relias

    Assassin’s Creed 4 has been that price since shortly after Christmas. (I picked it up while it was still 49.99) Batman Arkham Origins is on sale for 29.99 and has been since shortly before Christmas. Maddens Football 13 was going for 9.99 if your into that sort of thing. Zombie U hovers around 25 bucks and goes up and down almost daily. (At one time you could pick it up for 16.99) Anyway, a lot of good deals on the U (Need for Speed usually goes for about 20, Tank Tank Tank for around 15-20) and Lego Batman 2 (If you already do not own a version) is 20 bucks or less. (It’s actually a very good game.)

  • jrob23

    AC4 is getting into the might buy territory. I could never get into AC games but this is supposed to be the best. Once it hits $19.99..and you know it will..I will get it. Might whittle down my backlog by then

  • BIG Franky

    for what its worth, Phineas & Ferb and the Quest for Cool Stuff is also avail for Wii U for $19.99 as well….

  • lonewolf

    I have read trough all the comments on this post and 90% percents of you bought AC IV black flag on a different platform than the wii u (specifically the ps4 probably because you thought that the game has better graphics for that console). So don’t whine when no 3rd party game developer doesn’t port their games on the wii u or other game developers/publishers stop their support of the wii u and don’t go saying oh the wii u has no 3rd party support and then you go buy the available 3rd party games for the wii u on other consoles( specifically the ps4). That is your concern what games you buy or for which platform but at least stop whining about wii u lack of 3rd party support when the only onne to blame is you. (And of course some of the lazy ones but not those who think that if they are going to make a game which won’t sell on the wii u which is partially true by reading your comments).

    • Quicksilver88

      I picked up AC4 at launch but only because watchdogs got pushed back and I had already pre-paid it. Anyways this is a great WiiU 3rd party port of an excellent game. Technically great, played some on ps3 and WiiU looks and plays better….I was going to get ps4 at launch but decided to wait until 2014 because I want to spend coin and time on the WiiU…2014 will be great but not sure about 3rd party other than watchdogs and child of light from Ubi and the Nintendo published titles like Bayonetta2.

  • BIG Franky

    its worth picking up…. it is WAAAAAY better than AC3 and arguably the best title in the series aside from AC2…. I own the PS4 version but have seen the Wii U version (I had my son bring over his copy to compare out of curiosity) and graphics-wise they are pretty much identical…. some texture stuff and shading is a little bit better on PS4, and the waves/water (slightly)…. but they basically look the exact same. it is well worth $50 or $60, let alone $35!!! BUY IT!!! :)

  • Ashley King

    I finished the game on PS4 and if you don’t listen to the GameFans podcast, I picked it as my GOTY last year from a gameplay standpoint. Absolutely the best title in the series.

  • Shota

    love seeing the turtles :D

  • darkcreap

    I picked it for the WiiU. Actually, I picked both AC3 and AC4. AC3 I picked after a few months and AC4 I picked it at launch date, but didn’t have time to play it due to being playing Xenoblade Chronicles.

    I am currently loving it. On one hand there is less exploration on the land part, which I prefered, but on the other hand pirating ships is just wonderful :D. Before having a WiiU I had been desiring to play AC games, but couldn’t due to my computer not being good enough. Now I have both a WiiU and a good PC, but I prefer to play it on WiiU.

    Remote play on the gamepad is awesome. Having the map while playing on TV is cool too. Especially when sailing in raining conditions: some times it is simpler to see the map rather than what you see in front of you.

  • Nintedward

    I got it in on PS4 too! I just wanted a game with good lasting appeal to have on the system, and its kept me coming back to my PS4 over and over. I would of liked to of got on Wiiu but meh, I already have bought TONS of Wiiu games.

    It is an absolutely fantastic game. I’m gunna play the whole thing again when I’ve finished it!
    You just feel utterly compelled to explore every nook and cranny of this game and blast every ship in your path. You can easily get 80 hours+ out of this game without getting bored.

  • Jon
  • jrob23

    have you played Wii U version. Any thoughts on the differences? Would love to hear from you on that!

  • TheLordOfDarkness

    I’ve played every GOTY contender this year (except Super Mario 3D World) and I definitely agree, Assassin’s Creed IV was my GOTY.

    It not only improved on already existing and popular gameplay, but also (re)introduced and then innovated naval gameplay – from whaling, to sailing, to ship combat, to underwater exploration.

  • BIG Franky

    I have it on PS4 too… and love it. its the only game on PS4 worth owning in my estimation. while Killzone Shadow Fall is basically the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen in a videogame, it really isn’t that good. again, looks great, but game is “meh” at best.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    it is easily one of the best game of 2013.I do side quest and also collect some stuff for enjoyment while plundering legendary ships. I am about 15 hours still not finished yet.

  • Nintedward

    Killzone sucked balls imo. I got the Shadow fall bundle on day 1 and I sold the game about 3 weeks later… It looks nice in places but the graphics aren’t consistent. In some places it looks NEXT GEN and in other places it looks LAST GEN.

    The gameplay is repetitive and the AI is atrocious in certain places. 6/10 – don’t buy it.

    PS4 is going to serve me well in the future for games like MGSV and the Witcher 3. Wiiu remains my main and favorite console and the one I will spend the most time playing. 3D world is the best net gen game so far, by a loooong way.

  • Fred

    Wonderful 101 is probably the most underrated game on any current system (Wii U/PS4/Xbone)

  • Laud

    But it’s exclusive to the Wii U..

  • val berger

    true that. really love that game.

  • Suraj Alexander

    Shame you can’t hunt them. Wish I could craft something out of its shell. Body armour maybe??

  • Suraj Alexander

    Wish i could get a ps4 as well:( For the games that don’t come on wii u.

  • Fred

    I guess that means anyone that wants to enjoy it will have to buy a Wii U. I know I love it and I still don’t understand the low sales numbers (thus my statement that it is very underrated)