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Nintendo DS games coming to Wii U Virtual Console


Earlier today Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced during a presentation that the company intends to start bringing Nintendo DS titles to the Wii U’s Virtual Console. He acknowledged the strength of the old system’s software lineup, and talked about how it could benefit the Virtual Console lineup.

During the presentation Iwata acknowledged that getting DS games, with their dual screen gameplay, onto the single screened GamePad has proven to be something of a hurdle, but one they can solve. He did show off though a slide of how this might work, with an image of gameplay from the game Brain Age displayed on the GamePad.


So far, no other details have been revealed. No games have been announced or, aside from Brain Age, even discussed for a possible Virtual Console release. Specific dates have also not been forthcoming either.

Nintendo also announced during the same presentation that it intends to work on prioritizing the GamePad and making software that takes advantage of its unique hardware features.

What do you all think of this? Would you be excited to play old DS games on the Wii U Virtual Console? Are there any games you’d particularly like to see for the console? Let us know in the comments!


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  • CaesarGood

    It seems like they would make so that they are only played on the Wii U’s gamepad…

    • Guest

      Pherhaps an option to choose the way you want to play?

  • Ony

    Seems like we could have our Mario 64 after all :3

    • Ducked

      To bad it will be with bad camera view

  • Super Buu

    Advance Wars, Spirit Tracks, Ghost Tricks and The World Ends With You. Thank you very much.

  • Sdudyoy

    That’s cool, I really don’t have any DS games I want to play that I don’t already own though.

  • Jeffery02

    I don’t understand why Nintendo would rather put GBA and DS VC games on the Wii U, but it’s still a pretty cool idea. Personally though, I feel that they should have GBA games be on both systems simultaneously and a 3DS Player adapter for the Wii U GamePad expansion port (similar to the GBA Player on the GCN). Regardless though, it is something that can only help Nintendo.

    • SomeFluffer64

      They are just doing it to boost Wii U sales. 3DS can already play DS games, and since the 3DS has already met great success, they need to give something to the Wii U.

      • Jeffery02

        That’s why I was thinking GBA on both and a 3DS Player attachment for the GamePad. Allow the Wii U to play physical copies as well as digital. If not 3DS, then at least a DS Player attachment. Maybe even a way to play digital DS games through an extension that works independently of the Wii U console.

        • SmashFinale

          4 Swords Adventures with Gamepad and 3DS support.

  • Lil J Moore

    Finally I can play super Star saga game and the hidden RPG gems

  • hahahero

    ummmm… Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green with online play. Please!

    Edit: Guess it’s technically GBA, but still would be pretty sweet

    • Ducked

      What if Nintendo remade Pokemon Red and Blue on the Wii U, with online multiplayer?

      Mind = PokeBlown!

      • Tecpedz94

        Honestly if the would make a 3D adventure game remake of pokemon fire red or others using similar tactics like XD gale of darkness but with modern Wiiu graphics and power it would be amazing !! But gamefreak wants to stick the franchise to handheld console which i guess is fine and a bummer at the same time but maybe they should develop another pokemon game as amazing as the franchise….

        • hahahero

          Man, that would be awesome. I would love to see that done with the original game. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about the franchise and next generations of Pokemon after Red and Blue.

          Have you heard of Pokemon Generations? I stumbled across this video several months ago. I don’t know where it stands today, but it was in like an alpha state and looked promising from what I remember.

        • hahahero

          and yeah, I don’t understand why Nintendo and Gamefreak are so adamant about sticking to handhelds for the core pokemon titles. It doesn’t help their image in the face of that all too common critique we hear about the company “not listening to their consumer and fan base.” From what I gauge off the internets, people want exactly this.

      • hahahero

        I know me and some friends would love it. It is really the only ones we played in the series (age wise, we were out of the demographic after the sequels came out). But I played the hell out of it as a kid and my roommate and I played it a few months ago on an emulator. BTW Fire Red and Leaf Green are the same as Red and Blue to my knowledge (Just re-released for Gameboy Advanced) 🙂

  • Denvy

    I suppose this is cool. But if the game card is still reasonably priced, I’d rather the portability the DS currently offers.

  • SomeFluffer64

    I wonder if they’ll include Wi-Fi for these through the Nintendo Network. Mario Kart DS could thrive online again! And it would be good for Pokémon. Game Freak said that the only reason that they wouldn’t put Pokémon on Virtual Console was because you wouldn’t be able to trade them. If they put Diamond and Pearl, Heartgold and Soulsilver, and Black and White onto Virtual Console, maybe they could!

  • Keyser

    Erm…weren’t GBA games “coming soon” like a year ago?

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Yup, but that was the lie of yesteryears, this is the lie of the year.

      • Gameonfool

        So what’s next years lie?

        • Aleks

          Online connectivity and there will be no game drought in 2015.

        • SomeFluffer64

          Next years lie: Pokémon coming to the Virtual Console!

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Probably releasing a Mother trilogy outside of Japan.

          • Captinn2

            If that actually happens…..DAMN YOU NINTENDO.
            Sorry, I just love the games…:l.

      • greengecko007

        Still not as bad as “Pokemon bank coming soon, but we already released it in Japan over a week ago. Please understand…”

        • juancamiloarq


        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Lol. Niiiice.

          • Clel

            Dem downvotes. Your following of fanboys in denial is growing! 😛

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Lol. Fanboys are always in denial. Truth or not, they don’t like anyone speaking negatively against their console. I never worry about those little numbers. ;P

      • Nintenjoe82

        I told you this already. The main lie of 2014 is the new Miyamoto IP 🙂

  • Shota

    bad news for me. i own too many ds games!

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      Not Really. Now you Can use it Already. The DS Games you don’t have you can buy it on Wii U. I want Sonic Rush Adventure but i don’t have it and they don’t sell it anymore so go on to the Wii U

  • Squid

    I wouldn’t mind but GameCube please.

    • Shota

      gamecube with off tv

      • Gameonfool

        Now we talking also up scaled to HD please although not completely needed but would be nice

        • Shota

          ofcourse 🙂 that would be nice

        • companyoflosers

          the wii u has upscaling software in it, it just makes things really jaggy looking. if the software had better antailiasing, they could just straight up recode the game as a simple port and not have to completely remake it.

          • LordiMcKill

            Just to let anyone know, playing Wii games on the gamepad technically upscales them but the small screen also removes the jagged-ness from the games making them the closest thing we’ll get to HD Wii games.

          • companyoflosers

            there arent any wii games that can play on the gamepad only. to play wii games you have to boot to the original wii os and in that case, the gamepad shuts off. they would have to patch that in and even so, playing a wii game with wii motion controls on the gamepad would be weird. the gamepad is only 480p so still technically not hd either.

          • LordiMcKill

            I guess you haven’t played Wii mode in a while cos you get the option to play on both TV and gamepad which if it comes through both then you just switch your TV off and playing Skyward Sword on the gamepad isn’t all that bad.

            Also it might be only 480p but due to the size of the screen it doesn’t need a higher resolution as it already has a crystal clear image.

          • companyoflosers

            still not technically hd as stated in your previous comment but i will say that if i wasnt aware of that fact, i would be fooled into thinking it is hd. i also feel like playing on that little screen with a wii remote would feel akward. the only point i see in using the gamepad is if you dont have a tv available like on trips. and do the controls on the gamepad work for olded wii games, like have they mapped the buttons? and how does that affect games that are motion control only. i just feel like if the gamepad is on and in use, it was meant to be used as the control method itself.

          • LordiMcKill

            there’s a built in sensor bar where the gamepad camera is in between

      • Levi Johansen

        Yes, and make it possible to play Wii Mode with the gamepad.

        How hard can it be to make the system think that the buttons and joysticks of the gamepad belong to the Player 1 Classic Controller for Wii?

        • Shota

          they definitely must do that. i don’t want to my gamepad act like a tv.

    • Tecpedz94

      I mean ya. If i strictly focus on the wiiU cuz well this would also be good the 3ds but regardless the Wiiu needs more attention. If they would bring ds titles gamecube, n64 and other popular virtual console games they would sell wiiU’s like crazy only cuz of that without the need of so much 3rd party support for present games on the Wiiu then after sales increase and most probably would double TA DA 3rd party games begin to develop….. Wiiu is saved also if they stop only advertising to kids and young teens that would help….

    • Pokemonsilph

      I think we all want this too, but… what about my N64 games and GBA Games!
      (P.s. The first two or three games that Nintendo should at to the GameCube VC should be Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, or F-Zero GX)

      • Jeffery02

        And then the next three should be Metroid Prime, Pikmin, and SSB Melee. IMO

    • Clel

      Double Dash!!

  • Christopher Acuna


  • Christopher McNair

    The article actually says “DS VC titles, NOT DS retail games. So many pro Nintendo sites are misrepresenting that information. If someone was talking negatively about the news, this same site would be up in arms. Please post the transcript from the meeting, or at least read it correctly before writing about it.

    • Fred

      What’s the difference?

  • Ducked

    Wouldn’t a GameCube virtual console make more sense for the Wii U? And a DS virtual console on 3DS? I think this is just something to help the Wii U earlier.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      It would, and its what fans want… Stupid Nintendo.

      • Ducked

        They’re being cheap

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          It shows in the Wii U’s specifications.

    • lonewolf

      Maybe on the next handheld from nintendo ds titles would make more sense for the vc but 3ds not because its backwards compatible

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Yeah, they got it backwards.

    • Shota

      3ds cannot load ds games from sd card due some technical problems

      • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

        Someone that finally understanding This

  • Archiq09

    Dementium 1 and 2 pls~

  • Gameonfool

    Get ready for your 2 DS games a year.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      Now no ds games can’t be buy then they must make it on Wii U

    • Noteak

      As long as we get atleast Age of Empire: The age of Kings, i’ll be fine,
      I still play it on my 3DS..

  • SuperSonicBrawler

    I already have a backwards compatible 3DS that’s perfectly capable of playing DS games. WHERE THE HECK ARE THE N64 AND GC GAMES!?!?! Gosh, it’s like Nintendo has no clue what they’re doing with the VC. GBA games should already be on the 3DS VC, and there’s no good reason whatsoever why the Wii U shouldn’t already have N64 and GC games.

    • lonewolf

      Mind it that nnot everybody have 3ds handhelds.

      • SuperSonicBrawler

        The fact that they even want to put handheld games on the Wii U VC is strange enough on its own, especially considering DS games are still fairly easy to go out and buy. If someone wanted to play handheld games, they should have gone out and bought a 3DS in the first place. I bought my Wii U for HOME console games, VC or otherwise. I’m not mad that Nintendo is putting DS games on the Wii U VC. I’m mad because they’re clearly prioritizing them over putting more sensible ones on it first, like N64 and GC.

        • ICHI

          I’m pretty mad about it! I know they’re on the Wii shop but I don’t really want to buy games twice and I don’t understand why Nintendo are being so quiet about what systems are going to be included. Almost from the start everyone knew there would be N64, Neogeo, Pc engine and Megadrive games on the wii, I think Japan got its first Pc Engine wii u VC game a few weeks back but so far we are a year in and have games from two systems…..

        • TaintedXGamer

          Still can’t find teensy deck game ._. I still praying and searching for a copy, I might have to go online to buy the famed gem of a game. Stupid kindle fire HD…. I meant TWEWY or as it’s full title is The world ends with you.

  • Johny

    ok with stuff like this , i ALWAYS pose a simple question of concern with an example being:
    -What about the puzzle in Phantom hourglass, where you had to close the DS to progress ?

    Well.. im sure it can be fixed in a similar fashion as the 2DS.

    • Pablo Lavín

      Mmmm I think there will be a button like the ControlConfig one to”close”

      Who’s the girl on your pick? <3

      • Johny

        i like how it works on the 2ds 🙂 also wii u has plenty more buttons than a DS, so it shouldn’t pose a big problem

        Oh this? .. its just probably my favourite and just most awesome female Anime character i’ve seen in ever ^_^ love her so much
        Name: Senjougahara Hitagi
        Anime: Bakemonogatari series

        • Pablo Lavín

          Thanks :3

          ZL and ZR together = Close the console
          ZL / ZR = VC Menu, with control config, save states and the screen options = OFF TV Left Touch Screen, OFF TV Right Touch Screen, OFF TV turned around (Brain Age) and the TV screen mode :3

          • Johny

            oooh i totally forgot about games that use the ds turned 90 degrees x) like Ninja gaiden dragon sword.. that game was one of my favourites.
            Yup there are alot of ways it could be done 🙂 the gamepad screen could also be split in half for off TV screen gameplay, since its so big. i dont think it would really matter that much if the bottom and top screen would just be left and right… except for games that use a picture being displayed on both screens as a whole 😐 … hmmm … idk.. i guess both screens could be crammed on the gamepad normally (top/bottom and not left/right), but it would look weird.
            Anyways… i wouldn’t complain, if there just wouldn’t be OFF TV play… 🙂

  • dinos24

    Great… now I can go buy my entire DS library again… unless of course there was some peripheral

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Yeah right Nintendo! We still remember your lies about bringing N64 and GBA games to Wii U Virtual Console. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. You are already exposed as a bunch of liars. We wont forget that easy!

    By the way. No one asked for this Nintendo! You are releasing games from a handheld that sold 150 millions. Everyone asked for GameCube. You assholes!

    • Jon

      I think you mean Gamecube and GBA games

      • Magnus Eriksson

        No, they actually promised N64 and GBA at the announcment of Virtual Console. GCN was a fancry since 2012 pre-launch. Although thats very unlikely going to happen. They’ll make remakes instead.

        • C4

          “They’ll make remakes instead.”

          I actually hope that. GC was a great console but I don’t see more then a dozen 1st Party games that I want to revisit desperately, maybe exclusing games which have direct successors like Smash. If WW HD really took half a year it would be 12 GC games in 6 years. That’s what I would do if I were Iwata.

          Edit: Also I could play them on GC anyway. For people without a GC or BC Wii my solution doesn’t look that good, I admit 😛

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Nah, I dont want them to use resources on that. I want to play the games as they were meant. GCN should be released on VC and priced at the same level as N64 games was priced during Wii era.

          • C4

            They can outsource ports. TP could use the same enhancements as WW HD for example. For other games and of course also 3rd Party games VC releases would probably be the best, I agree.

    • Ducked

      They have no excuse, they delayed Tropical Freeze to February, Mario Kart 8 won’t be out until May, Smash Bros won’t be out until July or later at least. They haven’t shown anything about Yarn Yoshi since it was shown back last January. And now their acting like they’re doing something good with a DS virtual console..

    • NkoSekirei

      heres a thing not all gamecube game were from nintendo like tales of symphonia and few others so we wont see them on the virtual console unless the devs that made them agrees on that but i do see the ones that nintendo made would possibly get a HD make over like wind waker did

  • Fred

    NICE! Advance Wars Dual Strike here I come!

  • Jon

    I hope I see Heart Gold and soul silver….those were my favourite Pokemon games.

  • Googs

    Yeah, I really wanted gamecube games on the Wii U, that would have been amazing.

  • Kirbyomega


  • Antar Rodríguez

    Its good news but hell i think most people would rather have gamecube titles for VC, besides we can play ds games on android phones really easy

  • Fred

    If they put Pokemon games on Wii U VC would that be a system seller? I thought Earthbound was going to be, but I don’t think it was.

    • Brandon

      That would be great but not a system seller.

      • NkoSekirei


    • greengecko007

      Um no… If someone wants to play DS pokemon games that bad, they will buy a DS and a copy of the game, which would be cheaper.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I find that Nintendo prices games on VC a bit high to begin with.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Could work.

  • JuleyJules

    They only announced that DS games are coming to Wii U VC. They did not say that those are coming and N64 and Gamecube ones are no longer coming. Those were announced before. I love how everytime something is announced as a new feature, add-on, game etc people find a way to read into it and complain! Not everyone plays these on android (or has an android phone) so having this option will be a great addition to the VC. One thing I agree with that I’ve read is that we need more than one title a week! This is ridiculous with only Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past this week. Japan is getting 4 VC titles a week lately!

    • NkoSekirei

      i wouldnt count out the gamecube games coming to the virtual console eventually they will unless they are going to remake them into Hd version like they did with wind waker.

      • JuleyJules

        Exactly, they haven’t canceled them but are adding another group of games. Maybe some GC games will be updated while others will be VC.

        • NkoSekirei

          the problem is that some of the games from gamecube that werent made by nintendo wont come unless the devs that made them says yes which i dont see happening like for instance namco is giving ps3 a hd remake of tales of symphonia while we dont get jack.

  • RichM

    Wait? So we’re going to play the DS game on the Gamepad only? I thought DS stood for dual screen? I thought the non touch screen would be on the TV and the touch part only would be on the gamepad.

    • SomeFluffer64

      Nah, they’d have to give us options. Show both screens on gamepad… show top screen on either tv or gamepad… If they don’t, it’ll really blow.

      • C4

        I hope so.

        Side by side like in that picture is of course the only way to use Off-TV play so that’s probably why they only showed this.

        • Assassinated23

          Since Brain Age has you holding the DS sideways, it makes sense to have it both on the same screen there. For other games the dual screen nature will no doubt be taken advantage of. In fact it wouldn’t make sense otherwise, with any game that used buttons or D pad/analog sticks.

    • lonewolf

      Not possible they would need to work on the graphics and tweek them a lot i mean imagine a ds game 32“ + hd tv. yea pretty much wasting money if they do that and waste of time so they would need to release the games like one per month (or more months) if they work out this dual screen only on the gamepad they will release one game per week or two three games per week.

  • Brandon

    They are putting in random stuff, there good, but by now i think nintendo knows the wii u is not the best console out there and is just trying to get some decent sales.

  • Simon Stevens

    Like some other commenters here, gamecube would be a real pleaser for me, though I still play mine on the original Wii and still have a blast, still play DS games on my 2DS, not sure how I’d feel buying them again just to play them on the Wii U, good move from Nintendo though, but….. not exactly revolutionary when you consider how the Vita TV is doing at the moment….. and that’s probably a bit better at this point than DS games on the big screen, maybe a 3DS adapter would be a better idea?, considering many customers will be without 3rd party games this generation thanks to the stubbornness from Iwata and co, DS on the VC won’t help sales, I doubt it would even attract most people to buy it but a 3DS adapter to double the game library?, maybe that’s the nail in the wall they should be hitting?, either way, had this eco system been established in the very beginning like it probably should have, we may well have been looking at a different scenario right now, but as it is, the nails are going in the coffin rather than the house made of money.

  • NintendoNoob


  • Aleks

    Ohhh wow, yeah okay. I bet not even 5 games by Christmas!

  • greengecko007

    I guess I’m not the only one who finds this completely pointless. Just in case some people forgot, the 3DS/DS install base >>>>>> the Wii U install base. Honestly, how many Wii U owners don’t have a way to play DS games already? This seams like a waste of effort and resources. I’d much rather see N64 and gamecube games on the virtual console, as those games are harder to get, and because they are older, younger players may not have experienced them.

  • TheWichi

    But I can play those on my 3DS… I want GC Titles and… GBA on 3DS why is that so hard? I why Nintendo just reléase like 1 or 2 titles per week on the VC? its ridiculus!

    • Shota

      gba on 3ds is coming. i promise you that

  • what happen to the gamecube VC they promised us

    • paulthevgking

      it wasn’t a promise it was a suggestion.

  • Squid

    Oh and about this quality of life.
    Quality of life= casual applications
    Nintendo system: More focused on actual gaming.

  • diqus sucks

    if they put both screen on the gamepad it ruins the point! They should put the top ds screen…on the tv and the bottom ds screen…on the gamepad :O mind blowing right? lol i think if they bring metroid prime hunters back to it WITH the online working, it would sell successfully

    • Andrew Chambers

      Yeah, let’s play games that run at 256×192 resolution and stretch them on a screen that does 1920×1080. Go on Youtube and pull up gameplay footage from a DS game and play it in full screen. It’s not a good idea.

      • diqus sucks

        i think options are nice. personally i wouldn’t mind it at all. It would look just as bad (or maybe a little better?) than the gameboy player on a gamecube running on an hdtv.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Great but Gamecube? Why haven’t even N64 games made it to Wii U yet?
    What about GBA on 3DS VC too?

    • NkoSekirei

      thats probably in the works.

      • Brandon

        or gba on 3ds is for ambassadors only. stupid ambassador program.

        • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

          They Can’t do Anything So Fast!!! Even They more Busy whit the New Title’s!!!

      • MujuraNoKamen

        This is really the main problem everything is always int he works and we’re always kept waiting even for simple things :'(

  • Shagrath1983

    Dont say DO IT, tired of these boring weeks of nothing but crap you put out on the VC wheres advanced wars, adventures of LOLO, ANYTHING better than joust club and some random crap that we have never heard of

  • companyoflosers

    why dont they just require the tv be in use when playing ds games? tv is the top screen, gamepad is the bottom. sure it sacrifices the whole “you dont need a tv to play” thing but that hasnt exactly sold consoles thus far.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      Calm Down!

  • classicgamer20

    Nintendo drop everything you are doing and start making ports right now

    • hahahero

      We gotta finish Zelda U first!

      • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

        They Thinking more for the New Title’s then the Victual Console’s

  • Josiah Parsons

    Metroid Prime Hunters with Multiplayer!

  • NkoSekirei

    Also guys X has officially been confirmed to release sometime this year cant wait and free download of legend of zelda four swords for the 3ds for limited time and i alrdy downloaded hell yea nintendo ur awsome

  • Zuck

    I know it is not right to celebrate this, but… suck that everyone that complained about wii u being underpowered, at least it have 1080p titles

    sorry for that but I needed to post this 🙂

  • Kev

    Once again it feels like the Wii U is being treated with kid gloves instead of the beast that it is. Portable games that use up little memory or system resources are best experienced on a handheld anyways. Console gamers want Gamecube games. N64 games. And you know what, I’d love to play my Wii games on the Gamepad. Keep the ds and gba games on your handheld systems and start giving console gamers fresh titles that weren’t available on Wii virtual console for the past 5 years.

  • Sam

    Even though I’ve never had a DS, I won’t be getting any. Not worth it.

  • The VC has, no doubt, the biggest potential of any “service” of any game console. Playstation Now is an attempt to refine the idea, but Nintendo showed a high level of success with the VC on the Wii. It’s time to make the Wii U the “one” console a Nintendo gamer needs: pack the VC with titles from EVERY system from the NES on, and they will have turned a loyal fanbase into a loyal-to-death fanbase!

  • LJay

    As soon as i saw that headline-Advance Wars Dual Strike!!! Love it-do it Nintendo!

  • gmanextreme9

    Before DS, Nintendo should release GBA games.

  • TCar

    This is a good thing. One step closer to being able to us the 3DS as a second screen controller next to the Gamepad!

  • Rinslowe

    Would I be excited to play my old DS games on Wii U? Hell yes.
    N64 and Gamecube titles are just that bit more welcome though…. And a system update installing Nintendo’s own – Dolphin like Emulation – would be the icing on my VC cake.

  • Dylan Clark

    Phantom Hourglass, 64 DS and Kirby Canvas Curse pleeeeeaseee !! 🙂
    those were my fav DS games

  • Michael Hancock

    Why does Nintendo always do weird shit like this? Why the hell can I not download N64 and Gamecube games to my Wii U! For god’s sake, it’s the year 2013! I don’t want to play fucking Wario Ware Touched on my Wii U!

    • FutureFox


    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      N64 and GameCube Is for Now Too Much For The Wii U!!! So Calm Down and just Wait!!!

  • Norfair20X5

    I’ve been wanting this so bad. Mario Kart DS!

  • I wouldn’t mind paying for Metroid Prime Hunters again

  • C.S. Bailey

    I never sell my older Nintendo hardware, I’d only be buying games I didn’t own and couldn’t find.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Hopefully it will coming. Because i mist some of the DS Games!!!

  • SuperAndroid66

    metroid prime hunters anyone?

  • ChlorineGalaxy

    this isn’t what they should have done, they really should have released an accessory that would allow you to play ds and 3ds games through your wii u. People still own lots of ds games, and for sure 3ds games. the 3ds should also have the entire, or most of the ds library available for download, just like the vita has most of the psp’s backlog of games.

  • Devilus

    I just don’t understand the slow rate of vc games, it was a lot faster on the wii and the gamepad don’t change much. where are the gc games and such..It just ain’t that hard. The big N really has to change its managing staff, and start with Iwata!

  • palomino blue

    Seems awkward to have the screens horizontal unless it’s a game that only requires use of the touchscreen.

  • Adam

    Not to get anyone’s hopes down, but I decided to email Nintendo the other day asking about GameCube virtual console, and they responded with this:

    Thanks for contacting us. I can certainly understand your interest in playing Nintendo GameCube games on Wii U as there are many great games on this system. While this may not be the answer you were hoping for, we have no plans to release Nintendo GameCube games to the Nintendo eShop. However, I’m happy to document your comments and forward them as a suggestion to the appropriate departments. While I can’t guarantee they’ll accept this suggestion, we do take all feedback into consideration.


    Jason Smith
    Nintendo of America Inc.

    I am still really mad about this, specifically since SO many people, me included, have been begging since before the Wii U!! Way to listen to fans -_-

  • TaintedXGamer

    Gimme The world ends with you and I be happy, I been trying to find a copy of that gem for ages!!!

  • Captinn2

    I want Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, The Legendary Starfy, Kirby Squeak Squad, Kirby Mass Attack(Would make GREAT use of the Gamepad), Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks(Once again, GREAT USE), Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story(Great use…), Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, Yoshi’s Island DS, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl(Add online play, plz), Pokemon HG and SS, Black and White, and Black 2 and White 2(Online play), and a lot more games I can’t describe right now…..Damn. Nintendo, Wii U is gonna rock!

    ….and Super Mario Sunshine 2, please.

    • Captinn2

      Pretty much if Nintendo uses Virtual Console the right way, the Wii U will be pretty much a RETRO GAMERS DREAM SYSTEM. Which would also be perfect for my 11-year-old cousin(Who’s a BIG fan of the NES and SNES).


      ….Now all me and other fuzzy picklers will need now is Mother 3 on Wii U GBA Virtual Console(Earthbound 2, incase you were wondering :l).

      • Captinn2

        By the way…Lucario is coming back for Smash Bros…..Wooo.

  • Dallan

    wait is this the original ds or the 3 ds?

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Just the original DS.

  • Blue Hernandez

    Pokemon would be sick!

  • Will (ishigum)

    This is actually pretty cool. I never had a DS before so you’ve just guaranteed yourself at least $200 in virtual console sales from this customer Nintendo.

  • Fred

    This is cool, but not needed. According to the investor notes X IS COMING THIS YEAR!!! See the second to last page here

    • Fred

      This game IS a system seller. Who needs to drop $400-$500 for a PS4/XBONE when you can play X on a Wii U for $300!

      • Brandon

        Well the xbox and ps4 will have alot more great games coming this year alone so its only worth it.

        • Fred

          That depends on the type of games you enjoy playing. Last gen I had a Wii and a PS3 and I bought a lot more Wii games than PS3 games because overall I prefer that style of games

  • Donaald

    Nintendo is so odd, I just hope they have enabled eshop everywhere because I missed out on the DS generation.

  • Jonathan Dogey

    Portable console games do not translate to the tv very well. You would rather play it on a smaller screen. And yes, Gamecube please.

  • Wiiluigi

    GBA games please. Mario kart super circuit would be great with the release of Mario kart 8

  • Skelterz

    gamecube or death

  • Cahone

    Why even consider moving them to a single screen?

    • Cahone

      If people wanted to play these on gamepad only, they would play them on the ds.