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Nintendo to support the 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll


Each year in the United States an event known as the Easter Egg Roll held on the White House for children and their parents. The main part of this event is a race, where children push an egg through the grass with a long-handled spoon. There are also other supporting events such as White House personalities in Easter Bunny costumes, celebrity guests and book readings. This year though, Nintendo has decided to take part in the action and have teamed up with the National Park Foundation to bring their Wii U to the event along with Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club, the former of which has been shown to help control diabetes:

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nintendo of America announced today that it will join with the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, to bring fun, active-play video games to the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Nintendo will be at the event with Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club, two Wii U games that ask players to get up off their couches and get active. The two games align with this year’s theme of the event, “Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape,” which encourages children and families to live healthier and more active lifestyles. Visitors can play Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club on the Ellipse before they head over to the nearby South Lawn of the White House. In addition, Mario and Luigi costumed characters will also be on site to greet guests, take photos with fans and cheer on families as they play.

The White House Easter Egg Roll, which takes place in President’s Park on the South Lawn of the White House, supports the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative to help kids grow up healthy and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. In addition, the official White House Easter Eggs, sold by the National Park Foundation and benefiting America’s national parks, are available at

Find more information about the National Park Foundation at Join the national park community by visiting and

So what everybody here think? Are you interested to see Nintendo attending this event? Is this a good move for them? Do you think their bringing Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club will help encourage these children to get active?

[Source: Nintendo PR]

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  • jjbredesen

    Sounds smart, there is a lot of kids and parents there so if they want to target families this is a very smart move.

    • LOL

      My little sister likes Wii Fit

    • Magnus Eriksson

      They shouldnt target them. They should target us mr. Bredesen. Nintendo should try to get back their initial fanbase, and stop going after our grandparents. They went greedy after the Wii era. They should ask themselves why things stopped to work in the N64 gen and GCN gen instead of trying to do what they did with the Wii. If they had asked themselves this, then Wii U would have been a success.

      • jjbredesen

        Now that is something i 100% agree with!!!

        My comment was just reflecting on there choice of going there based on what they seems to be targeting Wii U at, and its not us, its like you say are grandparents, and its not working.

        Yes, there are great games on Wii U, but there are few, and yes Wii U is a good console, but its far from as god as it could be, everything except from the games, are medicore–>good, not as could as they can be. The games are always good, but again they could be better if the focused right. I am enjoying Wii U, but i could be enjoying it more! I should not have to be frustrated with Nintendo.

        The reason i am saying what i said is that i have given up on that Nintendo is going to try to appeal to us this generation and i am hoping that they will try next gen, but as long as Iwata rules i am not to sure. Still to early to say, but i am sure you understand how i feel.

        They are not going to target us anymore this gen, after Zelda U and perhaps Metroid thats about what we have left from Nintendo, unless Miyamoto’s new IP is not targeted to kids, thats it.

        MK8, Smash, Biyo and X this year and Zelda U, Star Fox and Metroid next year, don’t see much more, there is the next mario game, but i am giving him a break, i will now return to L4D2 and a bottle of coke good night

        • Magnus Eriksson

          I think Wii U should have been good enough as it is. But one problem is that they didnt develope it according to third parties wishes, and there they lost alot. My guess is that its too time consuming to port for, as it clearly is architected different from both its competitors aswell as last gen systems. This was a bad move. Clearly Nintendo themselves understands how to take usageof it, but it seems like they are the only ones (although it takes long time to dev on by themselves). Some complains that third parties are too lazy, and in a sense this is true. But on the other hand this is business, and this business have become a greedy one. Its much more money to gain today, and the quicker you get a game out the faster you make money. From Nintendo perspective this is not that important. For them every well polished game benefits the console, but thats not the case for the others. And one of the most stupid things with N. is that they have always demanded to be the ones who sets the rules, they have a kind of imperialistic mindset. Motion controls and pad tech are parts of this plan, they tried to set an agenda, but failed to do so. Some thinks its only about doing their own thing, but thats not the whole truth. They have dominated this business before, and they probably felt that the Wii put them back where they belonged. But the truth is that there was not their spot. They are much closer to it now – atleast until they change focus to what went wrong in N64 era.

          • Rinslowe

            I think they tried to set… themselves apart more than create an agenda.
            Or if relevance by differentiation was the agenda then agreed.
            If all we have now is 3 identical providers with different takes on motion control input, an extension of last gen, then no thanks…

            As it is, I think Wii U is good enough as it is. The titles from N available now prove that. The issue is that we don’t really know whats coming. Or how many are coming in the next 24 months even…

            Nintendo has to realise that they don’t have third party’s any more to float the system between titles. They need to pull out all the stops and handle it directly. More first party titles/ schedules and directs. A confirmed 12 month roadmap for VC. More studio’s either acquired by them for first party or original content like Monolith Soft and Retro etc… Or contracted to do either…

            They need exclusives all the way now. And Wii U can be made to be a platform people eventually can’t say no to. As it is it’s only that kind of console for the 6m + who’ve invested so far. New owners are coming in, but it’s not impressive no’s…

            I agree with your approximation of last gen, Wii was a commercial success. But just further outlined the difference between being a successful business and winning the hearts and minds of a generation. Which undoubtedly went to the HD twins.

            N’s issues are many, but there first battle is in the games Wii U needs more of…

          • jjbredesen


            Oh and guess what i just found out: Wii U has now been out for as long as Dreamcast was out before being discontinued and has sold HALF of what Dreamcast had, lets just repeat that:


            That makes me worried, if MK8 and Smash don’t do anything Wii U willl do worse than gamecube, so lets pray to hitler it does xD

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yup, thats horrible. Wii U is more closely to Virtual Boy than its to GCN if you talk about success. I think its likely it will be disontinued soon, or more probably already is. We will probably not see much after Smash is released. I think the release of three games in a year is pretty much an example of proloning the public discontinuation process. It sounds better to have it on the market for a couple of years than only one.

            The worst thing is that Nintendo cant say “Well, we tried our best.”, because they didnt try at all.

          • Skelterz

            wii u daily + magnus makes me a sad panda

          • Mario

            Pray to who!?

          • jjbredesen
          • Mario

            Get out.

          • jjbredesen
          • Mario

            Go. Just go.

    • Orto

      Yeah i agree, its better than what the ponystation 4 can do. Mario kart will be great and they should of had a mix like you said.

      • Gentle Robot

        Are there a lot of pony games on the ps4?

        • Orto

          Yes there are lots, the onky games that you can get on the ponys4 are indie games with 90% of them featuring a pony. Thats why i traded that heap of pony dung in for another wii u pad

      • Rinslowe

        You can always take your anti – Nintendo trolling somewhere else…
        Trying to create console wars is a amateur dick move, buddy.
        See right through your blsht. You ain’t no fan of Nintendo or their games. Silly little hater you…

        • Orto

          Im no anti nintendo fan boy. Anti pony yes, but i love nintendo. You are muddled up man

          • Rinslowe

            Nope. Disruption grief-ing 101; Smack talk your real fanbase by visiting random competitor focused sites spreading anti nonsense, in attempt to discredit said competitors fanbase…
            Making Sony look like a victim…

            Bud, you’re outdated.

  • Vriska Serket

    Wow so this is what our country does. Ok.

    • Thomas Vienna

      I’m pretty okay with that. It’s clearly only a small percentage of what the First Lady does, and the well-being of our nation’s youth sounds like a good cause. Meanwhile, the other 99.99% of our executive branch’s efforts I’d spend with foreign policy and negotiating with our stubborn congress. Definitely okay with that.

  • C4

    Reggie for president :-)

  • ETeach

    Why not, right?

  • Carlos Webster

    This is the first time I heard of this event.

  • TheGamenerd5

    sonds like a good way to get free advertising

    • Thomas Vienna

      I doubt it was free, it is a charity after all.

      • TheGamenerd5

        I dint mean it like that, I ment to say its ood exposher

  • KH

    Good move to bring in the casuals, and people who want to stay in shape, but not the kids. The kids are not going to be interested in Wii Fit U and a HD version of Wii Sports. They should had taken:

    Wii Fit U
    Wii Sports Club
    Super Mario 3D World
    Mario Kart 8 demo

    It would had been a way better selection of games, that would had call in not only the casuals and people who want to stay in shape, but also the kids.

    • LOL

      What’s with this assumption that kids don’t like Wii Fit? It’s actually a GAME that kids can enjoy. My little sister is the one that wanted it in the first place, and now I also enjoy it.

      • KH

        They can enjoy it and like it, but it is very doubtful they would go crazy for their parents to get them a new console to play it, sure there are a small amount that will do that, but Nintendo shouldn’t be targeting a small minority at the moment, they need to sell consoles, so they must take games that will interest a majority of people, and would convince that same majority, to get the console.

        • LOL

          I don’t think you understand what type of event this is. They can’t just bring Mario out. It’s supposed to promote activeness, which Wii Fit and Wii Sports Club are perfect for. Even if they wanted to, I’m sure the President wouldn’t allow it. This is the best course of action they could’ve taken. It gives people a taste of what the console has to offer — the non-standard controls kind that’s not easily experienced through YouTube videos and commercials. If kids like it, they’ll look it up and find out about Mario and such that way. There will be people in Mario and Luigi costumes at the event, anyway.

          • Mario


  • wiimenonowiiu

    Its a good idea for advertisment my kids love fit u but they should of had mk8

    • Mario

      I don’t think that’s the kind of game that kids would want to play if they wish to be healthy.

  • FutureFox

    Its a nice tactic.

  • Shane Michaels

    Yaaaaaay. Cause Wii Fit U is awesome and who doesn’t love it? Seriously, though, it is a pretty good fit.

  • Rinslowe

    So long as the event is positive. Then it’s a positive move for Nintendo.
    And like their great titles on Wii U; Pikmin 3, WWHD, DKTF, SM3DW and soon Kart 8….
    We just need more of them.

    • ETeach

      Then this’ll probably go over a lot better than their presentation at the KKK’s annual fitness week last month.

      • Rinslowe

        You never know. Even Klan members need to keep fit…
        By chance did any of them manage to comment???

        • ETeach

          lol, I guess that’s true XD

    • Greg Lanciotti

      Please stop praising nintendo. Its sickening. You need to wake up and face reality

      • Rinslowe

        You need to do your homework before slapping me with that label… Lol.

  • Steve6cupcakes

    lol i read it as national “Pork” Foundation at first


    I’m begging for this,and it’s a long shot…but someone….anyone, please make a Michelle Obama mod for Wii Fit trainer when Smash comes out..

  • BIG Franky

    haha… talk about being out of touch…. such a waste of time and money… this will move ZERO consoles…. LOL…. what a joke.
    “Nintendo… where marketing dollars go to die.”

  • BIG Franky

    as is most of Nintendo’s marketing efforts… this is a monumental WASTE OF TIME…

  • Greg Lanciotti

    Wow. This is Not going to help wii u or nintendo. They continue to make one stupid decision after the other. Im done with them!!! Get new blood in there asap! Even miyamoto’s time is up