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Nintendo announces Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Today after revealing their quarterly financial results, Nintendo announced new versions of the original Gameboy Advance titles, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. These two games will be Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and will contain a new adventure in a brand new world. There’s no further details than that, but perhaps Nintendo is planning on extending this adventure outside of Hoenn.

Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire initially launched in November of 2002 in Japan, arriving in North America in March 2003. They managed to sell 16 million copies between the two titles, making them two of the Game Boy Advance system’s top-selling games. The revisitation of old regions and games in the Pokemon series is nothing new, but we are excited to see what improvements are made if the game will be in 3D like Pokemon X/Y before it.

Will you be picking up Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire?

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  • Gideon


  • jjbredesen

    This pleases my old school pokemon gamer heart 😀 Thank you Nintendo, time to return to pokemon, not played any games since Heart Gold, so i guess it is time!

  • Ony

    I am happy.

    Now Metroid 😀

  • jlsniper

    Oh my goodness! I can’t wait for this game! I loved Sapphire on GBA.

  • Zorpix

    New adventure in a new world? So no Hoenn?

    • J_Joestar

      maybe something like B2/W2 or G/S Kanto where it is still Hoenn but with some changes here and there for some locations and story elements.

      • Mario


  • J_Joestar

    All the underwater areas better be in full 3D and have fish with fish AI swimming around!

    • Christian Schoff

      With the fish moving out of the way using the revolutionary new AI? x3

  • Ducked

    This looks pretty sweet! Its good to be a 3DS owner.

  • Graeme Lynch

    Sigh. And people complain about COD being a cash cow…

    • Ducked

      More companies are doing this now sadly

      • Dicie Hooded Cloak

        I’ve waited so long for this and its finally here…………..:)

      • Officer Raichu

        this is what most pokemon fans wanted so im hyped!

    • Jon

      Pokemon has a lot more than what COD has….. by far. Also, people actually ask for a lot of pokemon games, this one for example where as COD games…. they just come.

      • Graeme Lynch

        Evidently people also want COD as the games always sell well. My point was that just like any other business Nintendo milk the franchises they have. I just want Nintendo to actually surprise me.

        • CaptRodgers

          I’d hardly call it milking. Pokemon fans are some of the most diehard fans in gaming, they take it beyond serious, and they’ve been wanting these games for a while now.

          Plus it’s not like Nintendo’s development team or Retro or the likes are making the game. Gamefreak is. Gamefreak make Pokemon games and for the most part they just make Pokemon games. Not just that they have a pretty decent system with it to. They release a game once every year or two to tie people over and wait 2-4 years for a new main game. The remakes and third editions keep them from having to rush the main games and they keep hardcore fans busy.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Why wouldn’t you call it ‘milking’ the franchise?
            What else would you call repackaging games over and over again for money?
            Gamefreak may be the developer BUT Nintendo are the publishers and Nintendo obviously want MONEY. I don’t really get the issue over saying Nintendo are milking the Pokemon franchise.

          • Akatosh

            Milking vs. Giving permission are two completely different things.

          • Graeme Lynch

            And by ‘giving permission’ Nintendo milk the prized cow.
            Listen if you want to get stuck on semantics go ahead but it is plainly obvious that Nintendo have issues with creating anything new nowadays so of course they want to make as much money from the franchises they know sell.

          • CaptRodgers

            If you want to have problems with Nintendo making new stuff nowadays that’s one thing, but pokemon games have been being remade for ten years and they’ve been relaxing third additions since 1997.

            Also they have good reason to release this remake considering its the only region you can’t play on 3ds

          • Graeme Lynch

            You are simply adding to the argument that Nintendo are milking the Pokemon franchise…thanks.

          • Mario

            Because this is an entire re-imagining of the original GBA titles? In 3d?

          • DragonSilths

            It’s still just a damn remake of the worst Pokémon games.

          • Mario

            The worst? No offense, but I had Emerald and it was a pretty good game back then.

          • DragonSilths

            The music was good. Everything else was bad. I didn’t like the look of almost all the Pokémon. I hated the new game mechanics with the swimming underwater and crap. Story was meh. Just was not my cup of tea.

          • Mario

            So in other words, YOU didn’t like. But I did.

          • ???

            I wonder if they will bring back the original battle frontier and when I heard about this news I brought me back from my break from X/Y and made me close to tears hearing this its a dream come true.

          • Graeme Lynch

            How about Gamefreak actually implement features into a Pokemon game that would make it beyond awesome and more like an RPG.
            Rehashing some of the worst entries into the series is hardly imaginative to me.

          • Mario

            Asides from new moves, new pokemons, new abilities, new stats? I don’t know. I’ll just see what they add to them when they reveal more info.

          • Graeme Lynch

            New Pokemon, really? If there is 1 thing I despise most about the ‘new’ Pokemon games are the ‘new’ Pokemon. By in large after the first 151 they became rather ridiculous and unimaginative.
            What I would like to see is greater character customisation. Better multiplayer options. A more robust and compelling storyline. Granted Pokemon X and Y are great steps forward but there is so much more they could do to make Pokemon a truly epic experience. It just frustrates me that Gamefreak would rather waste time on recreating games from the past. But it could very well be Nintendo forcing these remakes to make more money since their recent sales are poor.

          • Mario

            That’s your opinion. But it’s obvious that some people say otherwise.

          • CaptRodgers

            New Pokemon is what a new generation is about. If you think the Pokemon after the first 151 aren’t good then you have nostalgia written all over you. Yes, there have been some uninspiring Pokemon, but so were there in the first gen. I admit I’m more fond of a lot of first gen, but even then some of the ones I like are still not much. Voltorb and Electrode are literally the worst Pokemon designs to exist. Yes, there should be more character customization, which this new game might even have. The multiplayer options have been getting better over the years, with many people thinking X and Y to be one of the best 3DS online games. The story could get better, but I honestly doubt their resources are wasted on story with the remakes and third editions (although this one might be different if it is a new story and region). Gen 5 had the best story to date and 6 wasn’t too far behind. The problem is they have to make sure the story is accessible for children around the world. It’s possible, but not that easy.

            There are definitely things to improve, but the majority of things that need to be improved will either be improved in the remake like they always do or it will be things that the remake won’t take resources from. The game will feature the same online as X and Y so that part of Game Freak will be hard at work on Gen 7, and the story might be the same or at least mostly the same so they can work on the story for Gen 7.

            I would call it milking if they decided to release a new Gen using the same engine as X and Y with only a few improvements. Few people buy all 2 of the three games (X, Y, and Z) in a gen, and far fewer buy all three. Thus while they may release 5 games in 3 years, the majority of people will only buy two games (the main game and the remake). Unlike COD which they release a game every year that almost everyone buys the new one and overpriced DLC. The remakes are needed for multiple reasons and at the very least it’s fan service considering how much these games have been asked for.

          • Graeme Lynch

            I didn’t say ALL pokemon after 151 are uninspired. I said they mostly are. Especially recently.
            The pokemon remakes are essentially updated versions. They do not include anything majorly new. Beside the main game entries how many spin offs are there? Too many. My argument was that Nintendo are milking the pokemon franchise and not just from main games but from the shit like Pokemon Rumble or Pokemon Dungeon blah blah.
            They know fans buy almost anything pokemon so why wouldn’t they?
            I still don’t understand why you are so offended by the fact that Nintendo are milking money out of the franchise.

          • CaptRodgers

            I’m not offended, and if you’re just talking about the spin-off games, I won’t disagree. The only ones I played were the ones on N64 and Colloseum, so I don’t know if they’re quality games and not just cash grabs. I just personally don’t feel like the remakes are cash grabs. People literally could not play gen 1 and gen 2, thus there was a need to remake it. Gen 3 might not have had that problem, but it’s still hard to get a copy of a Gen 3 game without paying ridiculous amounts of money and having to own at least another system, plus how much hassle it would take to transfer your Pokemon. Yes there are ways to get those Pokemon, but you need to own both HeartGold and SoulSilver just to get Rayquaza, which both cost about $50 used at Gamestop.

            The only main series Pokemon game that I feel could be taken as a cash grab would be Black/White 2, but I’m skeptical they’ll do that again.

            The spin-offs though are a different story however, even though I’d love another Snap or Colleseum or Stadium

          • Graeme Lynch

            Okay I take your point about the remakes being needed for Pokemon transfer and to allow new players the ability to play them on new platforms. However, I still have issue with them releasing another entry for little reason, ie. yellow, crystal, platinum.
            I agree that a new Stadium would be good. There is huge potential for a solid stadium game on the WiiU!

          • CaptRodgers

            I’ve been wanting a new Stadium forever. I never got to play the sequel and Battle Revolution was disappointing. So long as it’s in full hd and 60 fps. I don’t worry too much about graphics, but it’s going to be at least a couple generations I’d say before a main game will be able to pull that off.

          • Ace J

            “By in large after the first 151 they became rather ridiculous and unimaginative.”

            uh oh we have a Gen wunner here.

          • Graeme Lynch

            Sorry I don’t understand made up words.

          • Ace J


          • Graeme Lynch

            I took the time to google “gen wunner”.
            I did not say I didn’t like every single pokemon beyond the original. I said many of the newer pokemon were crap.

        • Akatosh

          *Nintendo doesn’t make Pokémon. They LICENSE it. Big difference. Gamefreak makes the games.

          And it was either make these remakes or die in flames. The fans have been BEGGING GameFreak for these titles.

          • Graeme Lynch

            I just said that they publish it.
            I hardly think GameFreak would ‘die in flames’ stop being so dramatic.

          • Fufusio

            LOUD NOISES

    • Officer Raichu

      ehh pokemon makes a lot more drastic changes than cod in strategy graphics(cod has used the same engine for years) and online ideas(cod gets pretty much gets the same modes)

  • Bram brabant

    You’re welcome for submitting the news..

  • Yuma Tsukumo

    Take my money Nintendo.

  • Sdudyoy

    Omega Ruby! I can’t to see more on it!

  • Sycamore

    I rushed through this game when I was younger and kinda regret it. This will be a good chance to revisit this installment.

  • the_battery

    I probably played at least 200 hours in sapphire. can’t wait to spend 200 more on Alpha sapphire.

  • Kobe

    Is this 7th generation or is it a different kind of pokemon game? Will it replace X and Y?

    • Kobe

      I’m a little bit new to Pokemon games. I started Pokemon on X.

      • Christian Schoff

        It will be Gen 6. A new Gen doesn’t occur unless they add new Pokemon.

    • DragonSilths

      Its a remake of Gen 3.

  • MarkyWiiU

    Yes! Buying this game day 1! Anyone else?

  • Ferd726

    we are ready see that one coming. thats why blaziken it the only starter with mega evolution. now with this confirmation a new adventure with great remake of ruby and sappire in 3ds it would be great game. hopefully all starter of this generation have mega evolution and also if they going to be new gym leaders and elite four or they going to be the same also wonder if the male and female will be the same or new characters

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn


  • NintenFan2013

    First COD: Advanced Warfare then Nintendo trolls and announces Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I have to pick up a job to make money for November and Christmas. E3 will kill my piggy bank if they announce Zelda and Super Mario Sunshine HD(please Nintendo please!!!).

  • Niknique

    Holy crap!!!! I think I might explode from too much excitement!!!!

  • Deadpool U

    My body wasn’t ready for *cough**cough* the awesomeness.

  • Akatosh

    If it really is a new adventure in a new world I’ll be 110% psyched. If not I max at 90%.

  • mar laguna

    Finally now fans could be happy and stop telling that they want this remake :3


      Now they will just beg for a 3rd Red/blue remake. Its a never ending circle. lol

      • Ace J

        next year they will beg for a diamond and pearl remake.

  • RyanTheHoennGuy

    OMG YES. I will be picking up both and hopefully there will be a “Delta Emerald”. Nintendo Can Come To My Address Right Now And I Will Hand Them Every Single Cent I Have.

    • Christian Schoff

      With remakes they always take the extra stuff in the third game and add it to the remakes.

      • RyanTheHoennGuy

        True enough. Because they added some things from crystal into the johto remakes, but you never know.

  • Christian Schoff

    Alpha Sapphire for me please.

  • Steven5741

    Meh i should just wait for possible “ultra emerald” Maybe


      Wont happen. They haven’t done that with either of their past remakes.

  • Christian Schoff

    Hmm…I’m so close to finishing the Pokedex on X(heh I rhymed). I hope the reward is transferable

  • paulthevgking

    does anyone else see the omega symbol on groudons arm and alpha symbol on kyogres head?

  • Officer Raichu

    time to get out the popcorn because 3ds domination coming back this november

    • Brandon

      Coming back! It never left. Lol, cant wait for this game getting omega.

  • Austin Cabrera

    He does hear my prayers!


    If theres new megas or somthing I’ll get it. If not, I can’t see myself playing this over the gba ones. The other remakes made since because you couldn’t move your pokemon up and I used them the those pokemon. However, when I feel the need to play through those Id rather play the original versions. Just depends on how much new content these have for me to get them or not.

  • themizarkshow

    I’ve never really played much of that Gen, so I will definitely pick it up. It’s easier to play on the 3DS which I already carry with me, then to throw another portable in the bag.

  • Neferpitou

    I am so fucking happy right now.

  • Steve

    Oh my god! AWESOME!

  • Sdudyoy

    This is somthing I didn’t expect the least bit, honestly this proves Nintendo has alot more surprises!

  • Gabriel Fiala

    Dreams do come true!!

  • Joel Cruz

    Emeraqld is the best

  • Sylux

    wow that’s great news, I hope it’ll contain the original Ruby and Sapphire pokemon besides the legendaries and perhaps some new ones. I lost my copy of Pokemon Sapphire during my most recent appartment switch. Great to hear that they will be re-released (possibly remade completely according this article) So yeah, great news. Nintendo can have my money for this 😀

  • Logan Wayman

    How about Pokemon Sigma Emerald?

  • NintenFan2013

    GEN 3 CONFIRMED!!!!!