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Philips says Nintendo infringed on patents, seeking Wii U ban


Electronics manufacturer Philips has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo in the United States, alleging that the company copied two of its patents. Philips is seeking to ban the Wii U from being sold in the United States until the lawsuit is resolved.

The first patent involves mirroring real life movements in a game, with the second patent involving input featuring a pointing device like the Wii remote. These patents seem like broad definitions, since both Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move devices could be cast under this umbrella as well. Either Microsoft and Sony licensed patent tech from Philips, or Philips is picking in Nintendo specifically.

Here’s what the lawsuit claims:

The present patents-in-suit stem from these fields of research and development and claims protection for an interactive system for which a user can remotely control devices in an intuitive manner. Such intuitive remote control mechanisms are used in present-day home video game consoles.

According to the suit, Philips contacted Nintendo about the infringing patents as far back as 2011, but no resolution was reached, so the company has launched the lawsuit. Aside from blocking sale of the Wii U and other infringing Nintendo hardware, Philips is suing for damages and wants a trial by jury for the lawsuit.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has found itself in hot water over various patents and it likely won’t be the last.

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  • Andrew Clear

    Maybe Phillips listens to the trolls on the web, and really believes that Nintendo doesn’t have the money to fight a legal battle like Microsoft does. Of course, if they are listening to the trolls they would be afraid of Sony, even though they are getting closer and closer to bankruptcy each year.

    The patents are so vague, my tv manufacturer could be sued too.

  • Jesse Adams

    I am so effing sick of patent trolls.Way to get them while they are down. I hope they can sleep better at night.

  • Shota

    …wow one after another and this time it’s philips

  • MichelChartrand

    If anything Move and Kinect are closer to these patents than Nintendo. Move specifically uses a camera facing the user with a ball of light on the controller to identify where they are. Kinect uses the cameras to see them in 3d space.

    Wii is just an infrared camera inside the controller to help tell positioning for the pointer. I hate patent trolls. Took them until 2011 to decide they were being infringed on? Not in 2006? That’s almost 6 years without coming forward about the complaint, I’ll bet 90% of their board members and legal team owned a Wii by that point, and nothing clicked?
    time to sell the Phillips stock if they’re getting desperate to balance their books on the backs of patent suits.

    • DK_Hadouken

      I for one am not buying Phillips products ever again. The lawsuit is baseless.

      • Vakua Dorn

        not even a screwdriver? he he…

        • DK_Hadouken

          Oh, you.

      • That guy who hates Spike

        You probably will out of mistake. For example, I found out I had Phillips lightbulbs only months, after purchasing them.

        • DK_Hadouken

          Go GE, son.

    • matthew garcia

      I think it depends on the technology they used to perform this. All 3 consoles do something similar but Sony and micrisoft may have used a completely different technology to achieve it. Nintendo’s way of capturing motion on the screen may be closer to Philips technology

      • DK_Hadouken

        No it’s not. Infrared is not a camera.

        • matthew garcia

          We can all talk like we’re tech nerds but we’re not Nintendo or Philips so anybodies opinion right now could be wrong. I said may be closer to Philips technology, I don’t know for sure and neither do you

          • Nothing5555

            Do any of you know what Philips patent actually states?

        • Vakua Dorn

          technically, it is a camera, just within a specific wavelength.

      • Rinslowe

        It isn’t.

        • matthew garcia

          Well Philips is a big company also and they believe they have a case. Nintendo isn’t the only company with bright people

          • Rinslowe

            Did you even bother to read the patents or are you just throwing around the generic yada yada cause you don’t have anything tangible to add?
            Just asking…

          • matthew garcia

            Do u happen to know the technology there talking about and how it all works in complete detail cuz I doubt your a Nintendo or Philips engineer

          • Michael v.
          • Nothing5555

            I doubt you know whats in that patent either, from what I can tell reading the patent abstract is the kinect seems to fits it definition more closely.

            A virtual body modelling apparatus and method models a users body in a
            virtual environment and animated to follow physical movements of the
            user. Stores (30,32) hold data defining the virtual environment as well
            as features of the virtual body representation, including sequences of
            virtual body motions (for example a walking sequence for the legs of the
            virtual body) which sequences are initiated in response to one or more
            predetermined physical movements by the user, and animated by a display
            generator (28) providing images of the virtual environment to the user.
            Various forms of feedback to the user are provided, including force
            feedback where the users physical movements are constrained in
            dependence on conditions within the virtual environment, visual feedback
            where the users viewpoint of the virtual world is modified as a
            sequence of body motions is executed, and audio feedback (62) such as
            the sound of footsteps triggered at predetermined points in the sequence
            of motions.

          • matthew garcia

            When did I say I knew what was in the patent. All I said was Philips may have a case. None of us are part of those companies to know anything were all just assuming including you.

          • Nothing5555

            K, well I’m assuming they are using an overly broad patent to try and milk some money from another company.

          • matthew garcia

            I believe u may be correct also

          • matthew garcia

            I also like how your trying to get technical with everything trying to prove a point when you just don’t know. You might as well be telling me God exist cuz you just don’t know. Unless you work for Philips or Nintendo nothing you say could make me believe you

          • Nothing5555

            First of you need to leave religion and those types of beliefs out of this discussion. Second I was try to drum up a discussion on the topic but I guess all you want to do is say Philips has a case and just deflect any responses (which is fine if you want to do that). Third (this is for everyone else since you don’t care) the patent details are very broad and is not as technical as you think (as most over reaching patents are). Basically one of the claims in the patent states:

            12. The apparatus of claim 11, wherein said motion detector is configured to detect the speed of user body motion and said processor is configured to translate the detected speed of user body motion into a corresponding speed of motion of the corresponding body portion of the generated virtual body representation.

            This probably will be the focus of what Philip wants to hit Nintendo with on it patent infringement.

          • matthew garcia

            Like I said they may have a case I never said they did. Also religion is something nobody is sure of and I understand it offends certain people and if it offends u I apologize but I think u get where I’m coming from

          • Rinslowe


          • david jarman

            Philips uses a camera and nintendo sense the infrared. They are not a like. If that’s the case then maybe they should sue motion caption companies too. You are always negative when it comes to nintendo even if they are doing something positive or if someone is doing something that to them that is clearly wrong. They filed the one patent in 2013 and wii u was in production since around 2008.

          • Nothing5555

            Big company, little company…it doesn’t matter, well maybe in terms of being able to pay legal fees. What matters is what the patent says, if the patent is too broad, which it sounds like it is, then I hope it gets thrown out. Now if the patent mentions using a control device to track life like movement using infrared, etc…then they have a case.

    • RandroidRampage

      Are you a lawyer? If so, you should totally represent Nintendo!

      • MichelChartrand

        No, but I read the patent and it’s pretty broad, at one point it seems they’re inventing a cross-trainer machine hooked up to a computer, with pedals and whatnot. They’re requesting a jury trial, hopefully the jury isn’t inept.

        • RandroidRampage


        • Andrew

          or isn’t being bribed

        • Jake Russo

          A jury means they are looking for inept people. A jury is required to be “inept” in order to properly assess the merits of the case. They are really looking to play the legal system’s flaws on this case…

    • Nothing5555

      I’m not sure of the actual details of the patent which Philips owns, but if what the article says is true and the patent only discribes mirroring life like movement… Talk about broad definition, maybe i can come up with some sort of broad patent and sue somebody.

  • Pinky Peach

    This is just… Ridiculous. If Philips somehow wins, I will 100% lose faith in humanity’s common sense.

    • matthew garcia

      So much for Nintendo being innovative

      • DK_Hadouken

        Are you actually implying they stole this tech?
        If so, you are a fool.

        • matthew garcia

          Lol I knew that would get somebody mad. I’m not saying they stole it but it seems there not the 1st company to experiment with this sort of thing so lower your blood pressure

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Got under their skin again. Lol. You’re right, though. Nintendo isn’t the first to experiment with this tech. So I don’t exactly consider them that innovative.

          • BIGRED

            Are you silly?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Aren’t we all? :)

          • D.M.T

            Doesn’t mean he’s mad. He called you a fool because you sound like one. And you just admitted that you said that on purpose to get under people’s skin. Shame on you

          • matthew garcia

            No I knew it would get people mad cuz I said something I knew y’all wouldn’t agree with. Doesn’t mean I did it on purpose. The only fools are the people like you who will respond rudely to anything you don’t agree with, instead of just having a simple discussion

          • D.M.T

            I’m “rude” to people who say stupid things. Some do it because they are ignorant (but they think they’re smart) and others do it to get under people’s skin. I’m not rude to people who say things i don’t agree with.

          • matthew garcia

            Sorry but to even be rude on something that is just video games which is just entertainment is out right hilarious. You gotta find somethin better to do. I play guitar more then anything and would never take video games seriously enough to insult somebody

          • D.M.T

            Funny you should say that because while you’re playing guitar as a hobby all day, I’m at work 8 hours a day making money. So yeah I do have better things to do. And like usual you missed the point i was trying to make. I don’t take video games seriously, I’m just rude to people who are rude to others. I insult those who insulted me first. Respect is earned, not given for free.

          • DK_Hadouken

            Checked blood pressure.
            Not raised.
            The Power Glove….

        • SinkyChan

          k anyway side from moaning and crying, doesn’t this kind of stuff happen all the time? i’m sure nintendo will be fine tbh.

      • Pokémon Fan

        Really are you actually saying that Nintendo stole this technology? If so you are a fool

      • tronic307

        These patents are from 2009, NEWER than the Wii. Seriously, where does Philips get the balls?

    • Alex

      Say I wanna know what happen to Nintendo last lawsuit in Houston Taxes did they win or lose?

    • Denvy

      I’m sure if Nintendo decides Philips has a case they’ll settle. They won’t let a ban of the console happen

      • Vakua Dorn

        well, if they really get away with this, whats to stop them from stopping the wii, or the 3ds, or the kinect, or the psMove, or Oculus Rift, or any of the other endless devices which capture real life movements in-game? Thats a broad copyright, almost as broad today as Magnavox’s copyright on video games in general was back in the day.

    • Pokémon Fan


    • smbmaster99

      A friend on a forum made the following observation:

      According to “Count II – Infringement of U.S. Patent No. 8,537,231”
      “….37. United States Letters Patent No. 8,537,231 (“the ’231 patent”) issued on September 17, 2013
      to Gerhardus Engbertus Mekenkamp and Tim Dekker. A copy of the ’231
      patent, entitled “User Interface System Based on Pointing Device” is
      attached hereto as Exhibit B.”

      September 17, 2013? But–

      Philips claims that Nintendo was made aware of these patents in 2011

      And the Wii U was released on American shores in 2012, wasn’t it? I have
      to congratulate you, Philips. You surely aren’t the first company to
      patent troll Nintendo, but you certainly have been the most obvious liar
      out of the bunch.

      Philips is just trying to make a quick buck. Spread this news everywhere.

      • FutureFox

        “User Interface System Based on Pointing Device”

        Oh like an RCA remote control. Or RC airplane control. Or, you know, …..sticks.

        • Daniel Brown

          You’re right! Let’s ban sticks!

  • Shy_Guy

    This is just pathetic…

    • DK_Hadouken

      More than just pathetic. They’re suing over last gen tech and the Wii/Wii U tech is not even close to what the lawsuit claims. Actually the Kinect and PS Move are exactly what this lawsuit claims.

  • Troy

    Never buying Philips ANYTHING again

  • Shaise

    Umm…it….eh….I……real life movements in a game has been used for years hasn’t it? Wii remote??? Umm…eh…..that was for Wii. You’d think they’d know more about the products as business people.

  • Shaise

    To think, Nintendo and Philips once had a partnership, when Philips had Zelda and Mario games on the CDI.

  • Ultrasyd

    Ridiculous patent troll. The desciption of the 1st one looks more like Kinect btw.
    Is Philips losing money or desperate ??

    • Andrew

      i say desperate

  • Jelani Thompson

    Welp, this is super dumb.

  • jjbredesen

    What? That is crazy, but they are suing over the tech in the Wiimote +, not in Wii U, they approached Nintendo in 2011, and again in 2013, but they where ignored, so they are now suing them, i guess it is a legit case :/

    • DK_Hadouken

      It’s not legit.

      • jjbredesen

        Well, yes if you look at the facts it is, Nintendo has ignored the patent, and Phillips has the rights, i am sorry, but if you look at how the legal system works, this could work in favor for Phillips.

        Sad, yes but it is true :/

  • Super Bluey


  • TULFich

    This is why other game companies are afraid of innovating…

    • MichelChartrand

      Just wait until Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus(sp?) get some traction, then a few years after that the lawsuits will come.

      • J_Joestar

        wasn’t some company one of the OR developers used to work for trying something similar already? saying they stole code or something like that to use in the OR?

      • TULFich

        developement cycle =(

  • Magnus Eriksson

    But, Nintendo did play with similar tech as early as the 80s with the Power glove and stuff like that…

    • jjbredesen

      Yeah, but that was diffrent tech, they are suing them over the tech in the Wiimote+

      • Michael v.

        The patented tech and the tech in the wiimote are no where near the same. both patents by Philip make use of a camera to track movement of the user and a pointer…The wii and wii u use an infrared sensor which is nothing like a camera at all.

        If the sensor was a camera it would be able to do what playstation eye and kinect can do an take pictures and videos…and it can’t.

        I understand small companies doing this for fast cash and all, but for a company like Philip to do this after the amount of time the Wii has been out is just plain out ridiculous.

    • Denvy

      Not really. It was neither designed nor released by Nintendo.

    • lonewolf

      What about the gun they sold with the nes back in the day ( how was it called again rail gun hmm no I forgot it was long time ago).

    • Vakua Dorn

      Phillips-Hrmm Hrmmm… Exqueeeeeze me, mr. Nintendo guy, I’d like to sue yous for capturing input from outside of de compu-derr. If you’d pleeze give it to uss, as well as all of the moneys that yous have received from such thingses.
      Nintendo- That is an incredibly general application of that incredibly specific and unrelated patent. We call our first witness, a random person off the street.
      Witness- H’lo Guys, my name’s Guude, Guude Boulderfist.
      Nintendo- Excuse us, Guude, is it?, what was the first system you’ve seen that picks up data from the real world and translates it into movement in a video game?
      Witness (Guude)- Ummm… That would be… The NES, with Duck Hunt.
      Nintendo- True, but before that, the first home video game system ever released, the Magnavox Odyssey, used similar technology on a similar game. Their patent still stands, but they gave us permission to use it.
      Judge- Case dismissed on account of complete idiocy on the account of Phillips!

    • Nothing5555

      Oh the Power Glove…I loved how that movie the Wizard made it seem like it was a bad ass controller when in reality it sucked.

  • McBlink

    Their still bitter about the SNES-CD add-on not happening.

    • J_Joestar

      Nintendo should be even more bitter about Wand of Gamelon having happened.

  • Patrick Francis

    This is almost as bad as Amazon owning the Patent for Taking a Picture with a White Background.

    • J_Joestar

      Hah, i remember seeing that on Colbert the other night, and then hearing about this new patent case against Nintendo the following day is just lol.

  • HavokPants

    no fuck off now a more powerful company (than the others) is sueing them ?

  • HavokPants

    lets give them abuse

  • darkcreap

    After all this time? Come on you patent trolls!!!

    • jjbredesen

      This one is legit though, and Phillips is not some random company from texas.

  • Kuromad

    These things are called patents. Designed to protect ideas so you can have time to develop them into a product without having to worry about your competitor stealing your idea and selling the product cheaper because they didn’t need to invent it. Actual use: Think of something generic. Don’t develop products. Wait a few years until someone else does. Collect money.

    Solution: Maximum age 5 years or 3 after the product has reached the market. You can re-patent improvements (and only THOSE improvements, not the original idea) for 3-5 additional years. This keeps going as long as you improve it.

    Competitors can use the idea after 3-5 years, but not your latest improvement. Competitors can also patent their improvements over your idea.

    • Vakua Dorn

      Solution- Send all patent trolls to a class on ethics

  • Mario

    What the heck!? Nintendo has been using that kind of technology for years now! And to top it all off, Sony and Microsoft are using that technology as well! What is wrong with these people!? 0_o

  • Ducked

    I play my Wii U on my Philips TV…

  • ActivesiN

    sigh, my gf bought a Philips tv last week….going to have to return that now

  • metalpants

    I can’t believe this… almost every smart device today uses some kind of motion detection technology that alters whatever is happening in the software. So what profit do they gain by picking on Nintendo? Why not pick on a company with vast amounts of money like say, Apple or Samsung?

  • Sam

    This is just another chance to make fun of Phillips. For some reason, anything gaming-related they do is stupid. CD-I anyone?

  • DC777

    Retarded. They are probably just doing this to cling to their last hopes of existence.

  • greengecko007

    “Philips is seeking to ban the Wii U from being sold in the United States until the lawsuit is resolved.”

    Regardless of who is in the wrong, there is no way that would happen. Good luck with that…

  • cool1706

    Another lawsuit? *yawn* this is getting to be pretty tiring

  • Michael v.

    This won’t end well for Philips…after searching on said infringed patents neither of them apply to the Wii or Wii U….*sigh* makes me happy i went with Samsung when my Philips Tv broke a month back.

    For anyone who’s interested in know what these Patents are, they are Patents No. 6,285,379 and Patent No. 8,537,231. Note The later patent was not filed and approved of by US Patent Law until september of last year…….

    If they manage to win this humanity has crossed the bridge of no return. Since these look more like the Kinect and Playstation Move to me.

    • Rinslowe

      Exactly. My first thought was Kinect. People have being saying that same thing all over the net as well. Has to be some collective common sense to our observations.

      • Michael v.

        I actually had to do some research on the patents since i didn’t know their specifics but after reading them i’m 100% certain these would be more effect towards the PS Eye+move and Kinect.

        Patent 6,285,379 says that the invention would gain feedback on the user’s motion through Visuals, Sound, and collective data from a secondary device…The wii sensor bar neither records visuals nor does it record sound. > _ >. It also says the Invention would have two secondary processors to record and write out the users motion into a virtual environment. I’m pretty sure the sensor bar has neither a processor in it nor is able calculate all this on it’s own.

        The second patent i’m not even sure why it’s being brought up as it specifically says it makes use of a 3d modeling camera to record the users movement. An infrared sensor bar is no where close to a 3d modeling camera…

        I just want this case to be squashed already cause this has to be the dumbest thing i’ve heard of in ages when it comes to patent infringement cases.

        • Rinslowe

          At best the first patents only connection is in the first data store by way of memory chip which the Wii mote has and the secondary data store which could be akin to the Wii motes data converter. But that’s about it. Other than the brief mention of a shaft and a wrist strap. But that’s far too broad to be taken seriously. If anything this would point to the Wii mote only as the console houses the processor not the apparatus as indicated in the patent.
          It doesn’t detail any specifics on how the Wii motes components reach it’s motion information only the basic processing. So it’s got to be a stretch at best surely…

          Then everything else you said.

  • Rinslowe

    It doesn’t sound anything like it. Phillips making use of their own terminology together with the words Wii mini, Wii, Wii U etc… Does not make their case any more credible. I’m almost certain this will be laughed out of court. If not, there’s something terribly wrong with the system.

  • B. Adriano

    Even though the patent in question is totally different…I think this is still appropriate:

  • Zanzama

    Can’t those companies sue someone they can win against at least?

  • Phillip Fauble

    I don’t support patent trolls. Wii has been out long enough that this should be shot down immediately. Either way… I’ll never buy another Philips product. I hope they don’t sue me over my name….

    • Rom/Ram Paul 2016

      LOL be careful they might

  • Mike

    Phillips just HATES Nintendo, don’t they?

  • Larry Koopa


  • Nothing5555

    Didn’t Philips already do enough damage with its Zelda based CD-i games? That should more than compensate for “patent” infringement.

    • Vakua Dorn

      No no… Phillips made the CD-i, but Sony made the Zelda games. I believe its a conspiracy to besmirch the good name of Nintendo. (JK on the conspiracy thing)

      • Nothing5555

        I guess Sony must of been pissed when they were rejected on the CD collaboration project at the time. But then again they came out with the playstation.

  • D.M.T

    Broke ass Phillips want some money. You ain’t getting shit believe that

  • Johny

    seriously… this kind of bullshit again ?

  • Shane Michaels
  • Noah

    Sues over Wiimotes……..7 years after they came out.

    • mojack411

      That’s exactly what I thought. Let alone the fact that the first patent has nothing to do with the sensor bar either.

    • Vakua Dorn

      With this amount of generalization, its not long until magnovox comes in to stop them for suing on the Oddysey. The shooting game on that thing has about as much in common with the patent as the Wiimotes, even though it came before the patent…

  • Noah

    Man, once you make the CD-I, I guess you never recover…

  • Bret

    Having just read over both patents, the 2nd patent about mapping body movements is Microsoft Kinect, not Nintendo Wii/Wii U. They filed that suit against the wrong company. As for the 1st pantent, its a stretch, but maybe. The intent of the invention in 2002 was to create a remote control that could be pointed at the screen of a television and control a cursor. It’s a bit of a stretch to apply that to a gaming controller, but plausible. However, the question becomes at what point did Nintendo start developing the Wii controller and its ideas… my guess would be well before the reveal in 2005.

    • oontz

      “The intent of the invention in 2002 was to create a remote control that could be pointed at the screen of a television and control a cursor.”

      Isn’t that exactly what the wiimote does? I mean I point it at my tv and it controls a cursor. I know it does much more, but it seems it does infringe on at least that patent.

  • EgC_Awake

    When was the last time anyone bought a Phillips product? Oh wait! Aren’t they the manufacturers of those dollar store batteries that power my controller for less then an hour?

  • Rom/Ram Paul 2016

    Looks like I won’t be purchasing any Philips products. I’m not even going to go over the ridiculous nature of the specifics here but 3 years later and you guys have still yet to present any prototypes for said patents. Patent trolls are holding back the technological evolution of humanity.

    • Pokémon Fan


  • Pokémon Fan

    The PS move and Kinect are actually closer to what the lawsuit says so why are they sueing Nintendo?

  • smbmaster99

    A friend on a forum made the following observation:

    According to “Count II – Infringement of U.S. Patent No. 8,537,231”
    “….37. United States Letters Patent No. 8,537,231 (“the ’231 patent”) issued on September 17, 2013
    to Gerhardus Engbertus Mekenkamp and Tim Dekker. A copy of the ’231
    patent, entitled “User Interface System Based on Pointing Device” is
    attached hereto as Exhibit B.”

    September 17, 2013? But–

    Philips claims that Nintendo was made aware of these patents in 2011

    And the Wii U was released on American shores in 2012, wasn’t it? I have
    to congratulate you, Philips. You surely aren’t the first company to
    patent troll Nintendo, but you certainly have been the most obvious liar
    out of the bunch.

    Philips is just trying to make a quick buck. Spread this news everywhere.

  • ETMew2348

    lol Nintendo stealing from Philips

  • Donaald

    I’m done (for now)

    • Noah

      lol, fit meter compatible. best part!

  • Guest
  • Sylux

    wow Philips, are you in such dark waters that you need money from Nintendo? Especially the part on “Wii Mote”, and “real life movement” Wii was launched in 2006 and you file a complaint in 2011 to Nintendo… with no agreements met? I’m not to pre-occupied with patents and patent breaches, but now in 2014 you file another complaint and a lawsuit 8 years after the first Wii Motes became widely available? I suppose I should return my Philips Full HD led tv to the store and exchange it for a Sony, Samsung or LG television.

    Sound a bit far-fetched from Philips imo.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    Look Philips, we know that your CD-I games are notoriously bad and that they have brought your company to shame, but don’t bring Nintendo in to this.

  • Derek

    Phillips will not get the Wii u banned. Plain and simple

  • therealruben1

    Nintendo should sue Phillips for the CDI

  • david jarman

    Actually Philips technology was a device that tracks a persons movement. Much like Xbox does. The other patent they claimed wii u was infringing on was filed in 2013. Cash grabbing are we?

  • ShortyStock

    WHAT IS PHILIPS DOING!? Even if there WAS an actual problem, which there’s not, can’t they see how much trouble the Wii U is currently having?

  • The Clockwork Being

    PATENT TROLLS!!! Again, really?

    Still bitter about the CD-i are we. Nintendo should counter sue for the abomination that Philips created with the Zelda CD-i games.

  • SkyStormXD

    Man, they were partners back in the days of the SNES

  • ShortyStock

    It’s a tumblr post cuz I can’t get a direct link to the gif…

  • IwataSucks

    Still butt hurt over the CDI I see.

  • Logan Waltz

    When did duck hunt come out? I’m surprised Phillips technology is so advanced that it went 25 years into the past and showed up in games. And I didn’t know that Phillips invented motion capture and CGI. That suit is fucking hilarious. One of the patents was from Sept. 2013… the Wii U had been out for a year at that time.

  • audi lover

    Philips, Philips the joke of the tech company world, they don’t even release tech anymore as far as i know, you cant even find a piece of there tech apart from a kettle what a joke of a company

    • A SNES Day Off

      As a matter of fact, Philips lead the way in health care technologies. They’ve pulled out of many consumer markets, but they’re still an important company.

  • ufg

    I feel like we should abolish patents. If a company actually steals some research by illegal means, they should be arrested for the stealing. A product’s popularity shouldn’t be based only on originality of ideas but quality of the product.

  • Marioman21

    Oh gosh.

  • andrewjcole

    Yea, Philips. It took you a while to sue Nintendo for the Wii Remote.

  • SkullScience

    “The first bit of code can mirror a user’s real-life actions inside a game,”. erm, sorry, doesn’t this describe Kinect? Or Move on PS3? Jog on you greedy bastards Philips!!! That patent would involve suing hundreds of organisations now there are so many pieces of hardware that use motion control with and without a pointer. I sniff an agenda!! The same month Mario Kart 8 is released!! Coincidence?

  • Nikko Ybanez

    Philips? The same people behind the Philips CD-i?

  • Nico Richards

    funny philips and nintendo almost became partners on snesCD.

  • LordiMcKill

    Something tells me this is Philips trying to claw into Nintendo’s massive amounts of financial resource. I mean, really? What has Philips done recently to make them lots of money? Nothing. This is just a clear shot at being a patent troll just to get their hands on some of Nintendo’s money.

  • Steve

    There is a simple reason this is happening. When was the last time you bought something from Philips? Enough said!

    • flclfool

      Haha, and from now on I probably never will again 😛

  • Jim Peterson

    “Philips is seeking to ban the Wii U from being sold in the United States until the lawsuit is resolved.”

    Most redundant lawsuit ever.