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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley takes the series in a new direction [VIDEO]

Harvest Moon (15)

Last week at E3, I got to see Ashley go hands on with the new Harvest Moon title from Natsume, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. I couldn’t really tell you much about it since I’ve never played a Harvest Moon game, but it does look really good. Natsume has taken the Harvest Moon franchise and added an extra layer to it, the Z layer. What I mean is that instead of being trapped in a 2D plane, you’re able to build however you want whether that be left, right, or even straight up.

The trailer for The Lost Valley touts this as something that will allow you to build your valley so that its different from everybody else’s. From what I saw last week, that’s not far from the truth. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

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  • Sdudyoy

    Although I haven’t been a big fan of the games lately, this game looks different enough for me to try out, hopefully there will be a demo.

  • Sheldon Williams

    Man the narrator in this video is the most boring cookie cutter voice over I’ve ever heard. I stopped watching the video because it made everything seem really boring. And I love Harvest Moon!

  • truMADDness

    Would been great off someone who knew the series wrote the article. Could’ve been a bit more knowledgeable.

  • Illmatic1234

    “I couldn’t tell you much about it since I have never played a Harvest moon game” -lol…then why write an article on it?