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Super Smash Bros 3DS delayed to October


Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is quite the ambitious project. Being the first time we’ve been given the chance to play a Smash Brothers game on a handheld system, we’re excited to get our hands on it, but that won’t be until this fall.

Sakurai announced that because of the difficulty in developing the game and his need to get it just right, they’ve delayed the game to October 3, 2014 on 3DS. The release date for the Wii U version of the game was not affected by the 3DS delay.

Are you excited to fight with your favorite characters this fall? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Wilks

    ooo, birthday present for me.

  • MerryBlind .

    Lol wut? They’ve JUST announced it for this Summer on the Nintendo Direct, only to push it back like a month after, at e3? Maybe they realized people weren’t happy to see both versions being released so far appart.

  • A SNES Day Off

    Nintendo announcing delays? Story of the Wii U so far…

    • Ducked

      Story of E3

      • W L

        story of the whole friggin industry more like it

  • Edgar Tapia

    They effed up on this one, I was planning on getting both starting of course with the 3DS version and was expeting a July/August release date. They have killed al my hype and will NOT be getting the 3DS version anymore. I am their loyal fan and have pretty much every major game they have released on the Wii U or 3DS. I am not happy, and things like this make me understand why Sony and Microsoft are winning the battle. I do not mind delays for other games, but smash is Sacred to me. You already did that with Brawl. Do not promise what you can’t deliver, I know the game will most likely be better due to the delay, still I don’t care you shouldn’t have proposed a summer release for the 3DS version, you made a mistake.

    Nintendo at E3 did not meet my expectations. #UpsetGamer #Sad

    • J’ohn J’onzz

      …wut a drama queen.

    • kevin nun—-

      So much content in it that’s why man. It’s summer, go out and play, meet the real graphics in a real world. Enjoy your time on earth. Time passes quickly. The wait will be worth it. For me, its a different story. I will be shipping to bootcamp for USMC on October so I will have a longer wait.

      • Edgar Tapia

        I completely understand where you’re coming from, the thing is… I’ll my starting my PhD in August, so I really won’t have anytime to spare. Until Christmas Holidays where I’ll be picking up the Wii U version ( if it’s not delayed). Picking up the 3DS version before I started was all I was hoping for :C now instead I’ll have to wait… which is ok since the Wii U seems to be the definitive version of the game

  • steveb944

    I don’t feel so bad for getting the Wii U version now.

  • Nighcrom

    Not surprised. Sakurai said that their INTENDED release window was summer. Didn’t promise anything. I also remember him saying back in April that these games are packed with content and that they need time to do them justice. That in itself was like saying, “Hey, there’s a lot in store for you guys, but these games take a lot of work, so don’t be surprised if we need more time.”
    No need to act entitled here, people. 😛

    • kentray1985

      Well Nintendo has been dropping the ball for the wiiu since it launched so I do believe we are entitled something from them. You cant damage control a delay especially when the launch date is was put out that close to the delay. Theres no excuse so dont judge fans for being upset!

      • Nighcrom

        No excuse for changing a “planned” release window that wasn’t set in stone to begin with? It’s not like they’re slackers, slowly chugging along on this game thinking, “Meh, we got time ’til when we’re supposed to spit this thing out…” I’m sure Sakurai is already working his butt off on this game is it is… sometimes things come up that you don’t expect, and in a game with such magnitude and importance as Smash, you can’t afford to let problems be overlooked. They could have kept their mouths shut about the release date in the first place and just left us completely in the dark. Then people would be whining about having no release window information.
        I won’t judge fans for being upset… but I will judge them if they act like children.

        • kentray1985

          You shouldnt bash anybody’s opinion on the matter period. Im just saying that us as customers deserve something from Nintendo and yes they have been slacking with the wiiu since launch. They havnt earned the right to tell us a game is coming out in the summer a month earlier then push the date to october, thats in fall with super smash bros 4 for the wiiu. That makes me wonder even more on why they dont just launch them side by side on the same day. Do you know if the 3ds and wiiu version will have crossplay so we can all play with eachother online?

          • Nighcrom

            I did not bash anyone’s opinion, sir. 😛 I merely pointed out that some people are acting childish over this whole matter. A person’s opinion is not the same as their behavior.
            Whether or not Nintendo has been “slacking with the Wii U” is irrelevant to the Smash delay. Do you really believe that they just pushed the game back on a whim for no reason? You don’t “earn the right” to delay your own game, especially if it’s for a legitimate reason, such as debugging. What you “deserve” from Nintendo is a quality game– which they’ve pushed the date back to make happen. It’s not like they’re just toying with us. They can’t get our money if the game isn’t out. 😛
            On another note, there’s no crossplay. Probably has something to do with the stages being exclusive… and a lot of other factors.

          • kentray1985

            Nintendo has been doing bad a job period since the wiiu launch and that gives them no right to make a bad call and announce the launch window for super smash bros 4 then delay it a month later. You can damage control all day but they havnt even gave a reason for the delay. How do you know that the game is not finished and they just pushed it to october so it could be close to the wiiu launch date as possible. You’re not behind those Nintendo walls to be acting like you know what their reasons are. Only Nintendo can tell people what went wrong while everyone else sits with a big question mark over their heads. Like I said, fans of the 3ds can be upset with this news and you are showing bad behavior if you keep going on these long rants about peoples behavior when yours is no different!

          • Nighcrom

            OF COURSE FANS CAN BE UPSET. Did I not say this already? Long rants? Since when is stating reasons as to why the delay may be legitimate a “long rant”? I said (calmly, might I add) that some people are being childish. I am not interested in “damage control.” I’m simply thinking about this in a logical way.
            To say “You’re not behind those Nintendo walls to be acting like you know what their reasons are” and then to criticize Nintendo for this delay and say that it’s a bad call and that there’s no excuse for it is simply hypocritical. Also, calm down a little, they HAVE given reasons. Sakurai himself stated that he needs time to get the game just right because it’s so huge, balancing is really difficult, and it’s packed with content. Also, there’s a lot of debugging that they have to do. The debug team apparently consists of hundreds of testers. They aren’t slacking.

          • kentray1985

            There is no excuse for them not to know that they needed time for the game if they just only announced the launch window earlier in april. Im not saying that they dont have a reason for delaying it and im just saying they should have treated the announcement of the launch date a little better for the patient fans. Just because you dont care what Nintendo does dont mean no one else cant show frustration. Delay after delay can make anyone act childish lol. You acted like you know whats going on, not me. Im just saying there is no excuse and it could be screw up on their end.

          • Nighcrom

            …Look. Just because I’m not letting my emotions affect my rationality does not mean that I don’t care what Nintendo does. I’m just trying to get people to think about this from a logical perspective. I AM DISAPPOINTED TOO. You think I don’t want to play this game? Of course I do. But I understand that games take tons of time and work to make, and that if an unexpected issue pops up during development, it can throw a huge wrench into things. He’s delaying this game to make it BETTER FOR US. You know what would really be inexcusable and a screw up? Releasing an unfinished, buggy game that nobody, even the maker, is satisfied with.

          • kentray1985

            I totally understand you but really the delay was too close the launch window announcement. Being mad is pretty rational at this point since not even Nintendo can give a accurate launch date. They made a wrong call now if people skip the 3ds version for the wiiu version thats them. Then again the 3ds would still be fine if people did do that and it would be a very smart move if they are doing this to push more wiiu sales because there are still tons of people who owns a 3ds only. Thats just me over analyzing but who knows the reason for the delay and It doesnt matter to me because im still buying it for both the 3ds and wiiu!

      • Dean Keaton

        I agree with you kentray1985, they kinda screwed up in the direct saying that the game would be released this summer, they shouldn’t have said anything if they weren’t sure about the release date, they could’ve said summer OR fall for the release, not tease fans to eagerly await smash 3ds for july or august, something Nighcrom clearly doesn’t understand.

        • kentray1985

          Yeah some people just dont get it that we are the fans that wait patiently for these long in development games and super smash bros 4 deserves a proper launch date without any delay especially when you’re not 100% sure its ready. Us as customers deserve way better than that for our patience. Thats why I wont argue anybody down or say that they have bad behavior just because their expressing a little frustration. Keeping it inside never helps for sure!

          • Nighcrom

            You do realize that all I said was that SOME people are acting childish? I did not say that expressing frustration = being childish. People can still express disappointment in a mature manner. You showed your frustration, but you did not throw a tantrum, so I do not consider your actions immature. I was simply trying to explain that there’s a legitimate reason as to why the delay happened, as disappointing as it is.

          • kentray1985

            Yes I completely understand you and I try not to even pay attention to these childish individules because it seems like a never ending story with trolls! Im really hoping that these devs are learning from their mistakes so we can start seeing more consistency in launch dates.

          • Nighcrom

            Sigh, yeah, I agree with that… though sadly as games take longer and longer to make because of how complex, long, and intricate they’re becoming, they’re also becoming more difficult to thoroughly comb through for mistakes and properly balance. That’s probably why so many games that are released nowadays are so full of bugs that are later (usually) patched over… which is sad.

          • kentray1985

            EA is the number one publisher that brings games out way to early then patch in updates later. Honestly I thought I could atleast count on Nintendo to have correct launch windows and dates but it seems that nobody is safe from the year of the delays lol

        • Nighcrom

          You say I don’t understand, but clearly you guys don’t understand the concept of “unexpected complications.”
          Honestly, the only way for a developer to be 100% sure that they’re going to hit their release date would be to announce it after the game is finalized, and who would want to wait that long for a release date? They can’t account for hindrances in the future that they don’t know about yet.
          Even now, with the Oct. 3rd release date, something unexpected could pop up late in development that causes another delay. You just never know.

  • Steve

    Well, I’m okay with this as long as the final result is satisfying. No crappy online, no annoying glitches, etc…

    • kentray1985

      You are very confused because online is where you can play with all your friends unless you would like to pay for the flights of friends to come play with you on your couch!

      • Steve

        Yes. Online is where we play with friends and others. But, if it’s crappy (leggy as Brawl), it’s a pretty disappointing experience.

        • kentray1985

          Yeah I got what you were saying after I read your comment again. Trust me if mario kart online is that good I have no doubt that super smash bros 4 online will be spectacular!

  • Ducked

    Smart move. This way the 3DS version steals less thunder.

  • Yen

    This is why people need to shut up about Nintendo needing reveal more information about unfinished games. With Nintendo it’ll come out when they feel it’s ready and rushing them doesn’t do any good for anyone.

  • JustJam

    Aw that sucks. Oh well…at least I’ll have more time to save money. They should’ve released the 3DS version first though, because the graphics on that were less clearer based on what I’ve seen on the E3 trailer but if they want to perfect it then that’s fine but they better include Klonoa and Bomberman!!

  • leo


  • Willie Crespo

    More time to save up my money! This is more of a blessing than a curse.