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Hyrule Warriors takes up 8GB of space on the Wii U


If you buy your games digitally on the Wii U, chances are you’re highly aware of how much space you have left on your console if you haven’t invested in another form of storage. With only 32GB of storage available in the largest SKU option, buying just one or two games digitally can leave you with very little space. If you plan on buying Hyrule Warriors digitally when it comes out, you’ll be happy to know that the game occupies only 7.8GB of space, which is much less than some previous games released.

Obviously if DLC is released for the game and you plan on buying it, this will bump up the final install price. You don’t have to worry about space requirements if you’re not buying the game digitally, but if you are, remember that Amazon has a great deal on Wii U compatible hard drives right now.

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  • Christian Schoff

    That makes me want it more than ever.

  • AM Real

    I think I only have 8Gb left…wish I could have bought a Wii U with more memory

    • Epicstuf

      Get a USB.

      • AM Real

        I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to but it’s kinda inconvenient

    • 00EpicGamer00

      This is basically Nintendo’s way of saying “f*** you for buying the inferior model.” “Now you must go and buy a $200+ seperate hard drive in order to play more of our games! You’re welcome!”

      • matthew garcia

        I was pissed when I got my little sister the 3ds and then the 3ds xl came out shortly after. I expected that but not that fast

        • 00EpicGamer00

          A similar situation happened to me and my sister as well. Her favorite colors are green and purple. So, she really wanted a 3DS that was purple or green. After waiting a couple months the 3DS originally came out, we couldn’t stand it anymore and both got 3DS’s for Christmas (I got red, she got blue). Then as soon as we got our 3DS’s the “midnight purple” 3DS comes out. We were just like “really? Are you kidding me!?”

          But now we both have the limited addition Pokemon X and Y 3DS XL’s. She has the red, I have the blue. We’ve never used our old 3DS’s since we got those. So, I don’t think she’s thinking about the purple 3DS anymore, lol.

      • Justin Rowan

        1tb hard drives are like 60 bucks on sale. Not sure where you shop but I suggest you shop around more.

        • matthew garcia

          That still sucks

          • Mr Ninty

            with the x360 you also had to buy a overpriced HHD.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          I was only joking around, sheesh. And I don’t really know the average price for a “good” hard drive. Since I don’t shop for those. I just went with the biggest-ish number that came into my head.

      • AM Real

        Lol I do get that feeling…32 is just not up to par

      • I know! LOL!

  • D-Man

    Why didn’t Nintendo include a Hard Drive?

    • Mayoo

      They did, it’s just awfully small.

      • jjbredesen

        *its not a harddrive 😛 Its more like a flash stick 😉

        • steveb944

          Hell, there are flash drives with more than 3x the space Wii U has.

          • jjbredesen

            Even my phones have more space i have a 64GB micro sd card in my 32 gb phone!

          • Mayoo

            + it would be a lot faster with flash drive like or SSDs. Plus would help their already lowest power consumption.

    • chris

      Seeing as how we can buy external HDDs for extremely cheap nowadays I think they made the right move. They saved us some money

      • abe

        Yeah I recently picked up a 2tb for dirt cheap.

        Plan was to share the drive between a few devices… Wii U dose not share.

        • chris

          Ah, you ran into Nintendo’s version of DRM.

        • Merry_Blind

          mmh… Good to know… that sucks.

      • D-Man

        Not really. The PS4 has a 500 GB hard drive and better specs for only $400. The Wii U Deluxe had only 32 Gigs of Storage and less RAM, slower GPU and CPU power, for only $50 cheaper. So, ya, including a hard drive wouldn’t have made the system more expensive at all, really.

        • chris

          The Gamepad is probably the most expensive thing in the box, so if they added more powerful guts the console would be well passed the price of the PS4. They saved us money

        • Merry_Blind

          It’s 100$ less; you can’t compare a product price from almost 2 years ago to another product price from the past year, that’s not how it works.

          And sure the PS4 has better GPU, CPU, RAM, etc. but it doesn’t have the Wii U GamePad, which must be quite expensive.

          You’re still right though, storage isn’t expensive these days. They should have included at least 100GB.

          • D-Man

            it was $350 (wii U deluxe) at launch. the price was lowered to boost sales. And they’re only 1 year apart. If Nintendo added a HDD, the price would’ve been the same. It’s $300 now, so for $350, there could have been a HDD of I don’t know, maybe 320 GB. I bought a PS3 for $250 with a 160 GB hard drive.

          • Merry_Blind

            I don’t think you understood what I meant… here, read it again: “It’s 100$ less; you can’t compare a product price from almost 2 years ago to another product price from the past year, that’s not how it works.”

            I’m just saying that you have to compare the price/value of both products as they are right now, not compare the Wii U price from almost 2 years ago to the PS4 price of less than a year ago. I know it was 350$ at launch.

            And like I said, I agree that storage is cheap and should have been bigger. Not sure why you’re still trying to convince me.

  • palomino blue

    Hopefully there’s no correlation between game size and load time.

  • bistricky

    Only 7.8 GB …… Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was over 11 GB. (LOL)
    All my games are retail (whenever possible) for good reason.

    • jjbredesen

      Yup, me to never bought a single digital game on consoles, only on PC, i like to be able to see my games, and to fill up my shelf with boxes, feels more satisfying when buying a retail copy.

      • Guest

        Damn Right

      • bistricky

        Of course I had to get a few games via digital …. but I do so sparingly, so that I never have to buy an external hard drive. I also enjoy collecting games with boxes retail ….. there are some games I wish would have gone retail (such as Trine 1 + 2 ….. and Child Of Light), as I would have bought them.

        Today, I have digital of Pikmin 3 (as a freebie for registering Mario Kart 8) …. Earthbound (as a freebie from Platinum Rewards) ….. Shovel Knight (as a birthday present from one of my employees) …. and the first two Zelda VC games.

        • jjbredesen

          Yeah, i do have a couple of digital games, on steam and also have the ambassador 3DS games+ this years club Nintendo reward, but thats about it.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Yup, me too – all retail, although I don’t shun digital-only games.

        But if there is a choice: retail all the way. That way, I am at least able to sell the game when the improved next-gen version comes out (like I did with Last of us, as well as Tales of Symphonia GC + Wii)

      • Razo_E

        I like to live in the year 2014 where I can get a game any time of the day (or nitght) and have it beamed through thin air into a box that stores it all and connects with a single cable. #FutureIsNow

        • AM Real


    • Iflywright

      I’m the opposite, lol, I really like not having all the boxes and discs. But watch out, by the end of this decade most consoles might not have disc drives at all.

      • eli

        That is sadly believeable

      • matthew garcia

        The CD has been around since like 1985 lol

        • Prizm

          But who buys music CDs these days? He’s right, one day soon a big name console will be released without a disc drive. Perhaps they’ll introduce two versions of a console: with or without disc drive.

    • Jason

      I don’t buy games digitally, because it takes WAY too long to download. I downloaded Pikmin 3, which was 4 GB and it took 2 hours to download, and it took an hour to install a small UPDATE for Wii Sports Club.

      • eli

        That may be your Internet connection, I downloaded wind waker and that’s more than 7 gigabytes while I was playing cod Bo online, and my Internet isn’t the greatest either

    • Same, I always buy my Wii U games physically since they take up way too much space (although I’m never buying 3DS games physically again since two of my Game Cards {Pokemon Gates to Infinity and Fire Emblem Awakening} stopped working, and I’m paranoid that the same is gonna happen again).

    • LordiMcKill

      Yeah I only buy retail games if they’re available with the exception that its download only (indie, VC ect).

      Only full titles I’ve got digitally are the ones that got given to me (MK8’s free game, my Wind Waker console bundle).

  • Jarno Doggen

    that is not much.. when are games going to use the 25 gig space on the wiiu discs?

    • megamanultra

      Lego City uses over 20gb…… ^_^

      • Iflywright

        Chase McCain, wooooo!

      • oontz

        And the load times are still THAT bad.

    • Shota

      Smashbros or bayonetta maybe

      • jjbredesen

        I don’t think Smash will be bigger than 14GB, but Bayo will perhaps be closer to 18?

        • Rinslowe

          I guesstimate Bayo 2 will weigh in at around 14GBs. Smash more like 10-12GB.

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah that is perhaps a little more accurate, since i am not that familiar with the content of Bayonetta its hard to estimate.

        • Shota

          Cant argue with that 😀

      • abe

        Smash brows brawl used special dual layered discs because it was so big

        • Shota

          I know that -.- thats why i mentioned big size games like smashbros

          • abe

            Was backing up you, my bad for poor presentation

    • jjbredesen

      Zelda U

    • TehEngineer

      Xenoblade Chronicles X?

    • matthew garcia

      Just got the last of us on ps4 and it took up 50 gigs. The Wii u games are more art design then graphically demanding. Plus there just not that big. Sidescrollers and linear 3d games are most of Wii u games. Will have to wait to see how big x and Zelda will be.

      • Coffee

        50 gigs? Holyyyyyyyyyyy

        And since it will install anyways even if you use a disk you are trapped. Noooo 🙁

        • matthew garcia

          That is correct

  • Will.F. Martinez

    At this day in age everyone should have an external hd if They’re big on digital games. Making it harder to download without having one.

    • Coffee

      But Nintendo does system bound purchases and accounts so it’s too risky to download retail games with Nintendo imo.

      • Will.F. Martinez

        It is risky that’s why I get hardcopy if I can, but got no choice with the indie games have to get them digital

        • Coffee

          Indies and virtual console are fine in my book but full $60 and $40 games just no (imo)

          Nintendo struck gold by letting you use SD cards and third party hard drives but their way of handling digital game ruins it for people who know the potential consequences

          • Will.F. Martinez

            Agree with you there

          • Coffee

            If Nintendo does a software update that adds proper accounts and proper digital distribution then I’ll buy the largest SD card 3ds can take and go to town

            Even though my 3ds is mostly for home when I do go out I’d love to have all my games with me because I do feel like switching up a lot.

            One can dream right?

            This would be good for everybody

          • Will.F. Martinez

            That would be awesome and I actually still hope for it even though it is very unlikely

      • chris

        You can switch those accounts over to new systems, but you have to contact Nintendo to do so. Its a hassle, but its entirely possible….

        Gawd, I feel like I write that way too often.

        Consumers: DO SOME RESEARCH!!!

        • abe

          Didn’t they update the Wii u so it works like 3DS? You need the both connected to the web but it transfers across

          • chris

            Yes! But, let’s say you can’t even turn on that console (either Wii U, or 3DS) anymore for some reason, you then contact Nintendo and they will ask that you send it to them. If they can’t fix it and your warranty is up they’ll say to call them once you have a new console and they’ll transfer your NNID to it. Such a hassle, but it works =)

  • ActivesiN

    8 gb…good thing the Wii U comes with a whopping 32gb….

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Not a problem for me. I think I have 27 GB left. It certainly helps to buy only physical.

  • HavokPants


  • Epicstuf

    HOlEY SHIET. Not really.

  • PS4WiiURocks

    Yep Im getting me a hard drive i ran out of room on my Wii U

  • Iflywright

    8 gigs huh? well I might have to go from 396 gigs to 392–darn!

    • Iflywright

      wow, my math is incredible! Good thing I’m a pianist, right?

      • chris

        A basic understanding in math is required to produce music. You have failed us all

  • Coffee

    I’ll! Just be here building a stack of physical games like they are legos

  • Nathan C.

    In other news, Hyrule Warriors has been confirmed to recieve a T rating. This is third LoZ game to do so (After Twilight Princess and…Crossbow Training). Who to blame for it? I wonder…

    • Jessey


      • Nathan C.

        It couldn’t possibly be Cia… 😛

  • LeeMRusnak

    If you plan on buying Hyrule Warriors digitally when it comes out, you’ll be happy to know that the game occupies only 7.8GB of space, which is much less than some previous games released.

  • What the fuck? Jesus!

    • marloc_x

      Lol..I can offer that my 2tb Toshiba works well…

  • nonbeliever323

    Only if Nintendo made at least a 100GB Wii U.

  • WellWisher

    I have an external drive, but unfortunately little interest in this game. Waiting for Bayonetta.

  • anthony optimo

    I’ll never buy another download game again, unless it’s an old school GBA, Snes, nes game.

  • darkcreap

    Good, good.

  • Star and Moon

    It’s somewhat different for a portable system, but retail copies of games will probably always be better than digital copies.

  • chris

    Time to buy an external HDD.

  • Rinslowe

    Still, Close to 8 GB is a decent size game. For what it is…

    • ben

      it is pretty small considering tropical freeze was 11gb.

      • Rinslowe

        Nah it’s decent. 8GB done right is a decent sized game for the graphical style etc. Not sure how it’s related to Tropical Freeze in that respect. A game can be larger a be a great experience – like DKC TF. Or smaller and just as great – like SM3DW..
        Any questions, just ask Shin’en Multimedia what they think about it.

  • Petri

    No problem here, size seems to be on par with Dynasty Warriors 7 but almost half the size of Warriors Orochi 3, but I think that game had around 130 playable characters.

    Funny to see the constant bitching about the Wii U internal storage, whether the game was under 10GB or closer to 20GB.
    My only concern about this is, that Wii U uses USB 2.0, they should have invested to 3.0.

    Even 8GB model would be just fine to most of the consumers, so optional HDD is better than them cramming in one.
    If you have legitimate reasons to bitch about the internal memory, you will eventually need new drive, no matter if the storage was 8GB or 500GB.

    • They should have invested in a lot of things 😛 the USB being more of an afterthought imo

      • Petri

        Thank you for your insightful opinions, and good examples.
        I think the system is good as it is now.
        Comparing Wii U to 1080p twins (or sub 900p), would be pointless,
        as both architectures use resources differently.
        Sure, more RAM, 4GB at least, would take Wii U a long way,
        but memory is not a problem if used properly.
        Though if Nintendo does not switch over to the x86 architecture, third party support will continue to suffer.
        And when they do… we will get slapped with even hastier and sloppier ports.

        Only reason I think that the USB 2.0 was a bad choice, is because it bottlenecks the faster drives.
        I’m not sure if it can keep up even with 7200rpm 6Gb/s spinners.
        SSD would be pretty much useless.

        I like how small, sleek and quiet the Wii U is, so I can deal with it, that you cant cram 2.5″ HDD in it.
        But they could have maybe included a swap-able mSata SSD drive,
        or just the slot for it, so if you want, you can switch/add the internal storage as well.
        Some cheap laptops has the option for it.
        But those things are rather expensive and still quite small.
        Maybe best value I could find with a quick search, was 250GB for 115€.
        Or 480GB for 233€, if you want a larger one.

        • You seem like a smart boy Petri, just the last of many odd decisions I delt the made with the system.

        • Can you store games to an SD card?

          • Petri

            Only on the Wii mode…
            But I’m not sure if Wii U games would run well from SD card.

  • Prizm

    A whopping 8GB? I’ll try not to hurt myself downloading it.

  • mma

    new zelda for wii u will be have Havok psychik engine 😀 information from 2012 is truth!!

  • Rick Valenta

    Good thing I have a 2TB hard drive 🙂 Doesn’t matter though as I’ll be buying a hardcopy!!

  • bizzy gie

    Nothing compared to the 20-50 gigs some of these other games are taking. The Destiny beta was 14gb.

    If Nintendo put in a bigger drive, this wouldn’t be news. Hopefully, they make new models for newcomers. If not, external hard drives aren’t expensive.

    • ShadyKnights

      Yeah, but I think the point is that so far, with Nintendo that really isn’t an issue. Especially while they have, as far as most are ocncerned, very few games to even get digitally. So far the Wii U games are relatively small downloads so 32 gb does the job for a while.

      I personally find it better for the consumer to spend roughly the price of a game on an external hard drive for digital games if one is going digital a majority of this gen, rather than Nintendo releasing a Wii U with more space. I mean if you’re going digital with all your games then you could get that right off the bat or likely have a hard drive you can chunk on to the Wii U while not spending that much on it. Heck I got a free 16gb flash drive from Micro Center and I know some pasport hard drives you can get for 1tb for like 70 bucks.