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Sony is targetting Wii owners with the PlayStation 4, says Andrew House

Andy House, Sony president, introducing PS4

With the new console generation upon us, there’s no denying that Sony’s start out of the gate has been a speedy one. The Japanese company has managed to sell seven million units in just over half a year, making it the best-selling console the company has produced since the PlayStation 2. Much of this success can be attributed to areas where Microsoft and Nintendo failed to attract a crowd with their advertising, which is something Sony plans on capitalizing on.

According to Andrew House, the company has a large opportunity to attract those who purchased a Wii, but not a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360.

Our big opportunity is to welcome back an audience much earlier in the lifecycle that possibly bought into the Wii previously.
Whether it’s based on this is a really good all-round entertainment device for a family in addition to having great games, our consumer data suggests some of those people are already coming in now and that’s what’s contributing to the really great sales we’ve had.

For this reason, House wants to see several older Sony games relaunched on the system, so consumers who are purchasing the PlayStation 4 are exposed to the PlayStation 3’s greatest hits. Either way, Sony is now targeting consumers who don’t purchase the latest console as soon as it’s available, or those who don’t have any loyalty to a specific platform.

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  • Knack56

    This is somewhat ironic considering that Jack Tretton, on more than one occasion, likened Nintendo fans to “babies”. When the Wii outsold the PS3 by a mile, he looked like a fool.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Yeah this guy is ready to bash other companies easily. Don’t get me wrong I love other people from Sony, Jack Tretton just seems like he’s looking to insult anyone

      • Jack Tretton is no longer with Sony. He resigned earlier this year. πŸ™‚

        • The Clockwork Being

          True, true I forgot my bad.

      • oontz

        Wow super fail.

  • abe

    Well that Sony for ya. Nintendo has something, Sony mocks it and then Sony wants it

    • What? It’s called business. Jesus, I wonder why I come here sometimes. Fucking Fanboys.

      • abe

        For the record I own all the systems bar the Ps4 and as of tomorrow the Vita after Sony basically shrugged it shoulders regarding the systems future.

        It’s business to borrow ideas but Sony goes out of its way to mock its opposition before copying them. That whole Jack Tretton stuff about Wii owners being babies. Its about respect and only Sony Japan’s head ever sees to show any respect.

        • matthew garcia

          What are they copying right now. They have the upper hand in sales. They also make remote play an option not a necessity

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well said.

      • Squid

        Whoa get your panties outta your ass. Sony doesn’t even make their variations of what they took from Nintendo unique. I’m not a fan of Microsoft but at least their Kinect had the same concept but in a different way.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Simple. It’s just amusing to read the insane ramblings. You’re right, it’s business. That’s being smart and getting every advantage over your competition.

  • Well they failed with me.. Don’t get me wrong the PS4 is a fine system but it offers no real difference over the PCs it is trying to compete with. In this gaming age a console is only as good as it’s exclusives and there hasn’t been one to get me to make the purchase. Same goes for the XBOX One.. The majority of the top rated multiplatform games come to PC and while my gaming PC cost a little more up front it is easily made up for by the cost of the games which get less expensive much faster than they do on consoles.

    • Merry_Blind

      Same for me.

    • Elenora Tazia

      Same thoughts.

    • Wellington Brito

      Same for me!

      • Glad I am not the only one… Maybe I am not just a blind Nintendo Fanboy because I chose the Wii U and PC this time around. Wii U mainly for exclusives but I also have many 3rd party games. What does not come to Wii U or is severely gimped by 3rd parties on the Wii U version I will get on PC. Steam Dashboard gives the console-like experience on my TV and I generally get AAA games for PC for less than $40 – $50 new or if I wait a few months I can get them dirt cheap.

        • thedeciderU

          you make a lot of sense. as someone who is not a pc gamer (at least yet), how do you compare the console versions of games to the pc versions. i hear a lot of bad press regarding the pc ports being a mess, although they are obviously higher resolution. maybe i’ve only heard about the bad games…

          • Usually by seeing the console version somewhere else and then the PC version that I have on my PC. My gaming PC is powered by a Radeon 7970 3GB video card that I got for like $200 when the new R9 series cards came out and the rest of the PC cost about $400. Of course I built it myself so I saved a little there too but it has plenty of power. I have yet to get a game to be lower than 1080p (High Settings) or under 40 frames per second

    • MrTravan

      Consoles aren’t competing with a PC. They’re competing with other consoles. As for me, if they were competing with a PC, the PC has been losing for the last 30 years. Not saying PC gaming isn’t good enough for me. It would be more than good enough for me if any game I wanted to play was offered on PC. But they aren’t. So, PC gaming would never work for me. So, as you can see, just because some think that PC gaming is the best for everyone, it’s really not.

      • They may state they are not competing on paper but they are… Heck it was their “non-competition” with PC that made them decide to make their consoles using PC parts because developers claimed it was so much easier to develop on PC. In the gaming market consoles compete with PCs just as much as they do with tablet/phone gaming. It is all gaming and the competition spans across many platforms.

        Also I never claimed that PC gaming was for everyone. I merely stated it was the best choice for me at this time but in reality it is a very viable alternative to many console gamers more so now than it was in the past as a modest gaming PC that offers equal or more performance to the consoles (made out of PC parts) can be purchased or built for slightly more than the consoles. The one I have cost about $600 and while it will not break any speed records it does play the games better (visually and frames per second) than either the XBOX One or PS4 and in a few years I can swap the video card to get more performance or save up to upgrade/build some more and NOT lose my game library which is something that Sony and Microsoft seem to like to do to gamers by killing off backwards compatibility

        • MrTravan

          I agree with all that. My wording wasn’t correct on the part about PC. What I mean to say if just because PC gaming might be great doesn’t mean it’s a fit for everyone. Just not a fit for me, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Just what’s available doesn’t work for me.

          • Which means there are console exclusives that you like to play. That could change for me in the future too with either the PS4 or XBOX One. Just not right now which is why my first post stated that a console is only as good as it’s exclusives. Of course that exclusive could be that all your friends play a certain game on that platform too.

          • MrTravan

            You’re right on a couple counts there. I have friends with PS4s, no friends who game on a PC. The games I play aren’t exclusive to a certain console, just only on consoles. I like sports games, so two examples would be MLB The Show, which is a Sony exclusive and Madden.

          • matthew garcia

            I’m not really a tech nerd and don’t care for modding. I just wanna put my game in and play. Between work and the many hours I play guitar I have no time to tinker around with a pc and all the optimizing the games that go along with it.

          • MrTravan

            I’m like that too. I know just enough about PCs to screw one up pretty good.

          • matthew garcia

            Yeah I rather just buy the console and be good for 5 to 7 years and that’s the end of it. I rather spend my money on other things then a 200 dollar graphics card in 2 or 3 years. I understand it’s a main hobby for others but gaming is not my main thing

          • The myth that you need to upgrade your graphics card every two to three years is false BTW.. Sure enthusiasts love to do it but if you do not need every game on ULTRA settings at 100+ Frames per second then one can easily get 3 – 7 years out of a gaming PC if they are smart. For me it came down to the games and their cost. I found just about every game I liked to play on my XBOX 360 and that is coming to the XB1 and PS4 were also on PC and instead of paying $60 I can very often get those same games for much less. I only buy a few titles at launch anyway and tend to wait for the games to go on sale which are better priced on PC by a long shot. Easily makes up for the cost difference.

          • matthew garcia

            I understand that but my ps4 kinda acts as my whole entertainment center. I watch my movies, browse the internet, watch Netflix or hulu, download all my favorite ps1 rpgs, plus ps4 games then of course I have my Wii u for exclusives. A pc would kinda just sit at my desk.

          • So does my PC. My Gaming PC is hooked to my TV and is in a smaller case that fits nicely with my entertainment center. It is my gaming PC, and using Windows Media Center it is BluRay Player, streaming video and internet browser using a wireless keyboard and mouse. I can use Netflix on there but I usually use the Wii U as I like the gamepad as a remote.

            I am not trying to argue but it just shows that there are options and choices and it truly depends on your gaming preferences on which platform(s) are best for you. I would have easily jumped on a new PS4 or XBOX One if they did not kill off compatibility with all the games that have been out there so for me the choice to use PC was partially about game consolidation as I do not want to keep adding a new console just to play my games.

          • matthew garcia

            I believe pc is the way to go if your a gamer but I may not be as much of a gamer as others. I’ll pay 1000 dollars for a new guitar not for a pc. If I spend any less then that for a pc it will run games fine still but won’t last as long. I do want a pc for music recording software but I don’t need a badass pc for that.

          • oontz

            “I am not trying to argue”

            But that’s exactly what you’re doing. Stop trying to defend the PC. We get it, it’s your preferred method of gaming. But for other people it’s not, and it’s likely nothing you say will change their opinion of that.

          • I can defend whatever I like.. And actually the platform I game the most on is my Wii U

            I am not being argumentative… I am explaining how I believe the PC is a viable alternative to gaming or a competitor to consoles more so today than it has ever been.

          • I can appreciate that.. I have my gaming PC with Steam and while it took a small amount of setup all I need to do is launch the Steam Dashboard (which I can do from my PC XBOX Controller) and it looks and feels just like a console. I can navigate to all my games (even the games I did not purchase through steam) and play them using the controller. No disc swapping needed.

            While you can tinker and optimize it is not something that is done like some people make it out to be. At least no more than applying the updates and patches for the console and games on the console these days.

            I can even stream my games from my PC to another computer which I have done to my laptop which is underpowered for gaming and play the game using the power of the PC. Works Awesomely for many of my games.

          • MrTravan

            My son actually plays Steam and most of his friends play games on Steam on their PCs so he plays that more than any console. He and I have different tastes in games so that works for him.

        • matthew garcia

          Nintendo claims there not competing with ps4 or Xbox one either.

          • They do and I disagree there.. I say if you make video games and/or devices that play video games you are in competition with other companies that make video games and devices to play those video games.

          • Capt. Smoker

            Nintendo do their own thing, they’ve never really been competition, a main console for big N fans and a sub console for “hardcore” gamers, I’d agree if they were selling the same kind of games, but they don’t, never have, never will, never expect them too, the industry is set in stone at this point.

        • oontz

          “They may state they are not competing on paper but they are…”

          No sony exclusive made by one of their first party studios will ever come to PC.

          • What does that have to do with anything? Of course Sony’s own exclusives for the playstation will never come to PC.. It has nothing to do with the fact that their x86 PC powered console is competing with gaming PCs.

            I swear some people have terrible reading comprehension skills

          • ben

            There just Trolls. Bob, they spend most of their time here talking smack on the wii u, while defending the PS4.

      • Capt. Smoker

        PC gaming is complicated, not to mention your only options are ugly motherboard under your television with uncomfortable setup of keyboard, mouse and PC 360 controller or hunch up on a chair and transform into Mr Blobby over a duration of time, or I can just play the Wii U and ignore western games because most are the same recycled crap over and over, I made my choice and stand by it πŸ™‚

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Same thought here. Although I don’t have money to get a PC that makes the best performance for multiplatform titles, I still have no intention of getting a PS4! I’d rather spend the money to get a Wii U and games for it than getting Sony’s console.

      And their logic is pretty flawed: people who got the Wii but didn’t get a PS3 or Xbox 360 are mostly casual gamers, who prefer motion controls and silly party games. They’re trying to get that public that isn’t willing to invest high amounts of money into gaming because it’s not worth it for what they want with an extremely expensive console and equally expensive AAA games!

      • MrTravan

        Yeah, I don’t get how Wii buyers will be attracted to a PS4 either. It attracted me to a Wii U. Also, I do have a PS4, but only because the games I play are not available on PC, so I needed a console.

    • thedeciderU

      wow, great points. i’ve been waiting for the reason to get a ps4, and i’m really only lukewarm with a couple titles.

    • Murilo Correia

      Aye! this generation i’ll be fine with My PC + Wii U

    • matthew garcia

      I love pc but I have to have me some zelda, metroid, uncharted, last of us, halo and gears of war

      • Then there are console exclusives that interest you.. Nothing wrong with that and in the future a game or two could make me decide to get a PS4 or XBOX One. If you enjoy video games it is near impossible to not be a multiplatform household.

        • matthew garcia

          Yeah that’s true. I don’t have a pc though . I just use my iPad for its replacement. Tablets seem to be hurting the pc industry. Not so much for gaming but for just general use.

      • Kyle

        Yeah, I only bought the ps3 because of Journey, and Im gonna have to get a PS4 for RIME and Kingdom Hearts

    • That PvZ Guy

      Well, you can’t really say that because a lot of PS4’s exclusives are yet to be released. The Order: 1886, No Man’s Sky, and Drake’s Uncharted 4 are all going to be released next year. All those games look pretty good.

      • I can say what I want and I did clarify by saying if an exclusive comes that I am really interested in then I may end up getting that platform to play the game. It was kind of the whole point of my original post.

        • That PvZ Guy

          Well, you’ve said a lot of things. But here’s the bottom line, it’s ridiculous to literally decide whether or not you’re gonna purchase a console primarily based off of a few exclusive titles. The fact of the matter is, games that can be purchased on multiple next-generation platforms are still worth taking into account. Like Destiny, which is not exclusive to the Xbox One or PS4, but cannot be purchased on the PC. It looks like a fantastic game and I would easily guess that it will sell a lot of copies, and the experience on the PS4 might be better than it would be on PC. For instance, being able to share gameplay at the touch of a button instead of having to invest in expensive or ineffective software is nice. And I imagine there’s all kinds of fun ways for developers to incorporate the touchpad on the Dualshock 4 into games.

          Not saying that next-gen consoles are better or worse, but seriously, your decision really shouldn’t be based off of a couple exclusive titles. Besides, there’s gonna be plenty more in the years to come. As for Wii U exclusives, well, all you can expect is sequels, sequels, sequels. More Smash Bros, more Mario Kart, more Zelda. At least Sony is taking a chance with new titles like The Order: 1886 and No Man’s Sky. And even Microsoft with Sunset Overdrive. I guess it’s just me, because all these Mario games continue to put up huge sales numbers, but it’s my personal belief that this constant and relentless barrage of sequels is destroying innovation and creativity in the gaming industry. That’s why I get tired of people just immediately writing off next-gen consoles and snuggling up to their precious PCs, at least these consoles are innovative in multiple ways. It’s time to start developing new titles, new platforms, and new ideas if the gaming industry is to remain fresh and interesting. Nostalgia is valued far more than it should be.

          • Not sure if you do not comprehend but if a game is only on consoles (1 or more consoles) then those are console exclusives.

            Nintendo is doing more than just sequels if you look at it. Look at Splatoon. A totally new IP from Nintendo. And many of these “new” titles are just similar games with a new skin. While Destiny may be a great game it looks like many other games like a game bungie used to make called Halo. The XBOX One and PS4 have just as many sequels coming to them as Nintendo does.

            I am no PC Elitist by any means and until this generation I was pretty much a console only gamer aside from a few PC only games here and there mainly because it was not cost effective and convenient to hook up a PC to the TV. Now with technologies like HDMI and software like Steam providing an easy to use central interface for your games it makes the PC very much like a console. Heck I may even look into SteamOS when it comes out for my PC in the living room and move that more powerful video card to my PC in the office and stream all my games and get an even more like console experience.

            I am not trying to belittle anyone’s choices and I am not sure why a personal choice for my gaming habits and interests is bugging you so much.

          • That PvZ Guy

            What bugs me is not your personal choices but just all the console bashing.

            And Splatoon is only one new game? For someone who seems to value exclusives so much, I would think that Splatoon wouldn’t be enough. And please do some research on Destiny before slapping the Halo tag on it, I’ve seen far too many people do that simply after watching the launch trailer and noting that it was developed by Bungie.

            Destiny is an MMO FPS RPG, out of all those genres, Halo only met one of those, which of course was FPS. In Destiny, you have raids like you would in any other MMO RPG, you do story quests and earn rewards for doing so, you can customize all your gear and weapons, even craft them, and of course choose your race and class. If you’re going to compare it to any game, think more along the lines of Borderlands 2, which by the way, is wildly successful.

            Just remember that the Wii U has been stale for literally years now, and is only beginning to garner some excitement after the release of Mario Kart 8 (which I’ve played, pretty much just every other Mario kart game with a couple new characters, new items, in HD) and with the announcement of a new Zelda and Smash Bros, but once those games are released and everyone is finished going bananas, it will return to it’s sluggish state.

          • How am I bashing consoles? It seems to me you are the one doing the bashing claiming Nintendo is not doing anything new with nothing but sequels and trying to use all these games you are interested in as proof of that. I don’t really care what you like to play.. Play what you like and I will do the same. I simply like to play video games and if there is a game I like to play I get the platform to play that game. It is really that simple. Sorry that you take this so personal like I am infringing on your game and game platform choices.. Seems to me that you need to work out those issues as I am content in my choices as a gamer and fail to see how my choices affect yours or anyone else.

          • That PvZ Guy

            If you’re content with your choices as a gamer, then I’m not quite sure why you’ve said so much here in the comments section. Seems like you’re not sure about a lot of things, I know what I want and don’t want, as I’ve stated, but you keep talking about your decisions being based off of “exclusive titles” or whatever your bizarre idea of exclusives even is.

          • You know you’re right.. This conversation has gone on far too long. Up until you commented I was having a polite discussion with others about gaming choices and then you came in to try and put down those choices and contradict everything with your personal opinion claiming them to be facts. So with that I bid you good day and happy gaming.

          • TehEngineer

            The Wii U hasn’t been stale for ‘literally years’. It hasn’t even been on the market for two years. Everyone seems to forget that the Wii U actually sold well for the first two months after it’s launch. It wasn’t till Janurary 2013 that the sales dropped off a cliff. So no, the Wii U has only been ‘stale’ for a Year and a half.

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      I think the PS4 is a great system true that their is no games that I like now. The best thing about Sony is JRPG. Now Nintendo will have better JRPG this gen PS4 JRPG will arrive at the end of it’s Life Cyle like the PS3 before it. AAA JRPG cost money just take a look at Star Wars Old Republic and Final Fantasy 7 those were one of the most expensive games of all time. So Sony dont have money to pay for AAA JRPG development. They already lost on PS3. Maybe Next Gen PS5 will have constant JRPG throughout the console cycle .

    • Capt. Smoker

      I’d rather get a steam box than own an overpriced ps4/xbox one and pay yearly fees online, that or be a PC snob

    • Kwondhe

      Totally agree!! Keep your Wii U for the Nintendo franchises (like SSB or Zelda) and complete it with your PC, I mean, on your PC you can even watch all your movies and see gameplay on youtube. Oh, but I bet sony will not give up on that shit.

  • Des

    That’s not surprising. I bought a Wii U never having owned a Wii and thanks to backwards compatibility I can play all those great games at a relatively low cost. I own a PS3 and will probably buy the PS4 at some point but they can keep their HD Updates of games I already own.

    • thedeciderU

      haha this

    • mojack411

      Yeah pretty much same here. When I found out the PS4 wouldn’t be reverse compatible I got the Black Friday PS3 bundle. Now I have all the PS3 exclusives that I care for. I have no incentive to buy remakes of the games with moderately better graphics. Focus on making new, and unique exclusives please.

    • I see a lot of that happening with the PS4 and the XB1.. Some people like to claim that people do not buy a new console to play old games but I find that is mostly not true as older games can be discovered by a player and the game is new to them so instead of giving the gamers the option to simply pop a disc in from the previous console they want gamers to pay a fee to update their games to the new console or a subscription to play these games you may have already purchased already. It’s all a part of the money grab. Some really old games I can see that but not games that were available for the previous generation. Those games should play natively on the console in my opinion.

  • majora :D

  • long_dong_donkey_kong

    Ok, so let’s say you bought a Wii and not a 360, PS3, or Wii U. Sony’s plan to attract you to their new system is to produce the same games that did not lure you to the 360 or PS3 only with better lighting and rain effects?

    Let’s face it. If you were strictly a Wii owner you were either new to gaming (grandparents buying it for Wii Sports), you were a kid in which case you were dependent on others to buy you a system, or you are the most zealous of Nintendo fans in which case you’re eying up the Wii U.

    What are they offering that is going to get this crowd to spend close to $500 for a system and a game? In fact, what are they offering those of us who had a Wii and a PS3? Uncharted should be good, but it’s likely more of the same. The underwater game from the people who made Journey is intriguing. What else can I get that isn’t just a prettier version of a game I can get on PS3 or Wii U?

    • Squid

      Hmm, I was one of those people who only owned Wii by choice. I don’t know what drugs I was on. But either way, I did go to Steam for games I absolutely wanted. I’m pretty sure this is what most Ninty fans do now, own a wii u for the exclusives and play games you want on steam or another system.

      • Mr Ninty

        nope. i bought a wii and after 2years i bought a 360 because i wanted some shooters and had the money.

        now i only want the wiiu because im a ninty fan and looking back at my 360games i find little games i had a real connection with. the only games im still going to play in 20years will probably be bioshock 1/2 ,gears 1/2/3 and halo.

        while on the wii i have more games i will play on a regular basis just like on all the other ninty consoles.

        the X1 doesn’t have any games i want, perhaps when gears4 comes and the new halo but a $400 console is way to mush for 2 games and infinite remakes. same goes for ps4 still no interesting games in sight and yet again more remakes.

        steam is not for me

        i will keep playing on my wiiu/3DS combo for the time being

  • Fred

    well, someone should target those 100 million people and Nintendo doesn’t seem to be doing it

    • Squid

      No, I’m pretty sure during the Wii’s lifetime many people moved to Xbox (presumably for Call of Duty HURRHURRHURR) , and Playstation for the graphics and different games. Because other than. Nintendo’s products on the Wii, most of the third party games were crap.

      • TheyCallHimBigAl

        That’s my favorite thing about third parties with the Wii. Instead of releasing a quality product they put out versions that are in name only part of a better franchise (i.e. FarCry, Dead Space) and then make it seem like the Wii’s user base just isn’t into “mature” games when they don’t sell.

      • Fred

        I do know a lot of people that moved to Xbox for Kinect, but Sony isn’t likely targeting those people.

  • ActivesiN

    ohhhhhh so thats why Sony doesn’t want to make AAA games anymore and just support indie games

  • companyoflosers

    Only thing that has ever made me consider ps4 are bragging rights for owning every console and the last of us remake for ps4. My reasons would vanish tho if they made a pc version. Ps4 just has little reason beyond specs to buy it over its competition. Seems like it has fewer exclusives and more multiplatforms than the other consoles which means its more worth it to own an xb1 or wii u cuz im more likely to get games that cant be played anywhere else. Psr fails to set itself apart for any other reason besides graphics and i got a pc for that.

  • Squid

    Wii U users have everything and more that the Wii users had.

  • Rich Garriques

    im alreadying getting a ps4 , have the destiny bundle on pre order for sept , i already made the decision to buy wii u first which i did april 25th and now ps4 sept 9th , i currently own wii u , ps3 and 360 , with a mid range gaming pc.

  • Jason

    A better way to get people who skipped the PS3 to buy a PS4, is backwards combatibility, but they didn’t do that. They didn’t even need to put the Ps3 hardware in there, they could have used a PS3 emulator.

    • Justin Schroeder

      No possible way a PS4 could have emulated the PS3. PS3 emulators on high-end PCs aren’t even that stable.

      • Jason

        Because they are 3rd party emulators. If Sony made their own emulator it would work

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          More than likely.

        • oontz

          It’s not a mater of who makes the emulator it’s the power needed to run it and emulate games properly.

          • ben

            THis is true.The wii u has to sandbox its emulation of wii titles, they arer basically running on a seperate computer with in the wii u, if my understanding is correct.

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      They use Playstation Now. Looks great dude.

    • oontz

      You have no clue about emulation. No clue.

  • The Clockwork Being

    Nintendo is targeting all the PS3 owners that never owned a Wii to buy a Wii U and enjoy both Wii and Wii U games due to backwards compatibility

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Both are guilty. It’s not a huge deal. That’s business, and I accept it as such.

      • The Clockwork Being

        Yeah i know, im just poking fun at the situation and making a joke

  • Ducked

    Fatal Frame Wii U to be revealed this week

    “Mark your calendars! There’s going to be a Fatal Frame livestream on Niconico at 13:30 (Japan Standard Time) on…

    • Rich Garriques

      we know

      • Mike

        @disqus_tjHiBPyQZn:disqus most likely posted that comment BEFORE they made an article

  • CydeFxt

    Oh fuck off. Why can’t they just focus on more new IPs and better games instead of rehashing shabby ports? This is Sony’s big thing now? Oh we want to provide for those that didn’t own a PS3 and give them those experiences on PS4, that they missed back then, because hey, why not milk those games. No thank you. I loved the shit out of my PS3 and my Wii, but I would NEVER buy a PS4 to play ported games AT 60 FPS AND 1080 P RESOLUTIONS OMG TRULY REVOLUTIONARY. PC has been running those specs so long ago that its a joke.

    I’ll buy a PS4 when they have some actual non 3rd party games worth having.

  • Potemkin

    It’s not such a bad idea, but it isn’t as easy to make it come true.

    Most of the Wii audience were casuals and they will move easily to smartphones/tablets for quick gaming sessions. No casual gamer is willing to pay 400 dollars for a gaming console that mostly has games for a more dedicated gaming community.

  • thedeciderU

    relaunch MORE games? i know it’s been done with arcade classics, vc, etc., but to (re)make retail copies of games that released after 2006 is frustrating. the game industry has started to turn into the film industry. remake the games that have sold big, not as many new ideas.

    thankfully there are many talented indie games being made available on several platforms, but am i the only one who feels like devs (in a general sense) might be out of ideas (at least those that are being funded)? not sure what to think. of course i won’t buy all the relaunched games i’m sort of complaining about, but the simple charm of video games seems to be lost on the 80s/90s; surely a better, simpler time. and not just because i was a kid then.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      This video will answer your question. I’m surprised by how…true this video really is.

      Also, the reason why indie games seem, no, not seem, DO have more creativity is because when you’re an indie developer, you don’t have the pressure of “will this game do well or bad?” You have more “freedom” to do what you want. Bigger corporation, like Nintendo or Sony, can’t take the risk of creating a “creative”, “original” game, because as a big company, if the game does poorly, they’ll lose allot of money. Indie developers don’t have to worry about the stress of a game being a failure. Even if it turns out to be a failure.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Very true.

      • JCdude

        This video surprised me, to say the least. Ocarina of Time, arguably the best video game ever created, selling less than Mario Party 8? New Super Mario Bros. Wii selling better than Super Mario Galaxy? The gaming industry baffles me sometimes.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          Yep, lol. I got a huge wakeup call when I watched this video for the first time. It’s kind of sad THIS is where the gaming industry is headed. Though, I appreciate that Nintendo is at least trying to be “creative” and try and make all their games have an original concept in some way (besides their New Super Mario Bros. series). But….You can tell they’re holding back. Games nowadays just doesn’t have that…”magical” feel like in the N64 or even the GameCube days. Those were the days Nintendo was making tons of original games. Nintendo even got risky and made a completly new franchise, known as Pikmin.

      • thedeciderU

        awesome post – just watched, and thanks for sharing.

  • TheyCallHimBigAl

    Nice strategy. The Wii has a user base of over 100 mil, and getting half of those owners over to ps4 would be a rousing success.
    However, he should have targeted mayonnaise owners, as mayonnaise sells that much per year instead of the incredibly long seven it took the Wii to get those kinda sales numbers.

  • WiiUisgaming

    Last generation I just owned a Wii, but play Xbox360 or PS3 with Friends but no more. Now I have a Wii U and no intentions of buuying a PS4, I already play it with Friends and it is the same as PS3 but with a little better graphics and WiiU have new way to play a whole new expirience. I think Sony will fail. Wii owners bought a Wii because of the motion controller a new expirience Nintendo offered, now Nintendo is doing the same with Dual Screen Gameplay.

  • JB

    I wonder how he knows most of those people came specifically from the Wii camp? With over 100 million Wiis in the wild, it’s not a hard stretch to believe, but at the same time, a lot of those people could have just owned a 360 or dare I say a Wii and 360. Also, House cites new PS+ subs as a source, but how many of those new subs are PS3 owners who never found the need to get one? It would seem a better metric would be how many new PSN accounts were activated. Give me that number.

  • Guest

    If Sony wants more early adopters of the PS4 they need to stop all of the awesome flash sales. I want a PS4 eventually but have no incentive to buy one any time soon being I have over a year’s worth of gaming from flash sale titles I bought on my PS3. I’ll easily be able to finish off my PS3 game collection for under $100. For the same price of a PS4 (or less) you could get a PS3 and possibly two years worth of games (if the flash sales continue). But, I guess I’m not their target being I have a PS3 and already have a next-gen system (Wii U).

    • TheyCallHimBigAl

      That’s a great point. Not only are the games cheap, but so far most new ps games are coming out both for 3 and 4. Why buy a $400 system plus a small library when you can get most of the new games plus cheap used ones?

      • iamserious

        Because 1080P 60FPS!! That’s why!!!!! Oh wait we are talking about PS4… Lol πŸ˜›

        • TheyCallHimBigAl

          It very frustrating how that’s become the benchmark for top of the line gaming. Last I checked, Final Fantasy VI has only a fraction of the P’s and FPS’s of XIII, but no one would say XIII is better just because of the graphics.

  • Lepton

    Hello this is Sony here and you should buy a PS4 after having owned a Wii in the previous generation because FUCK YOU THAT’s WHY – give us your money now.

    • David Trail

      I had all three consoles last gen. Same this gen.

      • oontz

        I am trying to find the relevance to your post on response to the original post, but there is none.

        • David Trail

          It is that Wii fans didn’t just own a Wii duh.

  • David Trail

    Ha ha i told you the PS4 is the casual console of choice this gen lol!

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    Those bought into the wii because of it’s low price tag. We’re now talking $400+ here.

  • Agent721

    It says a lot about the state of the PS4, when they’re counting on PS3 games to bring gamers in. I want a PS4 when games worth getting show up…none has thus far.

    • The Batman

      Destiny, Infamous Second Son, AC Unity, The Last of Us, Alien Isolation, MGS V GZ and TTP, The Order 1866, Wolfenstein.. have I mentioned all these games have skipped WiiU?

      • Andrew St. Clair

        And all of those games are worth skipping in general.

        • The Batman

          Spoken with true bitterness wrapped in Nintendo fanboying.

          • Andrew St. Clair

            Nope. Just spoken with truth, and nothing other than that. But, if you have to say that I’m bitter and call me a fanboy in order for you to defend those games, then that’s shows the limitations in yourself. Good job at being simple minded.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            You’ll find allot of that around here. Better get used to it, lol. Oh, and you forgot to mention The Wolf Among Us isn’t coming to the Wii U either. I really find it funny that below he says “spoken with truth.” When he hasn’t even played them to know if they are really bad. Allot people want Destiny on the Wii U.

          • The Batman

            The Wolf Among Us was great, loved it! Hopefully there’s a second one based on that ending.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            I want to play The Wolf Among Us so much! But, I’m waiting on the physical console release. I just prefer having physical copies of games than digital. And I kind of like the box art for it. I liked The Walking Dead, so I’m sure I’ll like The Wolf Among Us. TellTale is a nice company. I’m excited for The Walking Dead: Season Two. πŸ˜€

  • Yen

    If you want PS4 owners to be able to experience the older generations greatest hits why didn’t you just make PS4 backwards compatible? >.>

    • The Batman

      It’s called PS Now.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        It’s going to be a work in progress for a bit pertaining to PS Now. When all the kinks are worked out, it’s going to be a huge service. That is, if it goes subscription instead of these lame rentals and their insane prices. I do have faith, that Sony will turn it around.

        • nWo4liFe

          They need to keep those as rentals for at least the first two years. Sony can’t afford to do a subscription plan. It would set their service up to fail. Put it this way…

          If Sony charges for rentals, they make more revenue than a monthly subscription plan. The more revenue they create, the more content they can add. I don’t think playstation users will be thrilled to hear that the service would be going up in price, and that’s what could happen if they offered a monthly subscription. It would hit them the way it hits Netflix to this day. Now, the problem is convincing those people on the rental prices. They need to offer some sort of perk of value. Maybe a discount with a plus account? Who knows, but if people can buy the game for 3 bucks more, why rent it? It does add the backwards compatibility, but the service would need to act flawless in order to achieve that.. And knowing Sony’s track record… There are gonna be plenty of issues.

          I hope it works out for them, because if it does, Nintendo could easily follow this route and take it to another level. God knows the Wii U needs it.

      • Yen

        Yes, but that’s a work in progress much like the Virtual Console. The system is more than capable of playing older game disks that people already own or can still buy. The only reason not to is because they want to make money on reselling these older games.

        • oontz

          “The system is more than capable of playing older game disks that people already own or can still buy.”

          No it’s not. It’s different hardware. The software would have to be run in emulation. Anyone that knows anything about emulation will tel you this is not as simple as you think.

          • Yen

            You can always write software to interpret software that was written for a different architecture, making it stable is a different story. Capable doesn’t mean easy, I know that they’d need to emulate the environment in order to run older generation games. If you’re telling me the PS4 isn’t capable of running a PS3 emulator though you’re crazy. In fact, the PS Now means they already did it through a slightly different method.

          • oontz

            “the PS Now means they already did it through a slightly different method.”

            The ps4 is NOT emulating a ps3 when using psnow.

          • Yen

            No, PS Now is streaming from machines in a data center somewhere. Meaning there are machines that are running these games. I highly doubt they simply have thousands of PS3s running the game and streaming to your PS4. Some software is running these games and streaming to your PS4, assuming they had that, making it work directly on the PS4 is possible, though I don’t know how much memory the software would need from the PS4.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “The service will feature modified PS3 hardware within its data centers, with the processing power equivalent of eight PS3 consoles shrunk onto a single motherboard within a slimline server cabinet; this allows for optimal utilization of physical space, in addition to reducing
            electricity costs.”

            From their wikipedia page. There is no emulation there.

          • Yen

            From later parts of this same conversation, I’ve acknowledged that. PS Now does not directly emulate. I’ve read the wiki article, which says the data center is using systems that are not PS3s to run these games as you quoted. That is the “different method” I mentioned. My point is not whether PS Now is an emulator, my point is that the PS4 has the ability to run emulators for its predecessors which oontz claim is not possible.

    • oontz

      It’s completely different architecture from the ps3. The reason the wiiu is backwards compatible is because is architecture is similar to the wii enabling the wii os the run properly and play games.

      • Yen

        They could have gone with the same architecture and made it backwards compatible. That’s the point, if they really wanted PS4 owners to experience the joy of past PS systems they could have.

        • ben

          Bottom line.. Money. It costs a lot less on R and D to make a console/pc than to make a real console. The PS4 is not a real console. It runs hot. It has a low development ceiling. It has already reached its limit for graphics.
          You will not see people pushing the PS4 the way they pushed the PS3. The PS4 is a low end gaming PC, with Sony exclussives, if Sony has the budget to make the games. The PS3 is a far better console thabn the ps4.

          • oontz

            “It has already reached its limit for graphics. ”


          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I love this argument. We’re not even a year in, and people assume that this is the limit. Fans forget, it takes a few years for any console to be pushed over the edge. Last gen showed it, this one will be no different.

          • ben

            Because it is not a console. Consoles get better because of their unique architecture The PS4 and Xbox one do not have Unique architecture. Both sony and Microsoft are western developers lap dogs and they listened to people who dont want to work hard to learn a new system. So they built consoles that were like low end pcs to please the likes of UBi and EA.

            It will mean the a generation of generic games with no significant advances.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Interesting opinion. There is no bottom line at this point. Too early in the 8th gen to see how far consoles will be pushed.


    Could have fooled me! Looks like they only want to compete with MS with all those shooters and action Jacksons on the thing.

    Know how they can get me? Make less dude bro games and more JRPGs and platformers. Also bring back your old IP’s like Parappa or MidEvil and buy back Crash Bandicoot and Spyro or make games like those. Then you might get me to fork over the dough. You only have Infamous and LBP 3 and No Man’s Sky that interest me so far and that’s not enough for me to buy one just yet

  • anthony optimo

    Backwards compatibility so I can play my old ps1 and ps2 games, then I’m sold.

  • iamserious

    I just don’t see this gen pulling last gen’s numbers. Maybe more than half but definitely not the same or more than last gen.

  • Nic Solarfield

    Sony & ps2 provided us with Silent Hill 2 then Ico. Until anything can come close to those two iconic pieces of art (UNFORGETABLE GAMING EXPERIENCES) nothing will persuade me to get a PS4.

    • The Batman

      The Last of Us.

      • Andrew St. Clair

        People keep throwing the Last of Us out there like it’s a great game. The Last of Us sucks. Stop throwing it out there people.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Tell that to fans and media alike. Seems like you’re the minority that didn’t fancy it.

          • FutureFox

            I there are more Olivia Munn type “gamers” out there than we like to believe otherwise. The type who says they’re into games but really more like Brown-headed cow bird; just crashing the party to peddle their personalities in as many places as possible with no deep respect for the house their invading. Rinses and repeat.

          • Andrew St. Clair

            I just did tell them. And you know what I got in return? Someone telling me that I’m not a real gamer. Yep. That’s what happened. You can look at it. It’s down below.

            Hell. I’ll just quote it again:
            “A more fitting description would be a poser, a fake gamer.” – FutureFox…

            See. There it is. Go ahead and look for yourself. I’m not making that up. That really happened.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I’m not judging you whether you are a real gamer or not. I’m making the point that you’re the small minority that didn’t care for the game. I’ll take your word for it, as I get called things like that too. It’s the internet. You get the love/hate treatment no matter what you reply with. Personally, I think your comment could have been worded better, but that’s my opinion.

        • oontz

          “People keep throwing the Last of Us out there like it’s a great game.”

          If by people you mean the entire game industry and even members of the film industry , then yes. Give credit where credit is due. Naughty Dog is easily one of the best developers in gaming today, and the last of us was a masterpiece.

          • Andrew St. Clair

            The gaming industry? You mean that industry that invites Usher to perform at E3, and promotes watching sports and news, rather than playing videogames? That thing that continues to rush out Call of Duty games, Battlefield games, and other horrible game series just because they don’t want to work? That industry? The gaming industry has been horrible for about six years, and nobody working in the industry gives a crap about anything they’re doing.

            The gaming industry loves it because they’re supposed. It’s got cutscenes, voice-actors, it’s “dark,” and “serious,” and the graphics are “realistic,” and the story is soooo “mature,” and for adults only. The storytelling rivals that of cinema (which is because they’re directly ripping off a movie – though the fans keep trying to say they’re not). They love it because they’re supposed to love it. They’re not real gamers if they don’t love it. You need proof of that statement? Look at FutureFox’s post.

            Hell, I’ll just quote it right here:
            “A more fitting description would be a poser, a fake gamer.” – FutureFox…

            There it is. Right there. Someone doesn’t like that game? Then that person isn’t a real gamer.

            That’s why the gaming industry loves it.

            And I have no idea why you even mentioned the film industry. Have you seen films recently? Have you seen the box office for movies? Transformers 4 made more over its opening weekend then Edge of Tomorrow has made in total.

        • The Batman

          I’m sorry that it shatters the statement that Nic Solarfield put forth.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          If the Last of Us sucked so bad, then why is Hollywood making a movie? If the game truly did “suck” then why would Hollywood waste their time making a movie out of it?

          • Andrew St. Clair

            Transformers I, II and III sucked… they made a fourth one, right?

            “If the game truly did “suck” then why would Hollywood waste all their time and resources making a movie out of it?”


            Current rating as of July 16, 2014: 17% approval….
            Current box office gross as of July 16, 2014: $209 milliion….

            Because if they made a movie out of that game, it will make money. Regardless of how terrible the movie is.

            Also, the game would translate well into a movie as the game is a direct ripoff of a movie (this is where someone is supposed to say something stupid to cover it up, so get to it).

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Umm….what movie is The Last of Us based off of?

          • Andrew St. Clair

            Children of Men.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            After looking up the “plot” of that movie, I do see the resemblance between that and The Last of Us. It could be a coincidence though. The movie is kind of old. Heck, I’ve never heard of this movie until you’ve mentioned it. But I don’t know. Even if it is true, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s allot of movies that use Hamlet or especially Romeo and Juliet as their base story line. Are those movie bad too? Because they “copied” Shakespeare?

  • Iflywright

    I think it’s also the possibility that the xbone kinnect and the wii u gamepad threw off a lot of gamers whereas the ps4 seems more straight forward in function, which probably feels more safe to casual gamers. Personally, I’m going to wait a couple years before considering buying a ps4.

  • Capt. Smoker

    I really don’t see how this is the perfect all around device, maybe 8 years a go… but nobody is buying consoles to watch movies n tv anymore, and if he’s talking games, what’s good for kids? cause all this mature shooter stuff ain’t, I haven’t seen anything noteworthy on the ps4 yet, sorry House, your not brainwashing me! πŸ˜€

  • Zorlac79

    Yeah, umm, by all means, no thanks.

    Not only do I not want to give Sony a penny of my money to begin with, but I like to play games that have at least a little bit of depth to them. Not $60, one run through than time to sell.

    If graphics were all I was worried about, then I would buy a gaming PC. The only games that interest me on this system are minimum of a year away or more.

  • Nathan C.

    Wii owners, the casuals who would only play Wii series games and shovelware, care about The Last of Us? Seriously?

  • ronniethespy

    “Sony is now targeting consumers who don’t purchase the latest console as soon as it’s available”

    *cough*Kingdom Hearts Players*cough*

  • nWo4liFe

    .. I have no idea how that thing is selling so well. If anyone does, please enlighten me.

    Also.. The Last Of Us. Cool story.. Boring Gameplay. It took me forever to finish that game because the of it. I did LOVE the multiplayer a shit ton. I hope Sony steps away from the cinematic route, and saves their CGI budgets on creating innovative Gameplay mechanics. That’s what this Gen should be about. It

    • HydePark1980

      Gotta be honest not sure why the PS4 is selling so well either, there’s practically nothing on that system that screams fun or next-gen.

    • ben

      I think the HD remake of the TLOU will only ruin it. It was praised because it looked great and had a good story on the PS3, on the PS4 the story is already well known and the gameplay will show the faults far more.

      THe PS4 sold well based on the hype. It also sold well to casuals who want the latest sports game and CoD. It has a low attach rate which supports my opinion. Real gamers are not buying the PS4. It is the new causal system for people who want to relax, play a sports game or shoot some women.

      • The Batman

        “I think the HD remake of the TLOU will only ruin it.” You must live in Bizzaro world then.

      • nWo4liFe

        How will it ruin it?

        Yea, I mean.. At least with the Wii, you had a few killer apps, but the PS4 has almost nothing. It really shows the stupidity of gamers nowadays.

    • The Batman

      So because it took you longer than you wanted to complete a game, it’s game play aspect is therefore “boring”?

      • nWo4liFe

        Did you read? I found the Gameplay extremely boring, therefore it took me forever to beat it, because I kept putting it down and going on the multiplayer instead. Find a plank, place it, move, cutscene, run, repeat. No, I didn’t have fun with it in any way.

        • The Batman

          So because it took you longer than you wanted to complete a game, it’s game play aspect is therefore “boring”?

  • Telly SkyVongola Lowe

    Nintendo forever loyalty since day 1

    • Prizm

      You could always buy both.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      It’s not really good to have “loyalty” to a “company” that doesn’t care about you back. In the end, as a gamer, you should just focus on playing good games. Regardless if it’s on a Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft console. If you only stick to one company, you won’t ever get to experience what the other companies can do.
      Grant it, I’ve never purchased a Microsoft console, because they don’t seem like a very….Trustworthy company, but if Microsoft were to release a couple of good game, that I wanted to play, then I’d buy a Xbox One. Even though I still think the Xbox One is stupid, if they were to release good quality games, I’d put aside that and go buy one.

      • oontz

        “In the end, as a gamer, you should just focus on playing good games. Regardless if it’s on a Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft console. If you only stick to one company, you won’t ever get to experience what the other companies can do. ”


      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Gathering from all the PS4 and Xbox One hate that roams around here, I don’t think many are that open to new experiences. I don’t care for the Wii U, but when a game that I actually really want comes to the console, I’ll buy it. It’s really a shame when people have so much hate for companies and remain this loyal. Loyalty to a company that only wants your money, certainly deserves a facepalm.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          “Loyalty to a company that only wants your money, certainly deserves a facepalm.”
          That statement has so much truth to it. It really surprises me seeing how ignorant the extremely loyal ones can get. Especially the Nintendo ones. The Nintendo ones seem to think Nintendo isn’t in it for the money but just for the fans. When in reality, that’s completely rediculious. Nintendo, like every other company, is there to make money. Allot people tend to forget that game design is a JOB. Not charity.

          • nWo4liFe

            Although Nintendo’s stubbornness can be annoying as hell, they though set a different ethical standard to the industry. Money is always first for these companies, but Nintendo tends to do it with some innovation that carries a shit ton of fun behind it compared to things like Kinect.
            I personally appreciate the fact that Nintendo’s heads take a pay cut whenever their leadership fails, instead of firing a bunch of people. I wish more western companies followed this example, but that’s just crazy talk over here lol

          • 00EpicGamer00

            I do agree that even though Nintendo is in it for the money as well, they tend to try and be more “creative” than most companies. I’d go as far to say that Nintendo might even take the most risks when it comes to being a major video game corporation. Most companies tend to be afraid to do something new, due to the thought of not making money (EA in a nutshell).
            While Nintendo isn’t afraid to try something new.

            Heck, Nintendo even tries to bring innovation to the gaming industry. Now, does every “innovation” Nintendo tries to do a success? Of course not. The Virtual Boy is definitely an example of that. But, making mistakes are actually a good thing. When you make a mistake, you learn from it. So you don’t do it again or you improve upon the original idea.

          • nWo4liFe

            Exactly. That’s why I feel in love with video games to begin with lol.

  • InterTreble

    Wii owners who didn’t purchase any PS3/360 have already switched to Angry Birds, Ruzzle, Candy Crash, etc. They are called casual gamers, and will never spend 400$ to play COD and FIFA Soccer. If this is their target, they’ve already failed.

  • InterTreble

    As for the other part of the speech, no problem with “remastered” editions. The problem is thay they are the ONLY games available. No exclusive, no really next-game released so far. And they won’t, until 2015, further retards excluded. At now, PS4 is a low value purchase, since you cannot enjoy anything they promote in their ads. If you want to play TLOU or Tomb Raider, a PS3 is more than enough, and a PS4 doesn’t worth buying.

  • Epicstuf


    The economy as a whole is so screwed.

  • allvalve

    The PS4 is so far away from the Wii premise that this is laughable. I would liken it to Lamborghini promoting their cars as the natural progression from those who were riding bikes last generation.

  • Joseph Oliveira

    HA! I have a Wii U, X360, and a PS4, and I play my 360 and Wii U a lot more.

  • Leo

    That screams DESPERATION lol