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GameStop getting Hyrule Warriors demo kiosks?


This recent picture was snapped by a reader of GoNintendo and shows a GameStop with a Hyrule Warriors kiosk set up for customers to play. It’s obvious this was originally a Mario Kart 8 demo kiosk, as you can still see Mario Kart 8 labeled below the TV. Whether this is something only a single GameStop is doing, or several others will follow suit remains to be seen, but if you want to get your hands on Hyrule Warriors earlier than the September 26 release date, you might want to check the GameStops in your area.

This photo was taken at a Houston area GameStop, so it’s possible only stores in large metropolitan areas will have these kiosks.

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  • Fred

    I’m sure there’s not one in the small GameStop here in St. George Utah.

  • Jon Turner

    Ah, that’s great news. Very nice to see.

  • Jeremy Baker

    That’s cool and all but where are the tv commercials at? I bet Japan has them come on NOA get on the ball.

  • Sdudyoy

    They should also put a E-shop demo up, I have no Gamestop’s close enough to drive to and play a game, although I do hope this helps people decide to get a Wii U or not, but this game I’m not interested in enough to buy without trying first.

  • Jake

    I hope they do. It’s very smart. But why stop at GameStop. They should bring it to Best Buy and other stores. But they should have other games like Captain Toad, Bayonetta and Smash Bros. I think a big preview tour like they did for E3 2013, should happen.

  • jhell

    it would be nice to have a demo

    • mojack411

      Unfortunately I don’t think that’s gonna happen. When has Nintendo ever released a demo for one of their first-party Wii U games?

      • Alan Michael Hensley

        Mario kart 8 was in our stores about 2 weeks before the game came out

        • Merry_Blind

          And how is that relevant to mojack411’s comment? Him and jhell are talking about an eShop demo, not a store demo.

  • Gootube Suck Ass

    Only 25% ???

    • iamserious

      What are you referring to when you say 25%?

    • Merry_Blind

      Wrong article buddy.