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New Super Smash Bros. leak with video

Last week we posted about a huge leak that originally got sourced from Smashboards. It showcased an image from three different leakers that seemed to predict several things for Super Smash Bros., including the Duck Hunt dog and the addition of Shulk to the game. Many of you called the rumor fake based on the evidence presented. Now we have video to go alongside that leak, so judge for yourself whether you believe these leaks to be true or not.

These videos come from the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, but if any characters are confirmed by this video for that version, they’ll also be available on the Wii U. In the first video, we get a look at Bowser who seems to be fighting Bowser Jr., who is occupying the smiley face vehicle we first saw Bowser in at the end of Super Mario World.

What do you think, based on what you’ve seen?

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  • Kevin Wickham

    they are real….. they seem pretty cool

  • Ony

    Those leaks ruins the surprise.

    • Mayoo

      Well don’t look at them.

  • Cry_Zero

    So they fucked up bowser jr..Why the hell are they doing this to me? Bowser JR in that fucking vehicle????? WHY???? They shouldve made him just like he was in mario sunshine with that huge paintbrush

  • mar laguna

    We all know that shulk is in so its real

  • Juan Benitez

    Nintendo= Awesome

  • Gideon

    Ho. Ly. Fuck. Ing. Shit.
    This is too real! Why did this happen?!! I wanted it to be a surprise!!! Come on ;(

  • Agaton Atienza

    They look real and looks very cool to me!

  • Colin Kells-Murphy

    Ok then… I’m just gonna hide in the corner and contain the hype now that I know the leak is real.

  • HotShotGamer13

    Leak is definitely real

  • companyoflosers

    so r we gonna have sakurai throwing another hissy fit over this leak? we all know what nintendo decided to do after the last time smash bros got leaked, they took away the story mode after subspace was leaked. i wonder if this is enough to teach him “fuck it, its the internet” or if hes gonna freak out again.

  • dazco4

    Well shit, hard to disprove now. Really though we should all be happy, even though the last characters may not be that exiting. We got soooooo many characters this time around and there appears to be a stupid amount of content packed in both these games. I mean the roster could have easily been topped off at about 35 but were getting 49! That’s pretty good if you ask me.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I dont know, something feels odd, maybe these characters are cut, it seems very odd that another mario character gets in, before like another metroid/DK/Pokemon character, and really DR.mario? nahhh something is really strange here lol, the video could be real, it probably is, but i dont think this is the final roster, ganondorf seems too unchanged, and shaulk uses some of marths moveset

  • Lil J Moore

    I want Sora as a playable character

  • Yoshifan3

    Your welcome for the aritcle, Ashley