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Ray’s the Dead announces modest Wii U stretch goal

Developer RagTag Studio has announced that its upcoming action-adventure game will have a stretch goal of a Wii U release for the game if it gets enough funding. Kickstarters are always met with some amount of skepticism in the past, thanks to some developers putting their Wii U stretch goal at an impossibly high number, or after Xbox and PlayStation goals. Thankfully RagTag Studio seem to be approaching their Kickstarter much more level-headed, as the Wii U stretch goal activates at just $65k, which is just over half of the initial goal.

The update that announced stretch goals for the campaign also detailed a few more aside from the Wii U version, including the ability to hire another person to help make the game. Three further goals are listed on the update page as being top secret, all the way up to the 90k level. If you’re unfamiliar with Rays the Dead and RagTag Studio, be sure to watch the Kickstarter pitch above, as well as this E3 2013 trailer.

As you can see, Ray’s the Dead is an action-adventure game putting you in the shoes of Ray LaMorte, a recently arisen zombie who must seek revenge for his own death. The developers are describing the game’s action as similar to Pikmin and Overlord, which lets you control a wide variety of minions, with the adventure aspects of The Legend of Zelda and story-telling elements similar to Stubbs the Zombie. If this looks like something you’d love to play on Wii U, consider helping the development team meet their Wii U stretch goal.

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