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New details about Teslagrad’s GamePad integration surface


Teslagrad has been available for some time on PC now, with the Wii U version finally having been sent to Nintendo for certification. There’s no release date just yet, but the fact that it is in Nintendo’s hands mean the team is waiting for Nintendo to give it the greenlight. So what’s different about the PC and Wii U release?

According to a recent interview with Peter Meldahl of Rain Games, the team took special care to ensure that a host of features we’ve come to expect from GamePad integration exist within Teslagrad. The map and the list of collectibles for the game can all be accessed on the GamePad when you’re playing the game on the TV. Additionally, off-screen play is also supported, but Meldahl made sure to point out that the game feels much better when using the D-Pad and that the team didn’t have to make any graphical concessions in porting the game from PC to Wii U.

If you’re unfamiliar with Teslagrad, be sure and check out this Wii U launch trailer. We’ll update you when Rain Games releases more information about the game, including the date it’s launching on the Nintendo eShop and the price.

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