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Ubisoft apologizes for harmless Mario Kart 8 tweet


Ubisoft recently tweeted something about Mario Kart 8, which was quickly deleted and replaced by an apology. That must have been one awful tweet, one might think. But not at all. It was quite harmless. Here’s what it said:

“Not sure I like the Mercedes-Benz cars in Mario kart 8. Kinda breaks the magic. Be careful Nintendo.”

Ubisoft later deleted it and tweeted: “Sorry about that. The opinion expressed does not in any way represent those of Ubisoft. It’s been deleted.”

Is this what it has come to? Where even the tiniest things have to be redacted and apologized for? Ubisoft’s tweet was completely harmless, yet some scared Ubisoft PR person thought it could “damage” relations with Nintendo. What the tweet in fact showed, was that someone at Ubisoft cared enough to tweet their worries to Nintendo.

And you know what? I think Ubisoft was right in its original tweet. The Mercedes-Benz cars are silly. They don’t fit into the game and ruin the atmosphere and the magic. Worst of all, it makes it look as if Nintendo sold out and is just running an ad campaign for Mercedes. It’s quite lame, actually.

And Wii U Daily is certainly not going to apologize for that statement.

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