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Ubisoft says Super Smash Bros. will increase Wii U sales momentum


Nintendo has has a rough couple of years with the Wii U, but Ubisoft’s Alain Corre believes that’s all about to change thanks to a few key games this year. Despite Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot asserting that Watch Dogs will be the last mature game Ubisoft releases for the Wii U, Corre believes that with Super Smash Bros. and upcoming Ubisoft title Just Dance, the Wii U will find its place in the homes of a much larger audience this holiday season.

To be honest, we always want more consoles. Just Dance 2015 is resonating very well. We think it will please a lot of [existing] Wii U owners and push more families to buy extra Wii Us. But we also believe that Super Smash Bros. will be a trigger to increase the momentum of the Wii U at Christmas. As a gamer, I was playing [Super Smash Bros.] over ten years ago, and it has some of the best moments that Nintendo has shared. I think that franchise could be magical [for the Wii U].

“Nintendo has some of the best franchises in the world and it knows how to make great games. It proved that with Mario Kart, and it will prove that again with Super Smash.

It’s nice to see Ubisoft acknowledge that Nintendo is doing a lot to turn the fate of the Wii U around, similarly to what happened with the Nintendo 3DS when it debuted way back in 2011.

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