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Hive Jump Kickstarter has 3 days to go, will release on Wii U


Earlier this year in April we told you about Hive Jump, a game that seeks to blend the action-platforming of Spelunky with XCOM, a turn-based alien shooter that requires careful planning and thought in order to get through the levels. Hive Jump is a multi-player game with you and your friends assuming the role of JUMPERS, who blast their way through alien hives in order to defeat the hive queen.

The Kickstarter has been live for a little under a month now, with three days left to go. Currently the team has managed to secure $39k in funding, but the goal is $50k. The unique thing about this game is the initial $50k goal gets both the PC and the Wii U version, while the PS4 and Xbox One were stretch goals.

So what’s unique about the game aside from multiplayer? Each level is procedurally generated, so you’ll never have the same experience twice. In addition, the developers are promising a bevy of unique weapons to help you conquer the aliens within the game that you’ll encounter, even through environment changes like dark levels.

The game honestly gives off a multiplayer Metroid vibe with all the alien shooting, so if you enjoy that style of game, perhaps you might want to consider giving Hive Jump your support. If you’re still uncertain, be sure and check out the Kickstarter pitch video, where you can see some of the gameplay footage to help you make your decision.

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