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Which series one Amiibo figure is your favorite? [POLL]


Now that the series one Amiibo figures have been revealed and are ready for pre-order from various outlets, let’s have a look at what the community thinks of each figure. The twelve starter figures are mostly a mix of relatively popular characters that should lead the charge of a new initiative, including Mario, Samus, and Fox, while newcomers to Super Smash Bros. are also included. Both the Villager and the Wii Fit Trainer have already sold out of pre-orders on Amazon, so it’s interesting to see how quickly these figures are going.

My personal favorite of the group is Donkey Kong. I love the way he’s posed to look as if he’s about to jump on top of someone. It’s a great action pose and I wish some of the other figures were a bit more actiony, too. Yoshi just seems to be flexing, but at least the Wii Fit Trainer seems to be doing some sort of yoga move.

So what’s your opinion? Who is your favorite of the series one Amiibo figures?

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