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Nintendo rumored to be starting its own Loot Crate-like subscription box


According to a recent report from MCV, Nintendo’s online store is set to start offering Loot Crate like subscriptions to Nintendo fans. Called the N-Box, the subscription will function almost exactly as Loot Crate does now, providing long-time Nintendo fans who subscribe with toys, clothing, and other knick-knacks branded with Nintendo characters.

According to the report, the N-Box will offer the same subscription plans as Loot Crate, so you’ll be able to subscribe monthly, or if you want to subscribe in bulk, you’ll have the option of doing three, six, or 12-month plans. Perhaps the Loot Crate that featured amiibo went over so well, Nintendo wants a better piece of that action.

It should be noted that the N-Box is very similar to the Z-Box, which is run by Zavvi, who conveniently also takes care of Nintendo’s official online store. Will you be subscribing to the box once it becomes available?

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