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Splatoon’s big update will also include new music [VIDEO]

We’re excited as can be about the recently announced Splatoon update, which is bringing several wanted features to the game. Along with raising the level cap from 20 to 50, the new update will also bring the ability to create private matches, as well creating ranked matches between friends.

Alongside all that is plenty of new content, including two new weapon types and more than 40 additional pieces of gear. It stands to reason that the development team would want some fresh audio to go along with this update, so enter the above track which was posted by the Splatoon Twitter account. It’s a brand new track that will be released in the August 6th update.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Splatoon without a silly backstory and sea-themed names, so the fictional band is called ‘Hightide Era’ and the song itself is called ‘Hooked’. What do you think of the music? Are you hooked?

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