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Splatoon gets new “Carbon Roller Deco” today


Sticking to their frequent update plans, Nintendo will released another Splatoon “weapon” today. Called the “Carbon Roller Deco”, it’s very similar to the original Carbon Roller, but instead of the Inkooza and Burst Bombs, players get the Seeker and Bomb Rush instead.

The Carbon Roller Deco will be released at 7:00 PM PT tonight. As usual, it will be free to all Spltoon players. In order to use the weapon, you have to be at Level 13 or better.

Here’s what the in-game description says about the new Carbon Roller Deco:

“A snazzier version of the Carbon Roller. The Seeker sub weapon not only attacks the opponent but draws a path right to them. The special lets you send out a swarm of Seekers.”

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