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Zero loses his 56 tournament winning streak in Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios has won every single Super Smash Bros. tournament since November of 2014 when the game was released, but that streak was put to an end this past weekend by Nairo at MLG 2015. Zero was considered so good at the game that after 34 wins, he had a bounty placed on his head of $500 for anyone who could beat him.

Despite the win, back in September Zero reported that he was burned out on the game, having to spend countless hours not dedicated to managing his YouTube channel to practicing with the game. It’s possible this burnout may have contributed to Zero giving up his title, but a 56 tournament win streak is nothing to scoff at.

Congratulations to Nairo on his victory and perhaps we’ll see a new win streak from the Smash player.

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