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Mario Tennis Ultra Smash download is just 888 MB

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash install size

Today’s big games typically weigh in at tens of GB — Destiny, for example, now requires 60 GB to install, and that’s without the expansions.

Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U Mario game, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, requires nowhere near that amount. The game will requires just 888 MB of storage.

That’s not a typo: Mario Tennis weighs in at just 888 Megabytes. We’ve seen day-one patches that are larger than that (ahem, Black Ops 3, 3000 MB).

Honestly, it’s a bit worrying that the game is that small, since it makes one wonder: just how much content can they squeeze into 888 MB?

By comparison, Mario Kart 8 requires over 6 GB, and Super Smash Bros takes up over 15 GB.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash will be released on November 19 on the Wii U.

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