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Nintendo has unveiled a new teaser site for Star Fox Zero


Star Fox Zero has had something of a tepid reception among Nintendo fans since its unveil at E3 this year, which likely led to Nintendo deciding to delay the project in order to ensure it gets the level of polish it needs to be the Star Fox experience most people expect.

Still, if you’re excited about the release of Star Fox Zero and want to check out some of the screenshots that have been released from the game so far, Nintendo has unveiled a brand new teaser site for the game. The site has some interesting artwork including the picture seen above, which expands to include all of your favorite Star Fox characters, including Falco and Peppy.

There’s a wallpaper option for the image above if you happen to like it. Star Fox Zero still has no solid release date, but the teaser site suggests a release of Q1 2016 if it’s not delayed again.

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