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Fired Nintendo Treehouse member has lines removed from Star Fox Zero


Remember Chris Pranger? He’s the guy on the very right in the picture above and used to be a member of the Nintendo Treehouse localization team, until he appeared on a podcast to discuss the logistics of localization and spoke about how fans don’t understand how hard it can be both financially and in terms of effort to localize niche games.

Nintendo didn’t take too kindly to Chris’ frank speech about localization and how many fans come off as whiny in their begging, as they fired him from his position with the Nintendo Treehouse team. Now it appears they’re taking that removal one step further, as some voice lines Pranger had recorded for the English release of Star Fox Zero are being removed from the game and will be re-recorded by another voice actor.

Pranger himself broke the news on Twitter, but has since removed the tweet.

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