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The Smash community is trolling in preparation for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

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Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct is slated to be the last presentation dedicated solely to Super Smash Bros., so the Smash community has been absolutely rabid with their trolling attempts. We know there will be some new character announcements, which means modders and hackers have been teaming up to create some pretty convincing leaks.

One of those is this fake trailer showcasing Ravio as the next character to join the roster. Of course, leaks that harken back from the early days of release of Smash are still lingering, such as the rumor that the Ice Climbers, Wolf, and Popo will make their appearance.

We won’t know the truth until tomorrow, but with so many people trying to troll others with fake information it’s best not to get your hopes up until you hear the Direct jingle start.

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