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Check out the co-op mode enabled by the Shovel Knight amiibo [VIDEO]

The Shovel Knight amiibo is releasing in just a few days and it’s a highly sought after item for fans of the game as it adds an exclusive co-op mode to the game. The release date is set for January 8th, but according to information obtained from retailers, it’s looking to be a pretty rare figure.

Rarity aside, we bet you’re wondering what co-op mode actually looks like. Check out the video above to see co-op action, which dramatically changes how the game plays. Players will be able to bounce off of one another’s heads, which can make some jump puzzles pretty tricky. The revised weight system for the game also makes it more challenging for two players and all bosses have been given additional health.

Europeans are already getting their hands on this elusive figure, but those in North America will have to wait a few more days.

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