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Japan’s top 100 Pokemon list includes a surprise at #1


The Pokemon Company surveyed half a million Japanese Pokemon fans to find out which is the most popular among fans. The results were a bit surprising to say the least, as we expected Pikachu to take the crown. However, Greninja took the top spot and The Pokemon Company crowned the water/dark type in a ceremony earlier today.

Greninja won the top spot with more than 15% of the vote and you can find the top ten most popular Pokemon in Japan below. To see the full list, check out the page here.

  1. Greninja
  2. Arceus
  3. Mew
  4. Pikachu
  5. Sylveon
  6. Charizard
  7. Genesect
  8. Rayquaza
  9. Meloetta
  10. Zygarde

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