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The NES mini console has several display modes


Nintendo will release a new console this Fall. No, it’s not the NX. It’s the NES Classic Edition, or as many call it, the NES mini. The console will come with 30 NES games pre-loaded and an NES controller.

Output will be HDMI to fit all modern HDTVs, but Nintendo has added a few extra features when it comes to display output. There are several different modes that players can select.

The first mode is a regular mode that displays the games at the native resolution (upscaled) of modern HDTVs in 4:3 format. Then there’s a “pixel perfect” mode that displays the pixels as accurately as possible.

Finally, there’s the most exciting mode: a mode that simulates old CRT screens, so it can look just as (or close to) the TVs in the 1980s that the NES was played on.

The NES Classic Edition launches this Fall and will retail for $60. Here’s a complete list of games that are included.

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