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About Wii U Daily

Wii U Daily Wii U Daily is a web publication exclusively focusing on the Nintendo Wii U console and everything about it. Our focus is on bringing the latest and greatest news, updates, rumors, videos, photos/screenshots, and much more. Wii U Daily is updated daily by our staff of writers and Nintendo Wii U enthusiasts.

ASHLEY KING: Contributing Editor Ashley is a 28 year old with an enthusiasm for all things tech. She hails from the Southern United States and when she’s not gaming, you’ll likely find her in front of the computer or tweaking her Android smartphone. You can follow her on Twitter at @overlordror.

TIM BIGGS: Staff Writer Tim’s been an active games writer for several years and loves in-depth analysis and discussing the way games interact with the rest of the world. He’s a fan of Japanese RPGs, adventure games, and short, poignant indie titles. He’s a trained and qualified journalist with a master’s degree in communication. Find him on twitter @weeklyrift

MATT FERRI: Staff Writer Matt loves games, the Wii U, creative writing, and God, besides other things. He lives in New Zealand: what he calls “a great place” where “games are ex-PEN-sive!”

MATT SKINGLE: Staff Writer Matt has been a gamer since the ripe old age of 6 and has since “graduated” both literally and figuratively: he obtained a gaming-related degree and now builds games for an established games developer. Matt’s looking forward to the challenge of writing news and reviews on his favorite new console and is equally eager for comments and feedback from the readers.

WILLIAM SMITH: Staff Writer William’s controller cords aren’t the only thing that has him tied up: he is married with one daughter and two pets. Gaming and writing are two of his life’s passions, so Wii U Daily was a natural fit. In his spare time,  William is a manager at a retail chain in the US. on G+, Twitter @Varking, and Facebook

IZZY MATHLIN: Staff Writer Izzy is a musician, gamer, and computer tech but not necessarily in that order. He started gaming in the days of NES and Super Nintendo. After a short hiatus during the N64 days (what he refers to as his “state of ignorance”), he was rescued by a little handheld called the DS and hasn’t looked back. Find Izzy on Twitter @izzy1985, Facebook, and G+.

CODY RIEBE: Staff Writer Cody is a 27 year old media buff living in Ohio. Aside from writing for WiiUDaily, he attends school on the way to an MA in Media Studies, and works a full-time job. Find Cody on Twitter @kodae_

JOHNATHAN RACIOPPO: Staff Writer Johnathan is a computer science major currently residing in Seattle, WA with a primary focus on video game programming and development. He is excited to be working with Wii U Daily and looks forward to delivering quality articles for Nintendo’s latest console, and of course, hearing back from the readers. Find Johnathan on Facebook.

JOHN ZACCARI: Staff Writer

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JAMES HYDE: Founder, Contributing Editor

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