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Have you experienced lag in your Wii U virtual console games?

Some gamers are reporting framerate delays on Wii U virtual console games that makes some games virtually unplayable.

All current Injustice DLC now available to Wii U owners

All current Injustice DLC is now available for Wii U owners!

Nintendo Japan testing special digital discounts

Nintendo of Japan is offering a special launch week discount to Japanese Wii U owners in order to test a new digital pricing scheme.

Would you pay $15,000 for an EarthBound prototype?

A prototype version of EarthBound is on sale at eBay right now for a whopping $15,000.

Here’s a few more details on Mario Kart 8

More details surrounding Mario Kart 8 development have surfaced in an interview, including details about the GamePad and track editor.

EA Sports says it would develop for Wii U if it had the user base

EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson says EA Sports games aren't coming to Wii U because nobody plays sports on the Wii U.

GameFans Podcast #5 – Cry Babies

The GameFans crew discusses some of the bizarre news happening this week as a few tears are shed. Now available on iTunes!

Deathstroke DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins confirmed for Wii U

Warner Bros. Interactive has finally confirmed that the Batman: Arkham Origins Deathstroke DLC will be released for Wii U.

EA backtracks, says Frostbite 3 can run on Wii U

Electronic Arts now says Frostbite 3 is capable of running on the Wii U but that it's not a high priority for the company.

Iwata’s investor approval rating drops down to 77.26%

Iwata's investor approval rating is at an all time low after Nintendo released annual investor approval ratings.

Microsoft execs thought they owned Donkey Kong after Rare purchas...

Chris Seavor relays a funny story about one Microsoft executive who thought they owned Donkey Kong after buying Rare.

Iwata tired of inaccurate reports in mainstream media

Iwata addresses investors concerning the word play and twisting mainstream media outlets may pull using his quotes.

What was your favorite Nintendo game shown off at E3? [POLL]

Nintendo showcased a huge amount of games at this year's E3, let us know which was your favorite and why!

Ubisoft says it will continue to support the Wii U this holiday s...

Ubisoft CEO says his company will continue to support the Wii U throughout the holiday season.

Nintendo explains why it is still a hardware company

Nintendo of America's Charlie Scibetta explains why Nintendo is still a hardware company.

Black Ops double XP weekend on until Monday

Treyarch announced yet another double XP weekend for its hit shooty shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Nintendo finally gets around to advertising the Wii U… in J...

Several new advertisements for the Wii U have surfaced.. from Japan.