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Rumor: Scribblenauts Unlimited recall due to lack of UK english

A new rumor has surfaced citing lack of UK English as the primary delay for Scribblenauts Unlimited in Europe.

Keeping an eye on the competition: Watch the PlayStation 4 announ...

Watch the Sony press conference from yesterday here and let us know your thoughts!

New Miiverse update makes filtering easier

A new update to the Miiverse makes filtering out unwanted posts much easier.

Sony steps on Nintendo’s toes with remote play to Vita

Sony announces the Vita will function like the Wii U GamePad for the PlayStation 4.

F-Zero now available in the Virtual Console for 30 cents

Nintendo's second game in the 30 cent Virtual Console promotion is F-Zero.

Check out these amazing Nintendo amigurumi plushes

Some of the best recognized characters in gaming are from Nintendo, so check out these gamer's creations.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will not have off-screen play

You'll need to utilize both the Wii U GamePad and your TV in order to hunt monsters effectively.

Nintendo returning to Gamescom this year

After skipping last year, Nintendo will be returning to Gamescom in full force.

Did Iwata wear this year’s platinum Club Nintendo prize?

Last week's Nintendo Direct could have hidden this year's platinum Club Nintendo reward right under our noses.

Resident Evil: Revelations port driven by the fans

RE: Revelations developer Takenaka discusses why the port is being made and why a console version wasn't released the first time around.

Dragon Quest X bundle headed to Japan

Square Enix details the upcoming Dragon Quest X bundle, which will be available in Japan on March 30th.

GameStop lists Watch Dogs available for Wii U pre-order

GameStop and Best Buy have listed Watch Dogs available for pre-order for Wii U.

Destiny’s pre-order website contains code showing Wii U and...

New snippet of source code on the Destiny pre-order page reveals that the game could be coming to Wii U after all.

Rayman Legends dev team update discusses challenge mode

Rayman Legends developers try to smooth things over with the fans by offering challenge mode exclusively for Wii U in April.

Discussion: Would you play free to play games on Wii U?

If more free-to-play games were released with micro-transactions to support them in the Wii U eShop, would you play them?

Bungie’s Destiny probably not headed to Wii U

Bungie and Activision make no announcements concerning Nintendo's new console at yesterday's press conference for Destiny.

Aliens: Colonial Marines still on track for Wii U release despite...

Despite heavy criticism for the game, Aliens: Colonial Marines is still on track to be released in the launch window.