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Sakurai teases a secret fighter with new Smash screenshot

Sakurai is showcasing another hidden character for Super Smash Bros. Wii U today.

Just Dance 2015 launch trailer for Wii U

Ubisoft's Just Dance 2015 launches today in North America, so get your groove on!

Nintendo UK store offering keychain with Captain Toad pre-orders

Nintendo fans in the UK will get a special keychain for pre-ordering Captain Toad from the Nintendo UK store.

Nintendo posts job listing for next-gen console engineer

A job listing for a lead graphic engineer hints at the future of Nintendo's next console.

Nintendo announces Link amiibo will work with Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo has announced that the Link Amiibo figure will work with Hyrule Warriors.

Let’s talk Smash: What do you want to see most from the Nin...

With a Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct incoming, what's the most important questions you want answered?

Early Final Fantasy games could head to Wii U virtual console

Early Final Fantasy titles could be updated for the Wii U virtual console soon thanks to Square Enix.

Nintendo UK says Wii U sales are up 60% in the region

Marketing executive Shelly Pearce says the Wii U is doing well in the UK compared to the tepid reception at launch.

Shovel Knight devs say Wii U/3DS release happened because of Dan ...

Shovel Knight made it onto Nintendo's platforms thanks to its former indie head, Dan Adelman.

A new Nintendo Direct dedicated to Smash Bros. coming October 23

Nintendo has announced a Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct for October 23.

Win a copy of Bayonetta 2 from Wii U Daily and LeapTrade!

This time we're giving away a copy of Bayonetta 2. Be sure to check out our sister sites for their contests as well!

New n’ Tasty developers having trouble with Wii U version

New n' Tasty development has run into some snags in the process of porting to the Wii U.

Watch Dogs companion app now compatible with Wii U version

Ubisoft has updated the ctOS Mobile companion app to be compatible with the Wii U version of the game.

Project Cars will be delayed to 2015 for all platforms, not just ...

Slightly Mad Studios has announced that all versions of Project Cars have been delayed until 2015.

Amazon leaks new game mode for Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Amazon has leaked several new details about the upcoming Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.

Hyrule Warriors’ Master Quest DLC is now available

Nintendo has released the Master Quest DLC for Hyrule Warriors, which includes Epona as a weapon and a new Adventure mode map, plus more.

Nintendo Deals & Downloads: Lone Survivor, Ballpoint Univers...

Several high profile indie games have finally released on the Wii U eShop this week, including Lone Survivor.