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The Sega Genesis’ power boost was a last minute effort to c...

A recent interview with the Genesis' main designer sheds light on why the Genesis had superior processing power than Nintendo's SNES, and a hard...

OlliOlli is coming to the Wii U & 3DS in March

Curve Digital confirmed today that OlliOlli will be available on Nintendo platforms sometime in March.

Save up to 75% on Ubisoft titles for the Wii U & 3DS

Ubisoft games are up to 75% off this week on the US Wii U eShop, so pick up some of the best games for...

Splatoon devs showcase their shrimpy shoe store clerk

Meet Rob, the shrimpy shrimp who is responsible for keeping your Inkling's feet covered with dope kicks!

Rumor: Mario Party 10 amiibo will be more plentiful than Smash am...

GameStop employee says Nintendo has confirmed the Mario Party series of amiibo won't be so rare.

Platinum Games has a Bayonetta tribute game hidden on their site

Platinum Games has hidden an easter egg Bayonetta game on their website, check it out!

Target confirms it won’t be restocking Rosalina & Luma...

Target will not be restocking Rosalina & Luma after the latest shipment sells out, as confirmed by an internal memo.

Japan is getting a new Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation

Nintendo of Japan is giving a presentation about the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X this Friday.

Final Club Nintendo rewards for February are now live

Nintendo has updated Club Nintendo with the final rewards for the North American region, including new physical rewards.

Pokken Tournament has a water stage and supports alternative Poke...

More screenshots from Pokken Tournament show a water stage, as well as alternative color schemes for Pokemon.

Apex 2015 tournament experiencing difficulties, blizzard caused r...

The Apex 2015 tournament was getting underway when a roof collapse caused fire marshals to deem the current venue unsafe.

Badland: Game of the Year Edition coming to Wii U

Developer Frogmind has announced it is bringing Badland: Game of the Year Edition to Wii U this spring.

Sega announces 300 job cuts and a restructuring of business aroun...

Sega has announced a restructuring of business priorities, with the company focusing on the mobile and PC markets.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is so big, it barely fits on the Wii U dis...

Xenoblade Chronicles X producer says the game barely fits on the Wii U disc, but will provide seamless travel thanks to Nintendo.

Check out Tingle’s moves in the new Hyrule Warriors DLC

Here's a look at Tingle and Young Link in action for the upcoming Majora's Mask DLC for Hyrule Warriors.

New Smash update brings more maps to 8 player Smash

A new update for Super Smash Bros. has brought 8 Player Smash support to fifteen new stages!

Nintendo launches revenue-sharing program for YouTube content cre...

Nintendo has launched a revenue sharing program for YouTube presenters who want to stream Nintendo games.