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New 3DS XL charging cradle coming to Club Nintendo

Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo 3DS XL charger will be available on Club Nintendo this Halloween.

New PS4 trailer reveals Assassin’s Creed 4 & Watch Dog...

According to a new trailer advertising the PlayStation 4, two of Ubisoft's upcoming titles will have PS4 exclusive DLC for six months.

Nintendo eShop deals & downloads – Oct. 24th

This week sees a ton of third party games headed to Wii U, including Batman: Arkham Origins and Assassin's Creed IV.

Unepic developer releases official Wii U trailer

A brand new trailer for the Wii U version of Unepic has been released.

Rumor: Nintendo considering giving Nintendo 64 games the HD treat...

A new unsubstantiated rumor suggests that Nintendo could be seeking to give Nintendo 64 games the HD treatment.

Sonic Lost World stage confirmed for Super Smash Bros.

An official screenshot for the Windy Hill zone from Sonic Lost World has been released for Super Smash Bros.

Japan getting new orange and turquoise 3DS XL colors

Two new limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL colors have been announced for Japan, featuring colored buttons.

New launch trailer for How to Survive, coming to Wii U soon

Here's the launch trailer for How to Survive, a survival zombie apocalypse game coming to Wii U soon.

Sony tested a touchscreen controller for PS4, similar to Wii U Ga...

Sony's iterations of the DualShock 4 controller ventured into Nintendo territory during early prototyping stages.

Nintendo releases an extended Super Mario 3D World trailer

A new six minute trailer for Super Mario 3D World shows off brand new gameplay footage.

New Batman: Arkham Origins launch trailer features Black Mask

The newest launch trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins shows off the Black Mask and new combat moves.

New Mario & Luigi Wii U bundle replaces Nintendo Land bundle

A brand new Wii U SKU featuring NSMBU and New Super Luigi U is now the default Wii U deluxe bundle.

Check out this preview of Mighty Switch Force 2 for Wii U

Here's a look at Mighty Switch Force 2 for Wii U, which was released on the eShop just last week.

GameFans Podcast #20 – DelayStation 4 & Pokemon

The GameFans crew is back again, this time taking a look at all the PS4's delayed games and of course, Pokemon!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes launch trailer

Check out the new launch trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes and find out if there's a little bit of hero in you.

MEGA CONTEST: Win a Wind Waker Wii U Console and 1 of 4 Games fro...

We're excited to see a new console generation kick off and to celebrate, we're giving you a chance to win a brand new Wind...

Shin’en will reveal their new Wii U game in a few days

Shin'en have revealed that they plan on releasing more information on their Wii u project in the coming days.