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Pikmin 3 getting another round of DLC on December 2

A new DLC pack for Pikmin 3 was announced for December 2nd, including all new battle enemies and treasure hunt levels.

Check out this sizzle reel of indie games for Nintendo 3DS &...

Nintendo showcases several indie games heading to both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U at the end of the Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo reveals 10 new things about Super Mario 3D World in new ...

Nintendo revealed several new levels for Super Mario 3D World, including a top down shooter and mario kart level.

Update coming to 3DS to allow you to merge 3DS and Wii U balances

Nintendo has announced an update for the Nintendo 3DS that will merge balances between the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

Watch the Nintendo Direct right here on Wii U Daily

A brand new Nintendo Direct is airing today and here's your chance to watch it on Wii U Daily.

Wii U Daily MEGA Contest: Final Week to win a Wii U game & W...

Check out our final giveaway for Wii U Daily, where you have a chance to win a Wii U game and a Wii U...

New Batman: Arkham Origins skin pack DLC available in Nintendo eS...

Warner Bros. released a DLC pack for Batman: Arkham Origins containing six new original skins.

Capcom releases DuckStep video to celebrate DuckTales Remastered ...

Capcom is celebrating the retail release of DuckTales Remastered with an interesting video choice.

A Link Between Worlds TV commercial highlights the new wall-glyph...

Check out the new TV spot for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

CNET lists Wii U as one of its top 5 worst tech gifts

The Wii U makes it into CNET's top five list of tech gifts not to buy this year.

Retail release of Wii Fit U delayed to December 13 in Europe

Nintendo UK has announced that the European version of Wii Fit U will see a delay for its retail release.

New Super Mario 3D World commercial focuses on multiplayer

Nintendo has released a brand new commercial for Super Mario 3D World, focusing on the multiplayer aspects of the game.

New Nintendo Direct for Nintendo 3DS tomorrow

A Nintendo Direct dedicated to the Nintendo 3DS and its games through 2014 will be airing tomorrow.

Wii U Daily MEGA Contest: Week 3 Winner!

We're wrapping up week 3 of our MEGA contest here on Wii U Daily, but be sure to check back tomorrow for our final...

Nintendo bringing the Nintendo Experience to malls across the cou...

Nintendo is heading to malls across the country this holiday season, bringing a bevy of games to play!

GameFans Podcast #23 – The PS4 is coming

The GameFans crew is back again this week with excitement over the PS4 launch and discussion concerning the Wii Mini.

Wii Sports Club launch trailer debuts tennis and bowling

The new trailer for Wii Sports Club shows off the HD graphics and online play features.