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Kamiya confirms a Nintendo Direct for The Wonderful 101

Hideki Kamiya confirms a Nintendo Direct that will show off more of The Wonderful 101.

Dragon Quest X could see Western release, but not on Wii U

Dragon Quest X could see release in Western countries with minor modifications made to suit each region.

Scribblenauts Unmasked release date set for September 24th

Scribblenauts Unmasked is heading out for caped crusades on September 24th.

Miyamoto says his brand new franchise keeps him busy

Shigeru Miyamoto confirms that he's developing a new franchise for Nintendo and that it's keeping him very busy.

Here’s a look at the new arenas featured in Super Smash Bro...

Check out the new arenas that will be featured in Super Smash Bros.

Broken Rules unveils Secrets of Raetikon, will be multi-platform

Broken Rules have unveiled their new game set in the Chasing Aurora universe, called Secrets of Raetikon.

Iwata says more key Wii U titles will be announced by third parti...

Iwata says more third-party titles are coming in the next few months, but he is not at liberty to discuss them.

Gaijin Games announces DLC for Runner 2

Gaijin Games announces the first set of DLC for Bit.Trip Runner 2.

Nintendo specifically asked for Stranger’s Wrath HD on Wii ...

Nintendo wanted Just Add Water to bring Stranger's Wrath HD to the Wii U.

Project C.A.R.S trailer shows off new cars and sounds

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new trailer for Project Cars showing off new tracks and cars.

Peter Moore says the Wii U is an offline box in an online world

Peter Moore says the Wii U feels like an offline experience and is out of sync with EA's future vision.

Ubisoft says Zombi U wasn’t profitable, no sequel planned

Ubisoft CEO says Zombi U was not profitable and it's why the company will be releasing Rayman Legends as multi-platform.

Ittle Dew looks like Zelda, is coming to Wii U [Trailer]

New puzzle adventure game Ittle Dew will be coming to Wii U this year.

New Pikmin 3 trailer introduces the Pikmin types

A new trailer for Pikmin shows off all the many different types of pikmin you'll be able to control.

Kamiya wants to see a demo of The Wonderful 101 available

Kamiya wants to see a demo for The Wonderful 101 released.

Miyamoto says Wii U game development requires twice the resources...

Shigeru Miyamoto admits that the transition to the HD era has led to several development delays for Nintendo.

Club Nintendo Japan hacked, user details could be compromised

Nintendo's Club Nintendo service in Japan was hacked, with thousands of user's personal information potentially stolen.