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Warner Bros. being sued over memes in Scribblenauts

Warner Bros. Interactive and its developer 5th cell find themselves on the wrong end of a lawsuit over memes.

Sandbox game Rawbots confirmed for Wii U

A brand new multi-player crafting experience is seeking your funding help on Kickstarter.

EA confirms Madden is skipping Wii U

EA finally confirms that Madden will be skipping the Wii U this year.

Kung Fu Rabbit review [Wii U eShop]

Does Kung Fu Rabbit deserve a place in the black belt dojo of platformers, or should it be kicked out of training all together?

UK retailer Asda cuts Wii U price by another £50

UK retailers are slashing the price of the Wii U console yet again.

Activision says it will announce CoD: Ghosts next-gen ‘late...

Activision has announced that it will reveal more information about Call of Duty: Ghosts for next-gen consoles at a later date.

Call of Duty: Ghosts confirmed for every platform but Wii U [Upda...

Today Activision has confirmed the next title in the Call of Duty series is Call of Duty: Ghosts, with no Wii U confirmation.

Nintendo responds to Wii U hacker claims

Nintendo of America have responded to the claims made by hacker group, WiiKey.

Rumor: New Sonic game headed to Wii U

A reportedly reputable source has stated that the next Sonic game will be called Sonic Excursion.

A new sneak peak at Lego Marvel Super Heroes for Wii U

A new sneak peek trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes has been released, along with exclusive pre-order bonuses according to retail outlet.

Gamer sues Sega and Gearbox for Aliens: Colonial Marines false ad...

Sega and Gearbox are being sued for false advertising after the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Nintendo sends a message to all Wii owners about the Wii U

Nintendo's first step to correcting consumer confusion about the Wii U just hit the inboxes of every Wii console in the world.

Hackers claim to have jailbroken the Wii U

Hackers claim to have completely unlocked the Wii U's various encryption protection methods.

Nintendo says attention to detail is why it delays games

During a question and answer session after the recent financial report, Iwata discusses why Nintendo delays games and what benefit it has to gamers.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures confirmed for Wii U

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures has been confirmed for release for Wii U and 3DS sometime this summer.

Kung Fu Rabbit trailer for Wii U

Check out this new trailer for Kung Fu Rabbit, which is seeing release on the Wii U eShop on May 2.

Nintendo UK outs more Virtual Console titles for Wii U

Nintendo UK has posted a video highlighting several different games that will make their way to the Wii U Virtual Console soon.