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What potential features do you want most from Mario Kart U? [POLL...

We know a new Mario Kart game for Wii U is coming, but what features do you want to see most?

Rumor: Here’s what to expect from the E3 Nintendo Direct

Here's a fresh set of rumors for the E3 Nintendo Direct to keep you on your toes!

Warner Bros. confirms Dying Light not coming to Wii U

Warner Bros. Interactive confirmed today that zombie apocalypse game Dying Light will not see a Wii U release.

Wii U sales rank jumps 875% after Xbox reveal on Amazon UK

The Xbox One reveal has created a massive influx of Wii U sales on Amazon's UK website.

“This year, it’s all about the games.” [Trailer...

Fan-made trailer showcases all the games we're expecting to see at E3 this year.

Sega teases six Sonic Lost World characters

Sega has unveiled six new characters that will appear in Sonic Lost World, with more details coming soon.

Microsoft is selling the Wii U better than Nintendo

Microsoft utterly blew their big Xbox One reveal and it's done more to sell the Wii U than anything Nintendo has so far.

New Nintendo Direct coming June 11th

Nintendo have announced a new Nintendo Direct taking place June 11th, directly before the E3 event opens.

Buy two Kirby games for Wii U virtual console, get the third free...

Nintendo is offering a special promotion on the three Kirby games released today on the Wii U virtual console.

Earthbound listed on Amazon UK, could see physical release?

Amazon UK has listed Earthbound for Wii U on its website, could we be getting a physical copy or more?

GameStop offering $50 for your Wii when you trade up to a Wii U

GameStop is currently offering a$50 credit for your Wii when you trade it in to upgrade to a Wii U.

Amazon has some great deals on Wii U games

Amazon is offering a few great deals on older Wii U titles.

Would you rather have Mario Galaxy 3 or a brand new 3D Mario at E...

With E3 just around the corner, we're eager to know what you want to see from Nintendo's "3D Mario" announcement!

Lego Batman 2 Wii U launch trailer

A new trailer for Lego Batman 2 for Wii U has arisen.

EA backtracks, says they are working on Wii U games

EA's CFO backtracks and says the company is developing for Wii U, but has bigger plans for Xbox One and PS4.

Trailer: Here’s a look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directo...

Here's our first look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut gameplay on the Wii U.

Next-gen console specs: PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U

With the reveal of the Xbox One's specs, we have a better look at what the internals are for each next-gen console.