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Sony: PlayStation 3 and Vita can do what the Wii U does

Sony claims that its aging PS3 and its expensive Vita handheld console can do what the Wii U does.

Amazon is still not selling the Wii U, but there’s hope

The feud between Nintendo and Amazon continues, but there’s hope on the horizon.

New high-res Pikmin 3 screenshots

High-res Pikmin 3 screenshots showcase the colorful Wii U strategy game.

Tons of new Nintendo Land screenshots

New screenshots for the Wii U party game + full list of all 12 mini-games.

ZombiU developer: Wii U is the most innovative console today

ZombiU creative director has some big praise for Nintendo’s new gaming console.

Gears of War creator “watching the Wii U closely”

Gears of War creator and Nintendo fan Cliff Bleszinsky says he’s watching the Wii U very closely.

New Super Mario Bros U gameplay trailer

Newest trailer shows new level environments, plus some of Yoshi’s new moves.

New details on the Wii U Internet browser

Wii U browser is based on same framework as Google Chrome, and supports HTML5.

And the award for the dumbest anti Wii U statement goes to…

Idiot “columnist” says games shouldn’t pre-order the Wii U because the games cost $60.

Nintendo will replace broken GamePads for a fee

Those unlucky ones who break their GamePad will be able to replace it. For a fee.

Wii U showcase tour coming to UK

UK gamers will get a chance to play the Wii U at events over the next several months.

Wii U games to cost $60, Pro controller to cost $50

Pro controller and Wii U games have been officially priced for the North American market.

Wii U packaging boxes revealed

Nintendo keeps it simple with Wii U packaging design.

Nintendo to stream Wii U preview event live

You’ll be able to watch tomorrow’s Wii U event live via several sources.

Wii U Nintendo Direct for Europe and Australia announced

New Nintendo Direct events to coincide with the Wii U show in New York on September 13, lots of news expected.

Seattle Wii U experience event photos

Gamers and Nintendo fans in Seattle get to play the new Wii U console.

New Nintendo Land details and mini games revealed

New mini games include Metroid, “Baloon Fight”, plus tons of more information from the latest issue of Game Informer.