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Developer: Wii U graphics are “on par with PS3, maybe bette...

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed developer thinks the Wii U’s graphics are similar to PlayStation 3’s.

Ex Darksiders 2 developer bashes Wii U, makes a fool out of himse...

Xander Davis was fired for “poor performance” for his work on Darksiders 2, then goes bashing the Wii U and his former employer.

ZombiU GamesCom trailer

Newest trailer teaches you how to survive the zombie apocalypse in Ubisoft’s survival horror shooter.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed gameplay trailer

First trailer shows lots of racing variety and lots of pretty colors.

Chinese copycats already have a Wii U GamePad rip off

New Chinese handheld console is a blend of Wii U GamePad and Nintendo 3DS

Wii games can be played on the Wii U GamePad

Possible new feature will allow the GamePad to be used as a screen and motion sensor for old Wii games.

Wii U GamePad faceplates available for pre-order

Nintendo will license faceplates for the Wii U. The first one is already up for pre-order at Amazon.

Wii U box art confirmed real

The Wii U game cover design will in fact be very similar to GameCube covers.

Wii U box art leaked by Amazon?

New cover design is similar to GameCube, according to leaks from Amazon.

Capcom has “some good stuff” coming to Wii U

Despite no official Capcom Wii U games yet, the publisher says they’ll have a surprise for us soon.

FIFA 13 Wii U showcase video

New football/soccer gameplay shows the touchscreen controls in action.

The Last Story developer thinks Wii U is great for JRPGs

The Wii U GamePad controller will work great for Japanese role playing games, says developer Mistwalker.

Ubisoft: Wii U could be more popular than Wii

The touchscreen controller can take the Wii U further than the Wii, believes ZombiU producer.

FIFA 13 Wii U version will look better than on Xbox 360, PS3

FIFA 13 on the Wii U will feature key graphical improvements compared to current generation consoles, says EA.

Nintendo Wii U experience event in Chicago

Nintendo brings the Wii U experience event to Chicago, giving gamers a chance to play the new console.

Biker Bash coming to Wii U

Project Cars developer reveals new downloadable, arcade racing title inspired by Road Rash and MotorStorm.

Video game exec: Nintendo is becoming a software company

Industry veteran says Nintendo will become software-only company in the future, but praises Shigeru Miyamoto.