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Updated Wii U controller leaked, has dual analog sticks

The Wii U controller has undergone some changes, according to a new leak. An image of the Wii

Ubisoft planning 7 Wii U games for launch

We already know that Ubisoft is developing several titles for the Wii U, and that their support for

Retro Wii U controller concept

Graphic artist “gifteddeviant” made an awesome mockup of a retro Wii U controller that got our attention. Inspired

Wii U concept art leaks in new survey, asks about $300 price

Some new Wii U concept art has been leaked by an online survey company, who also justified earlier

Avengers: Battle For Earth coming to Wii U

Ubisoft has announced a deal with comic book publisher Marvel to release a game based on The Avengers.

Beautiful Wii U controller 3D render

3D artist “Tom-3D” created this amazing 3D render of a Wii U controller. Be sure to view the

Killer Freaks From Outer Space artwork

The Wii U will be getting at least one exclusive third party game: Killer Freaks From Outer Space.

New Wii U Zapper revealed in patent application

Nintendo is filing a bunch of patents for Wii U accessories these days. Last week, it was revealed

Blockbuster lists 25 Wii U games in its database

The list of Wii U games just got a lot more interesting, at least according to a report

Nintendo patents Wii U controller dock

Nintendo has filed for a patent covering a possible Wii U controller dock, or docking station, as the

Walmart sets Wii U price at $350

Walmart has begun running Google ads pegging Wii U price to $349. While the Wii U doesn’t have

Wii U games to be available as digital downloads at launch

Nintendo will offer Wii U games as digital downloads at launch, the company has revealed. And it won’t

Rayman Legends trailer shows Wii U’s NFC chip in action

A new trailer for Rayman Legends has been leaked and it shows off some of the Wii U

Wii U launch lineup will “surprise people”, according...

So far the Wii U launch lineup looks pretty solid, but according to GameTrailers’ editor in chief Shane

Wii U launch titles

List of confirmed Wii U launch titles.

Nintendo to showcase Super Mario Wii U game at E3

Nintendo has confirmed that they will showcase a new Super Mario Wii U title at E3 2012. The

Analysts are worried about the Wii U

According to analysts from Japanese Macquarie Capital Securities, investors should avoid buying into into Nintendo stock until after