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Wii console starts fire, almost burns down RV

Fire fighters determine that a Wii console was the start of a fire that almost burned down an RV

Super Smash Bros player has a bounty on him after 34 consecutive ...

One Super Smash Bros player is just too good...

Japan is getting a Splatoon manga soon

A new manga comic book featuring Splatoon has been revealed in Japan.

Wii U sold just 43,000 units in April (NPD leak)

The Wii U accounted for just 10% of current gen sales in North America last month, according to NPD.

Square Enix moves its E3 press conference because of Nintendo

Square Enix postpones its E3 press conference by an hour to avoid conflict with Nintendo's event.

Nintendo uses cool Miiverse drawings as Splatoon graffiti

Splatoon has a pretty cool Miiverse feature.

Iwata says the Nintendo NX might be region-free

The Wii U will stay region-locked, but the upcoming console might not.

Check out Nintendo’s awesome 2015 company guide book

This is how Nintendo greets new employees.

Custom Zelda Nintendo 64 console is an art piece

The custom Nintendo 64 console is a work of art.

Splatoon pre-orders at GAME get a free hat

UK retailer is throwing in something extra for their Splatoon pre-orders.

Amiibo rap song makes fun of the inventory situation

Hilarious rap song pokes fun of the Amiibo supply situation.

Black Ops 3 revealed, not coming to Wii U

Black Ops 3 will not be coming to the Wii U, developer confirms.

5 cool secrets in the new Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2

New video shows some interesting secrets and Easter Eggs found in DLC Pack 2.

Nintendo engineer mentions next-gen, unannounced console in CV

A Nintendo test engineer reveals that he's currently working on a next-gen Nintendo home console.

New Wii U horror game Bizerta: Silent Evil revealed

New horror game will be coming to the Wii U eShop soon.

Wii U GameCube adapter is now back in stock

The adapter is back in stock, but Amazon's price is up by 50%

Nintendo Store has Mario Kart 8 with Wiimote and Wheel for $60

Nintendo is offering a pretty good Mario Kart 8 game bundle.