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Luxury “Super Mario” watch costs $19,000

The ultimate Super Mario watch. Or rather, "timepiece".

Wolf Link Amiibo spotted in the wild

Check out the first pics of the cool Wolf Link Amiibo.

Pachter says Nintendo NX has a “60% chance of succeeding...

Could sell 30 million units if launched late in the current console cycle.

Share your Amiibo collection!

Show off your Amiibo collection!

2015 is Nintendo’s lowest reviewed year on Metacritic in 10...

Nintendo is having an awful year when it comes to review scores.

European Mario Tennis pre-orders get Mario Tennis 64 for free

Get Mario Tennis 64 for free, which was released 15 years ago and still has more content than Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on Wii...

Amiibo turns one year old

Amiibo turns 1 year old today!

New Star Fox Zero Wii U footage revealed by Japanese game page

The official Japanese website reveals lots of new gameplay footage.

Wii U Daily passes 5,000 news posts!

We've now written about the Wii U 5,000 times.

Nintendo sells 800,000 Amiibos in October in the US

Wii U sales up 40% compared to the same period last year.

Nintendo releases another family-oriented Wii U commercial

Upper middle class families love their Wii U more than anything, apparently.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash download is just 888 MB

The new Mario Tennis game is pretty small.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash features three new characters

Mario Tennis will offer 3 new characters, the official site confirms.

Ubisoft is selling more games for the Wii than the Wii U.

Ubisoft's recent quarterly earnings show there is no demand for the company's Wii U offerings.

Devil’s Third is no longer Wii U exclusive: coming to PC

Developer Valhalla Games is spreading the disappointment to the PC platform.

Microsoft on the NX: “Nintendo’s always been innovative&#...

"How they’ll compete with us remains to be seen." says Xbox head of marketing.