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What ever happened to Nintendo’s Project HAMMER?

The much anticipated and cancelled Wii game and the story behind it.

Microsoft didn’t consider Nintendo a competitor at all for ...

Nintendo's GameCube failure made Microsoft completely disregard the company as a competitor for the Xbox 360.

Happy Independence Day from Wii U Daily!

Happy July 4th to our awesome readers!

Rumor: Nintendo NX won’t compete with PS4 in terms of power

Apparently, Nintendo won't be competing in terms of hardware power with the other consoles.

Miyamoto isn’t directly involved in Nintendo NX development...

The legendary Nintendo designer is taking a hands-off approach when it comes to development of the new console.

Nintendo started talking about NX to third parties at E3, reactio...

Nintendo has just started talking to third parties about its upcoming home console.

Nintendo keeps the new NX console secret, fearing competitors mig...

Nintendo is keeping its upcoming console a top secret.

Miyamoto: virtual reality “doesn’t fit Nintendo’...

Nintendo is not a fan on virtual reality.

Nintendo had “phenomenal” footage of Zelda Wii U for ...

Nintendo didn't want to show the new Zelda footage in order not to "further disappoint the fans".

Japan gets awesome new Super Smash Bros TV spot

Nintendo releases new TV commercial in Japan to promote the new Super Smash Bros DLC.

Man spends 6 years making giant Super Mario blanket

One of the most impressive fan-made Nintendo creations we've ever seen.

The big E3 2015 Wii U news roundup

All the E3 news, announcements, trailers, and more from last week

Super Mario Maker does not support YouTube uploading

For some reason, Nintendo doesn't want players to upload videos of their creations in Super Mario Maker.

The ultimate Nintendo E3 GIF showcase

Here's your ticket to the hype train.

Nintendo announces Ryu, Roy, and other DLC for Super Smash Bros

Ryu, Roy, and Lucas from Mother 3 join the Super Smash Bros roster. But for a price.

The Nintendo World Championship trophy looks awesome

Nintendo reveals the gold-plated Mario trophy that will be awarded at the Nintendo World Championship next week.