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Wii U Daily’s “Find A Friend” Sunday, round 2

Need someone to play with over this long weekend?

Japan is getting a new Splatoon Wii U bundle

Nintendo includes Amiibo figures in a Wii U bundle for the first time.

Zelda Twilight Princess Wii U + Amiibo on sale for just $36

Or if you’re stupid, you can buy the download-only code for $50.

New Smash Bros update nerfs Bayonetta

The only character getting a nerf in the upcoming update.

Wii U sold less than 4,000 units in Japan last week

Splatoon and Super Mario Maker are still selling well.

Rumor: NX won’t use x86 CPU, could be using Nvidia Tegra

And it’ll be as powerful as an Xbox One.

New Splatoon Amiibos spotted in the wild

Some close up shots of the new Callie and Marie Amiibos .

Indie platformer Demongeon coming to Wii U

Another indie platformer coming to Wii U this Summer.

Splatoon Callie and Marie Amiibos are coming

The new Amiibos will be released on July 8th.

Indie platformer Midnight 2 launching on Wii U eShop on May 5

Wii U gets another indie platformer soon.

Robbers raid Nintendo truck and steal games

“Thousands of pounds” worth of Nintendo games stolen.