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Nintendo engineer mentions next-gen, unannounced console in CV

A Nintendo test engineer reveals that he's currently working on a next-gen Nintendo home console.

New Wii U horror game Bizerta: Silent Evil revealed

New horror game will be coming to the Wii U eShop soon.

Wii U GameCube adapter is now back in stock

The adapter is back in stock, but Amazon's price is up by 50%

Nintendo Store has Mario Kart 8 with Wiimote and Wheel for $60

Nintendo is offering a pretty good Mario Kart 8 game bundle.

Mario Kart 8 box art gets updated with Amiibo info

Updated box art now promotes the new Amiibo compatibility.

Did Xenoblade Chronicles X graphics get downgraded? (video compar...

New evidence shows that Xenoblade Chronicles X might have been downgraded since the game was originally revealed.

New Splatoon trailer shows off Ranked Battle and Amiibo features

New trailer gives us more info on Splatoon's game modes and Amiibo features.

For $10, you can get this cool Amiibo display case

You'll soon be able to get a proper display case for your Amiibo figures.

Popular YouTuber rants on Nintendo and its stupid content policie...

One popular YouTube gamer has finally had enough with Nintendo.

Yoshi’s Woolly World box art revealed

Nintendo releases the official box art for the upcoming Yoshi Wii U game

Splatoon download requires just 1,800 MB of disk space

Splatoon is one of the smallest first party Wii U games to date.

Analysis: Splatoon delivers “near flawless 60 fps”

Splatoon runs at a smooth 60 fps, but it comes at a price.

Is Nintendo delaying Zelda in order to release it on the NX too?

Could the delay mean the new Zelda will be also released on the NX as a launch title?

Zelda Wii U game won’t be shown at E3 2015

Not only has the new Zelda game been delayed to 2016, we won't be seeing it at E3 2015 either.

Mario Party 10 is the lowest rated first party Wii U game in year...

Mario Party 10 is the lowest rated Wii U game in years, and has been heavily criticized by gaming press.

Mario Party 10 Launch Trailer released

Nintendo releases the final Mario Party 10 trailer.

Nintendo UK looking for new PR firm

Nintendo is looking for a fresh start with new marketing firm in the UK