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Is Nintendo delaying Zelda in order to release it on the NX too?

Could the delay mean the new Zelda will be also released on the NX as a launch title?

Zelda Wii U game won’t be shown at E3 2015

Not only has the new Zelda game been delayed to 2016, we won't be seeing it at E3 2015 either.

Mario Party 10 is the lowest rated first party Wii U game in year...

Mario Party 10 is the lowest rated Wii U game in years, and has been heavily criticized by gaming press.

Mario Party 10 Launch Trailer released

Nintendo releases the final Mario Party 10 trailer.

Nintendo UK looking for new PR firm

Nintendo is looking for a fresh start with new marketing firm in the UK

Nintendo: “We won’t follow in the same steps of games lik...

Nintendo says that they won't do annualized games like Call of Duty.

Nintendo’s baseball team posts $11 million profit

In case you forgot, Nintendo owns a baseball team. And they're doing pretty good.

Video of 70+ Mario Party 10 mini games in action

An hour-long new Mario Party 10 video shows off pretty much every mini game.

Full list of current Wii U eShop sales

A complete list of all the games on sale on the Wii U eShop right now.

Open world Western game “A Cowboy’s Tale” comin...

UCraft developer announces a Wii U Western-themed game.

Wii U has no games on last week’s UK top 40 sales chart

The Wii U is struggling big time in the UK.

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony team up to fight DDoS attacks

The three rivals are working together against DDoS attacks.

Mario Party 10 looks like a lot of fun in new gameplay videos

New Mario Party 10 gameplay videos show lots of promise.

Gamers bought Wii U for “fun factor”, PS4 for “...

"Fun" is the most important thing or Wii U owners.

This awesome go-kart trick needs to be in the next Mario Kart gam...

Nintendo should take inspiration from this and add it to Mario Kart.

Analyst: Wii U will sell below 20 million by 2019

The Wii U won't sell over 20 million units in its lifetime, according to (some) analysts.