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This is the original Wii dev kit that shipped to developers 10 ye...

This is the box that third part developers got 10 years ago from Nintendo.

Nintendo will manually check Super Mario Maker levels for difficu...

Nintendo will make sure that all levels get the proper difficulty rating.

Business Insider writer criticizes Mario Maker for “white f...

Social justice warrior descends on Nintendo.

This is the winning level of the Super Mario Maker Facebook Hacka...

Check out the winning Super Mario Maker level from the Facebook Hackathon.

New Splatoon map “Camp Triggerfish” out now

The brand new Splatoon map is now live, alongside two new weapons as well.

Nintendo’s “Quality of Life” product is a sleep...

The first Nintendo's Quality of Life" patent revealed.

Nintendo: Zelda Wii U will be released “when it’s rea...

Developers are taking their time to deliver the best Zelda game ever.

Nintendo pulls the plug on Wii U TVii service on August 11

No more channel surfing on the Wii U.

Report: Wii U sold 70,000 units in the US in June

Wii U sales almost doubled compared to the month before, likely due to the success of Splatoon.

Unbeatable Super Smash Bros player wins the EVO tournament

Super Smash Bros player "Zero" extended his streak to 35 consecutive wins by taking the first place at EVO.

Nintendo releases transcript of Genyo Takeda’s memorial add...

Nintendo has released the full transcript of Genyo Takeda's memorial address at Iwata's funeral.

Splatoon getting new brush and gun today

Splatoon gets some new gear today, including a gun based on the famous NES Zapper

Satoru Iwata has passed away.

Longtime Nintendo president has passed away at age 55.

Super Mario Maker Amiibo + Artbook Edition gets awesome box art

The official box art for the upcoming Super Mario Maker + Artbook + 8-bit Mario Amiibo

Check out some Super Mario Maker Comic Con gameplay videos

Nintendo is showcasing Super Mario Maker at Comic Con 2015, and we got some gameplay footage.

Confirmed: Nintendo is bringing Devil’s Third to the Wii U ...

Nintendo of America confirms that Devil's Third will be coming to the West.

New Splatoon map released

The latest Splatoon map is "Moray Towers" and has just been released for free to all players.