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Wii U was the fourth best selling console in Japan in 2014

And Nintendo is still the top publisher in the country.

Check out this impressive Amiibo compatibility chart

A nifty fan-made chart shows the complete Amiibo game compatibility.

Wii U has best sales month ever in December 2014

Wii U ended 2014 strongly, with record hardware and software sales.

Nintendo’s new big hit: Amiibo sales are twice of Super Sma...

Nintendo's Amiibo figures have sold millions of units since launch.

Nintendo started talking to third parties about Wii U successor 1...

Nintendo started taking pitches from AMD and graphics maker Imagination Technologies for its next console months after the Wii U was released.

Wii U has only 2 games coming out in Japan until March. PS4: 22

The Wii U is facing a game drought in Japan over the next few months.

Zelda Ocarina of Time completed in 18 minutes

Someone has beaten Ocarina Of Time is just 18 minutes, setting a new record.

Possible three-armed Princess Peach Amiibo spotted

Could this be the weirdest Amiibo defect yet?

Anime streaming app Crunchyroll goes live on Wii U

You can now streaming tons of anime shows on your Wii U through the new app.

Report: Wii U sales top 8 million

According to VGChartz, Wii U sales have topped 8 million worldwide.

Sony and Microsoft experiencing DDOS attacks over the holidays

Nintendo is left alone as its main competitors undergo massive network attacks.

New Iwata interview reveals some interesting details

Iwata reveals that Miyamoto used to be his rival back in the day and that he wanted to "give him hell".

Evolution of Nintendo controllers, 1985-2012

Check out the evolution of the Nintendo controllers over the years in a slick animation.

UK’s The Guardian awards Mario Kart 8 Game Of The Year 2014

The top 2 of The Guardian's best video games of 2014 are both Wii U exclusives

Redesigned Wii U GamePad revealed in new Nintendo video?

A new Nintendo commercial might have unveiled a redesigned GamePad controller.

Target to sell Wii U Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land bundl...

Target will offer a big discount on the Wii U bundle starting tomorrow.