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Evolution of Nintendo controllers, 1985-2012

Check out the evolution of the Nintendo controllers over the years in a slick animation.

UK’s The Guardian awards Mario Kart 8 Game Of The Year 2014

The top 2 of The Guardian's best video games of 2014 are both Wii U exclusives

Redesigned Wii U GamePad revealed in new Nintendo video?

A new Nintendo commercial might have unveiled a redesigned GamePad controller.

Target to sell Wii U Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land bundl...

Target will offer a big discount on the Wii U bundle starting tomorrow.

Miyamoto: Starfox Wii U coming next year, before new Zelda

Miyamoto confirms that Starfox will be released on the Wii U next year and that it will be coming before the new Zelda game.

Nintendo wins 4 awards at the Game Awards show

Nintendo won for Best Fighting Game, Best Racing Game, Best Family Game, and Best Developer.

European Super Smash Bros Wii U launch trailer released

Super Smash Bros for Wii U gets an in-depth European launch trailer.

eBay reveals a couple of Wii U deals for Black Friday

eBay announces two decent Wii U deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Reggie: “Mario Kart 8 doubled our Wii U business”

Reggie's promotional tour continues with another interview where he talks about Nintendo and the Wii U.

Japan getting cute Pikachu themed Super Smash Bros controller

New Pikachu-themed Super Smash Bros Wii U controller will be available in Japan soon.

Reggie talks Wii U and how it fits in the current marketplace

In a new video interview, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime talks about the Wii U and Nintendo's position in the marketplace.

Toys R Us has Skylanders Wii U bundle on Black Friday

Toys R Us reveals its Black Friday deals.

Reggie swings at the PS4 and Xbox One: “What’s the di...

Reggie takes a swing at the competition in a new interview.

Nintendo to release a Super Smash Bros Wii U bundle?

Nintendo might be readying a new Super Smash Bros Wii U bundle, if rumors are true.

Nintendo: “Ton of interest” from third party Wii U de...

We could see third party Wii U games use Amiibo one day.

Is Nintendo and the Wii U finally bouncing back?

Is Nintendo and the Wii U finally getting out of their slump?

Miyamoto will release Pikmin Short Movies on Wii U

MIyamoto will bring his 3 Pikmin short films to Nintendo fans via the eShop on the Wii U and 3DS