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Second wave of Disney Infinity figures announced

Check out which Disney Infinity characters were announced at the D23 Expo.

Cloudberry Kingdom impressions [VIDEO]

John Zaccari gives his thoughts on the irritatingly addictive, Cloudberry Kingdom.

Fans petition to bring Guilty Gear Xrd to Wii U

Fans of the Guilty Gear franchise want to see Arc System Works bring the newest installment to Wii U.

Nintendo E3 2013 overview and impressions [VIDEO]

John Zaccari runs down the big Nintendo announcements from E3 and gives his thoughts

Watch E3 Wii U Developer Directs on Wii U Daily

Wii U developers discuss their upcoming games

Nintendo Experience at Best Buy games revealed

Reggie tells us which Wii U games we can check out at Best Buy

Batman: Arkham Origins pre-order bonuses may come to Wii U

Deathstroke might still make his way to the Wii U

Resident Evil: Revelations demo impressions [VIDEO]

Check out John Zaccari's thoughts on the Resident Evil: Revelations demo.

Super Mario World revisited on the Wii U [VIDEO]

Come take a look back at this classic entry in the Mario franchise.

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate review

A look at Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and why these monsters deserve being hunted.

Amazon offering a bonus $20 when you trade in Wii U games

Get $20 in video game credit when you trade in $20 of video games at Amazon.

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate first impressions and tips [VIDEO]

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate was recently released. I give my first impressions as well as offer tips to newcomers in this video.

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate demo impressions [VIDEO]

Thoughts on the Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate Demo for the Wii U.

Nintendo Direct goes behind the scenes with Bayonetta 2 for Wii U

Nintendo Direct takes fans on a behind the scenes tour of the development of Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge review [VIDEO]

The Wii U version fixes many of Ninja Gaiden 3's issues, but are these improvements enough?

ZombiU creative director and producer discuss dropped game mechan...

The artistic director and producer of ZombiU discuss the game's launch and game mechanics that got dropped for launch.

Disney announces Disney Infinity for Wii U

Disney's new game takes a very Skylanders approach to gaming.