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Wii U already sold out at several retailers

GameStop, Best Buy, and Target have all sold out of the Deluxe model. There’s still hope, though.

Out of 50 Wii U launch titles, none support NFC tech

Developers are still figuring out how to use the new technology, says Nintendo.

New Wii U trailers released

New trailers for Nintendo TVii, Nintendo Land, Bayonetta 2, ZombiU, and more.

Micheal Pachter thinks Wii U will sell out for months

Pachter believes Nintendo will make 1 million Wii U consoles per month, and they’ll all sell out into 2013.

Some Wii U specs revealed: 2 GB memory, 75 W power consumption

Console will have a whopping 1 GB of memory for the operating system alone.

Wii U launching with 2 SKUs on Dec 8 in Japan

Wii U getting 2 models: 8 GB and 32 GB flash storage. Nintendo Network Premium online service revealed as well.

Analyst: Wii U needs to be $300 to make a profit

Wii U needs to be $300 to be profitable, and $200 in order to sell well to the mainstream crowd, says analyst.

New, stunning Trine 2 Wii U screenshots

Trine 2 is quite possibly the best looking Wii U game we’ve seen to date.

Nintendo hasn’t created enough anticipation for the Wii U: ...

The Wii U has a lack of “anticipation and confidence” among consumers, say video game public relations reps.

New Super Mario Bros U details and screenshots

Game will feature 7 game worlds, Super Mario World-styled world map, and dozens of levels.

Skyrim developer still unsure about the Wii U

Bethesda wants to release their games on all platforms that support them. Which still doesn’t include the Wii U…

Wii U Zelda coming in 2014, will be biggest Zelda game ever

We got exclusive details on the next Zelda game for the Wii U.

The Cave coming to Wii U

Platform-adventure game coming to the Wii U in early 2013.

Developer: Wii U is not about the specs

Developer says what Nintendo has been saying for years: gameplay and innovation over graphics and processing power.

Pachter: Nintendo “just doesn’t get it” with th...

“Nintendo is partying like it’s 1985”, says Pachter in his latest anti Wii U tirade.

Wii U specs reportedly revealed by developers

New set of specs surface: tri-core CPU, 1 GB of RAM, and a powerful, modern GPU.

Developers optimize Wii U for higher frame rates

Developers are getting a better grasp on the Wii U, improving frame rates and visual quality as a result.